Imran Will or Not?

Imran Will or Not?

The question is superfluous. Imran already has. The question is untenable as it implies a sweeping electoral victory to be the ultimate victory. This notion of victory conveniently ignores Imran’s victory in shaping up the groundswell, in unleashing forces that would ultimately drive the electoral change in Pakistan. Imran won the world cup for us, the perfect end of a brilliant career. But before that he had to transform a clutch of talented rebels into a fighting whole. That was perhaps the real victory.


Imran spent the last decade and a half in political wilderness, rudderless as cynics put it. It is not an apt description. Rather he was busy chipping away at the political constructs and idols, challenging our choices and our rationales. He had been busy breathing life into a numb electorate. He was persistent, dogged in his pursuit and setting in motion changes that now threaten to irrevocably change the political landscape of Pakistan. This is victory by all definitions.


We expect a lot of Imran. We expect him to be courting angels, we expect him to be the Houdini who can make all our problems disappear. That he sincerely wishes to meet our lofty expectations is hardly a matter of doubt. Let’s love him for his sincerity, a rarity in our leaders.  Pakistan at this moment does not magicians or geniuses. Nincompoops neither. It needs will and sincere intent. It needs a leader who can command respect and belief and Imran’s greatest strength is the trust he inspires in his supporters. From the world cup to the cancer hospital, his odyssey has been a study in persistence and single minded devotion to his dreams. That God also went out of his way to bring him luck only added to Imran’s charisma. He is often sniggered at for being inept in the art of Pakistani politics. This is ironic as Pakistani politics more than anything else mirror incompetence, duplicity and greed. That Imran is not from the same stock, his so called ineptness in Pakistani politics is refreshingly comforting.


Imran’s kiss of life to a dead middle class is perhaps the most significant change he has wrought. The rallies in both Karachi and Lahore were attended by professionals, women and children who came driven by their love for and belief in Imran. Pakistan demographics paint a very youthful picture. More than half of our population is between 15 and 40 and utterly disillusioned with what Pakistan is. The remaining half, the better half especially in urban areas is already in love with Imran. Women, girls interviewed in the PTI rallies in Karachi and Lahore were effusive in their unequivocal allegiance to the new political force.


I was there at the 23rd March rally in Lahore. My first ever and there were many others like me who got baptized to the excitement infecting the youth. It was a spellbinding experience to see so many waving, chanting in unison for a better Pakistan. For few hours, we lived, breathed in that better Pakistan of our dreams. So vivid was his conviction, so lucid were his promises. As wind and rain lashed our faces, as the sky roared and winked, we stood rooted to the ground imbibing the excitement, the hope, the pleasure of being part of something monumental.


Pakistan is in the midst of an epoch tug-of-war. Extremists, liberals, moderates all thrown in together in the boiling cauldron that our society is. It is a frightening milieu and the rot is deep and widespread. But there are signs of convalescence. Imran is one of them. No less significant are an active Judiciary, curious Media and a middle class shaking off political slumber. I foresee a bumpy journey ahead and yes, chaos too will hitch a ride. But I am hopeful. Pakistan has begun to change.



Hasnain Iqbal

The blogger contributes for The News/Geo blogs

  • Hisham Idris

    Please no more Hero-Worshiping in Pakistan simply because its dangerous.

  • fawad ch

    He can’t win that elections in the presense of PML N.
    its impossible !!

  • Hisham Idris

    Cricket World Cup, SKMT and political virginity are the “merits” that Tsunami Khan has been able to exploit to achieve his political ambitions while unprecedented projection by media for the last five years has also significantly inflated his political stature.

    Apparently he wants to bring a change to save Pakistan from the Pakistanis. He is an established liberal and enjoys good “repute” in the west. Only time will tell if he remains true to his words.

  • Maryam Sultan

    I am an overseas Pakistani and still believe that Imran Khan can bring a change in our country. I am not saying he’s gonna change everything at once but my point is we have given so many chances to PPP and Muslim League so WHY NOT PTI this time!!!! All my prayers and best wishes fo Imran Khan for better Pakistan IA!!!

  • Najam

    Nicely and beautifully articulated blog, not just for Imran but for Pakistan. Yes – I also see it now the ‘NAYA Pakistan’. Vote for Imran – the only remaining hope for Pakistan.

  • Shahzad

    yes he will inshallah

  • Uzma

    I have started to make a special dua after each namaz for Imran Khan’s victory as it won’t be him who will benefit if comes into power it will be ordinary Pakistanis like us.

    • Kamil Gani

      Please do not keep any hopes with Imran or anyone else. Our problems can never be solved unless & until we make sincere Tauba and seek forgiveness from Allah. Once Allah is pleased with us & when everybody starts actually fearing Him, then you won’t need a police to stop people from crimes. Their inherent fear of the Day of Judgement, their fear of having Allah watching them all the time will stop them from sins automatically. This is how Rasoolullah (SAW) built a society in Madina and people like Hazrat Abu Bakr & Umar came into existence. ———-And Allah knows best!

    • Sadia

      our prayers with our efforts will surely make a new Pakistan, a Pakistan for us , for the real Pakistanis, a dignified and respectful Pakistan.. INSHA ALLAh,, each prayer count as each vote count for PTI and eventually for our PYARA Pakistan..

  • Muhammad Atif Agha

    Only Imran Khan has the ability to make a better Pakistan.

  • Akhtar

    very well written article…as a pakistani living abroad, I feel for the citizens having to put up with the current political and economic structure. Imran’s run for the election reminds me very much of Obama in the late 2007-2008 time period. Hopefully we’ll see him in power in less than 2 months.

  • Mohsin Hasan


  • Farooq Hashmi

    Weather or not I’m a supporter of Imran Khan is a different story but what I am impressed with,is your knack in weaving the words into a fascinating tapestry.The whole article is an engaging mosaic structure of syntactic craftsmanship.

  • adam khan

    The intent was lost in the verbal gymnastics. Several basic composition errors also contrasted sharply with the focus on words e.g. “Pakistan at this moment does not magicians or geniuses. Nincompoops neither”

    Good topic to cover, but a simpler approach may have conveyed the message across better.

  • Raj Chouhan

    As a cricketer he was a wonderful player with tuns of leadership qualities.I had been a great fan of him. I have viewed his two or three interviews given to Indian channels in which he replied all of their bouncers very diplomatically. It appears that he has very clear cut vision on the relations of we two countries, terrorism and other sensitive issues. You have tried others, this time he may be given a chance which I am sure would be a prefect bet. These are my personal views rest yours.

  • zoya

    Inshallah he will… he is the only hope.

    • Kamil Gani

      Our hopes should be in Allah only not in any creation of Allah.

      • Ahsan F Siddiqui


  • Taj Ahmad

    I support Imran Khan and his party because he is new in politics and never tested
    before as politician, voters please give him a chance to win in majority and wait and see the outcome after the election – 2013.

  • Dr. Awais

    Very well written Blog.. cant stop appreciating.. The choice and placing of words making sentences is as he said, “Spellbinding”.. And what he has said is absolutely right.. I support IK and He or indirectly We will win INSHALLAH.. !

  • Rehan Ali

    I do’nt think that he can change any thing, as he is most focused on other politician than his own stance & work. He & his party gave an abusive culture to pakistani generation. Within hard cirumstances of pakistan who will deliver on real ground will be victorious at the end & in my view only shahbaz has the ability to deliver to pakistani nation.

    • Farooq

      The way he has delivered already, right?

    • nadir


  • Mudasar

    Inshallah he will

  • Nadeem

    Clearly a paid content :)

  • Nadeem

    I don’t see much difference between Political parties and cricket league. Like in cricket league politicians also keep changing their sides. A politician must prove his worth for the party ticket in the elections. Similarly a cricket player must also prove his worth to play for a better team.

    In cricket league you will see music, dance and celebrities. Same you will find in the election rallies. Both politics and cricket are heavily commercialized and highly rewarding.

    Mr. Hasnain please stop glorifying your hero and presenting him as a man out of this world who went through fire and water and faced unprecedented atrocities, hardships and impediments in his heroic struggle but to win few seats in the parliament. Yeah, he has been persistent and undettered only in appearing on TV talk shows for the last 10 years or so. I don’t know if you call it a struggle when your hero enjoys himself with a mug of hot coffee in his hand inside a cozy TV studio and make tall claims to entertain the viewers. But has he done anything practical to ease out people sufferings. He offered no solution and never applied any meaningful pressure on the government to address people problems. Your hero was rather happy to see people’s brewing frustration that he is encashing for his election campaign.
    What change you are talking about. Imran khan disproved himself when he welcomed the same corrupt and tested turncoats to his party. Sorry your love imran khan is no difference.

  • anjum

    he may not…but he can and he will if elected..


    Please don’t say he has already won — he may use it as another excuse to sit out this election as well.

  • M.Saeed

    He has the WILL but NOT the way! His is not the case of; “for every will, there is a way”

    • Gohar

      Can you please elaborate the case or the ‘way’ you think he is not in !

  • Gohar

    Don’t forget Fazl-ul rahman has a alliance with PML-N so got the supporters of PML-N in his last appearance.

  • Gohar

    /* It is not “We” who expect a lot from Imran sahib — it is Imran sahib who expects a lot from his bombastic rhetoric.*/

    Actually beneficiary would be the nation if he comes to the power, he already got enough fame in his account that is unmatched comparing to any other political or non-political celebrity in the country.

    /* But what we get from Imran sahib is mostly perpetual ‘jalsagiri’ and hot air oratory — in company of shady old tired corrupt characters.*/

    Can you shed a light of pure people who are NOT corrupt in the country ? It is a matter of having ‘better’ people not ‘uncorruptable’ people which are non-existent in this world.

    /* let’s see how he does on May 11th.*/

    To date he has done well so YOU will see he will do well on May 11th – inshaAllah.

  • Gohar

    Yes but as your first word implies ‘if’ and lF is a big word ..

  • Anonymous

    Imran Khan Khan was a wonderful cricket player of his time but not a true politician, he is using the same weapons (the peoples sufferings) as his slogans as the others. moreover he gathered many old corrupt politicians around him. He is using the Musharaf’s basic U C system as his slogan with some addition even to elect the Police Heads. Being a Muslim I never find even a single Hadieth allowing you to receive Bheak (donations) instead it is said if you have food for a single time and receiving Bheak (donations) you will be collecting fire of the hell. All politicians either religious or political in our country depends on Fitra, Zakat and other kind of Bheak(Beggary) including Imran Khan with other looters. If we elect again these peoples of same mind set how the poverty beaten our nation find the goals of prosperity, peace and advancement. All the present Government structure is the out come of our corrupt system. Everybody got government jobs through unfair means specially by given bribe to police for their character certificate including judiciary. How do you hope the administration, Bureaucracy, Police, Judiciary and other agencies which come into being by this corrupt system will allowed the Imran Khan to reimposed more vigorously Musharaf’s policies again. Imran Khan if he is honest should learn from Gen. Pervaiz Musharaf era. His initial period was far better then the ending period when the agents of corrupt politician got access in his government. Musharaf was not a Jagirdar, Mills Owner or business man of basic food stuff, instead Chaudhary Brothers(PML Q), Nawaz Sharif (PMLN), PPP leaders Jagirdars, own suger and flour mills, holding all the business of food stuff, occupies all the administration and judiciary hoarded the main stuff of human basic need and blamed the Musharaf’s policies. What was the profit and loss Musharaf got better than the Presidentship if sugar and flour prices raised or down. They earned millions and billions of rupees during the last era of Musharaf and after during the whole period five years that all was done due to Mushraf’s policies. All the misdeed were done by agents of old politicians in shape of PML (Q) and blamed on Musharaf. They used Musharaf like a toilet paper and through him out and now he is not allowed even to contest an election. If Imran Khan you are true on what you said and promisses eject all the agents of corrupt politicians of PML(N), PPP and PML(Q) from his party and make a joint venture with Musharaf as he has experience of implementation of the basic system and now he came back alone and not on the shoulders of PML(Q) or any corrupt political party. You see all the forces jointly of corrupt system are against him. Our Army is the only institution which is stlll have some respect in the context of corruption and want to flourish democracy in its true spirit that reflect from the efforts of Gen. Musharaf in the cost of vigorous propaganda against him as major part of Media earn by these corrupt politicians but not from a common man. They propagate non issues loudly burying the real issues of peoples sufferings. What concern with the common man if Honorable Justice Choudhry is CJ or the other honorable Justic is CJ. All peoples consider and pray in our corrupt administrative and political system that Allah Thana Kachahry aur Bimari se Mahfooz rakhay. What concern of a common man with the lawyers tehrik whereas the decision of a judge is that in his verses ‘Paida howa wakeel to Shaitan ne Kaha Loo Aaj Hum bhi Sahib-a Awlad Ho Ghai’. What concern with the common man if Powers of a president are more or Powers of Prime Mimister are more as in the 18th 19th or 20th ammendments in the constitution. People concern for safety, peace, joblessness, prosperity, dignity and honor. the target of most part of the Media remain to use peoples suffering, hardships, poverty to make their channel important not to solve the problems. . . .

  • Ahsan F Siddiqui

    we just hope that he will !!

  • Bilal

    Imran Khan’s opposition groups blame him for not knowing the
    politics. But he has been an MNA in Musharraf’s rule. Further majority of
    politicians having already ruled Pakistan are known as Pakistan’s Corruption
    Addicted Political Filth. A common man unable to pay the cost of this worst corruption in Pakistan’s politics (in exercise since Quaid’s death) prefers Imran Khan & his PTI more than any other leader. May Almighty Allah bring Imran Khan as the
    next Prime Minister of Pakistan.