The Perfect Candidate to Vote for is…

The Perfect Candidate to Vote for is…

While I write this, I have a whole vintage of faces in front of me. Faces heavily lined with the burden of responsibility, saluting the lurking ghost-images of Jinnah and Allama Iqbal in the backdrop- as if the founders had just consented to them carrying the great legacy forward. So many spiritual progenies and yet look at the great dream translated.


As I ticked off names after the other, failing them on morality and credibility benchmarks, I was left with a chit-long list at hand. So much for my being a virgin voter, I was still desperate to “use the power of my vote”. So many political parties and ever so more politicians, how is it that I can’t consider even one of the candidates for as much as five minutes. Either I’m a bit too much of an idealist or I prefer characters from Utopia.


But then there was another tease to my brain. How is that every politician sitting in the assemblies and senate of the US, England and other developed nations for that matter almost passes for sainthood? A usually clean record, hardly any court case and a long list of welfare services for the community. Are they more Muslims than us? – an average fundamentalist would be enraged at my infidel question.


My dilemma is not unique. It is what almost other Pakistani faces during elections. And that perhaps is the root-cause of all our confusions. Our worries for the right candidate begins and ends on elections. Once selected, our chosen candidate could do all he may and we’re least bothered. Perhaps, the reason why our politicians fail at giving us all we think we’re entitled to have, is because we in our hearts don’t quite believe in it or to say- our fundamental rights.


Now what are our fundamental rights? As per theory, the constitution of Pakistan clearly states that I shall be guaranted all fundamental rights, including equality of status, of opportunity and before law, social, economic and political justice, and freedom of thought, expression, belief, faith, worship and association, subject to law and public morality. Sadly enough, none of it I know of. I feel privileged each day I return back home safe, feel grateful that I haven’t been robbed and that there was no firing or bomb blast on my way back.


With such low expectations I have of our chosen representative, do I really have much to hope for? No show of pity please, I’m in it, because I accept it. Whoever sits on the saddle, I’m the primary reason why he treads on the path of corruption and bribery because I put up with it. I give him the absolute and unchecked power over my destiny, and so he plays the merciless god I complain of. Once elected, I don’t hold him responsible for the slurs he makes on his duty. When there’s electricity shortage- I buy a generator, when waterboard doesn’t supply to me clean water – I start buying mineral water , when I’m not granted justice, I don’t err for a moment to bribe and buy it, when I see nothing to live for in my country- I leave it, and when my countrymen are brutally killed, I just sit back and watch it silently.


It seems we have options and alternatives for everything. And the reason is, some of us aren’t even aware of our basic human and constitutional rights, and those who know it don’t really believe in it. So, if our “leaders” don’t give it to us, we don’t command it, we don’t protest against it as a nation the best we can..and that’s why we sit puzzled when elections come..because we, ourselves make demons out of our leaders.

Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

  • Roohan Ahmed

    Something is better than nothing and bad is better than worse!

  • Gohar

    ‘Perfect’ is not an appropriate word for human beings, instead ‘better’ candidate is the right word. I will count ‘honesty’ as the most important criteria to judge the true integrity on candidates and no one is better than Imran Khan on honesty/integrity and of course sincerity.

  • Gohar

    ” Are they more Muslims than us? – an average fundamentalist would be enraged at my infidel question.”

    At least I m NOT enraged, but can you elaborate the word ‘fundamentalist’, is it for the ones who practice all 5 pillars of Islam, follow quran/sunnah ? If it is so then this word is a positive word for true muslims/believers of Islam and they should be proud of it. I will call word ‘superficial’ as the antonym of ‘fundamentalist’ and sorry to say but you look like to be very ‘superficial’ and believe more in ‘artificial’ materialistic world.

  • Taj Ahmad

    Great article by Madeeha, all I can say, if a political candidate run for public office to serve his people after he or she elected in the election, he or she must comply the
    trust and faith of his supporters and do the job right.

  • Anonymous

    “Are they more Muslims than us? – an average fundamentalist would be enraged at my infidel question.”

    Isn’t that why you posed it in the first place to get your article noticed? What exactly do you mean “average fundamentalist”? Are you one?

    You started well with the cat images and that’s where you should have stopped!

  • Ahmad Hafeez

    some of us aren’t even aware of our basic human and constitutional rights. well i actually disagree from this statement. we have evolved our brains to think like a punjabi or pathan or balochistani even if something happen to the peoples from other city we dont give a rat ** about it and ends up saying this aint happening to me so why shud i bother in first place.The reason is we no longer thinks as a pakistani but a punjabi or pathan or balochistani we are so involved in these things that we can’t even see that whats happening to us. we come out of our homes when their is no fuel but why dont we come out when we find out that now we will have to pay a bit more in order to get the fuel? why dont we act same then? we are so concerned about ourself only and that is what crushing pakistan from inside

    • Anonymous

      Does our Constitution give us fundamental, human and Islamic rights if all articles as Article 2, Article 61, 62 and others for the purpose are read in the context of Article 8 under Fundamental rights and Principles of Policies?

  • Hamza

    Yes, “The Change”

  • Farooq Hashmi

    Elections!Fair elections in Pakistan?Restoration of the fundamental rights of Pakistani citizens? What a hope against hope! The coming elections,as usual, are going to be no more than a sham, hoax and moonshine!The very mentioning of ‘ elections in Pakistan ‘ to a distressed disappointed Pakistani, is like a red rag to a bull.The same old kleptocrats, their kith and kin,and cronies are going to make their way to the government chambers both at the federal and the provincial levels. Nothing is going to change whatsoever. No difference is going to occur.The political weather-cock points toward the persistence of ‘status quo’ in Pakistan and that no winning party is going to move the exploitative eco-political structure an inch from its present position. The ‘status quo’ will persist, come what may. In most of the Pakistani-American homes, the preprandial and the postprandial conversation revolves around Pakistan’s affliction______ flaying dearness, merciless joblessness, tartaric terrorism, cancerous corruption, hemorrhaging smuggling and frustrating “load-shedding”,etc____which is rampant in far and wide of the country. Of course, Pakistani-Americans hold the Pakistani-politicians responsible for the adversity of Pakistanis,but they hold Pakistanis themselves responsible more. Bovine-headed Pakistani need to realize that the feudals and the industrialists whom they rally around, will never shoot in their own foot by revolutionizing the present eco-political set-up in favor of the deprived classes. In order to address this situation, the hot-headed supporters must pressurize their favorite leaders to float statistically-supported plans to handle the afore-mentioned issues. Let there be no misunderstanding that the salvation of the oppressed lies not in the hollow and nebulous promises of the rabble-rousing demagogues, but in their rock-firm determination to snatch their rights from the oppressive forces. .

  • Anonymous

    Madom Madeeha you nicely and successfully portrait the agonized and frustrated feelings of the common peoples of Pakistan. But I believe they are not responsible to make demons out of their leaders. These leaders are imposed themselves on the peoples by cheating, propaganda and other ways. Once a legislative is elected there is no option for peoples in constitution except to wait till the next election. The political players understand it very well and expert to cheat and divert peoples attention toward themselves. There is no doubt peoples lay down the fundamental stone to build a government but they are made blind to recognized the shape of that stone whether the building would be construction in the right direction or not. .

  • muqtadir khan

    Simply the people are not aware of their rights and even they do not have sense to cast the vote and dont know the importance of vote.