Nation’s Dream is Hung Parliament

Nation’s Dream is Hung Parliament

Election in Pakistan is around the corner and the cities like Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta are showing no fineries of election with different flags and slogans. The terrorism which has engulfed Pakistan for more than a decade is now sending guidelines for the election. Which party should get votes and which ones stay out of the poll and whose rallies should be attended and who are eligible for killing; are the guidelines from terrorists. Election Commission is looking helpless and Judiciary has kept caretaker setup busy in Musharraf’s cases.  ANP and then MQM are the biggest victims of terrorist activities but both parties were the sitting partners with the PPP government for last five year.



With high inflation and low employment rates and with the shortage of electricity and water, people of Pakistan are praying for a hung parliament this time. The reason according to people is, power in the hands of one party hasn’t shown much performance, and the opposition is equally responsible for the situation from Karachi to Peshawar. In Karachi MQM didn’t control the government but ANP was the sole owner of KPK.  After experiencing uncounted sittings with different governments, this time MQM has to show some courage to sit on the opposition benches. After all, in the previous tenure MQM played a better role than any opposition in taking strong stands against many issues like NRO and Nizam-e-Adal. While Nawaz League played role of a friendly opposition in parliament and talks were only for the media.



Many people from Karachi say that MQM has wasted five year by sitting on the government benches because they didn’t get power and resources to serve the city like they got in Mushrraf’s time. Karachi experienced one of the worse tenure only because of PPP’s cross politics which kept ANP and MQM embrangle in turf war situation, while on the other side PPP was spreading the   gangs around the city.  Whenever MQM showed some reservations on Karachi’s situation and demanded Local body system, senior leadership of PPP adopted the criminals of People Amn Committee. First it was Zulfiqar Mirza then it was Abdul Qadir Patel.



In Punjab PTI brought a huge wave of young people which from day Imran Khan called it tsunami. In the beginning Khan was a big threat for Nawaz league but now his tsunami is losing the strength and momentum.  Khan came with the promise of bringing a young and new faces to the parliament which will make a new Pakistan but looks like electable are drowning the ship of PTI. After MQM, PTI was the second party who gave the hope to the people to make feudal-less Pakistan with equal opportunities in education and employment. It was possible only if Khan could have captured the votes from Lahore which was going well planned. But now Khan is surrounded by some naïve advisors who advised him for intra-party election just before the election and that action was one of the nails in drowning PTI. The unjust distribution of tickets in PTI has opened the internal rift happening in the party.



The nation’s dream of hung parliament is fading away, not because Nawaz league’s popularity graph in Politics, but because PPP has already accepted the defeat and has left the ground empty for Nawaz.  Otherwise Nawaz’s performance can only be seen in Lahore and rest of the Punjab is suffering with the same issues as three other provinces. A resident from Karachi said, “we don’t want to see power in Nawaz Sharif‘s hands with majority, he has never been good to Karachi.” “We are sure if he will come in the power with two-third majority, the first thing he will do is cut the electricity for Karachi and then will start the political repression against MQM.”  The people of Sind and KPK want Khan to give tough time to Sharif in Punjab so he won’t come with the majority.



The time will tell the fate of Pakistan, whether it is going in the hands of hung parliament or in the hands of one party with two-third majority.  It is still questionable that hung parliament will be a better performer or not but people have to vote as voting is not only a right but a duty of every citizen.

Farheen Rizvi

A masters in International Management from University of Maryland, a social worker and a blogger.

  • Anonymous

    This is the most biased article I have read in a very long time…
    ” In the beginning Khan was a big threat for Nawaz league but now his tsunami is losing the strength and momentum.” Seriously?! Which planet do you live on?

  • ks

    You are right that some political parties are unable for their election campaign these are those parties who were in government in last five year, what they did in this tenure, I think you very well know that general public are not worried what happening with these political parties, they are even happy on these attacks, the only reason is their restlessness how these political parties plunder the public money. Only the political parties are crying for their election campaign just because politics is their business. they do not participate in election for our problem but for own interest like power and wealth.

  • Fahad Javaid

    She has always been biased towards PTI and yet again she did it.

  • Simple Pakistani

    Dear Author, the intra-party elections was a requirement before participation in the election so PTI has to do it in any way.

  • S Nasrullah

    Attn Moderator: Due computer glitch in my Laptop, the Facebook ID duplicated on my Disqus ID. I have since then fixed the problem, but request the comments under Syed786n to be canceled as redundant. Thanks

  • fasmik

    She is clearly a slave to MQM and speaks their language. Who says MQM was not in their power. They had their own governor and majority of police stations under their control. I dont understand why do u try to deceive us. You have clearly failed to do so. We dont buy MQM’s lies. They are on their way to destruction.

  • Hisham Idris

    “IK has distributed 80% of the tickets to youth to inject new blood with renewed energy and enthusiasm” …you know what dose it mean? it means only 20 percent of PTI candidates stands a chance to win their seats.

    • S Nasrullah

      When it comes to Outlook, what I’d call a Glass half FILLED, you would pronounce half EMPTY.