Tarang House Full

Tarang House Full

Tarang and Geo films’ brilliant collaboration to serve a unique role in the annals of culture and art was not just confined to revive the dying tradition of cinema but to bring back the six cinema classics almost unknown to our up-coming generation of Indian movie lovers, as Tarang House full.


When Saba Hameed, Bushra Ansari and Atiqua Odho pranced and swished in the remake song of Abhi to Main Jawan Hoon, the audience including high-rank celebrities and cinema lovers were held almost breathless by the conviviality and amusement.


Followed by it, as the next-generation chocolate hunk Fawad Ahmed was seen swaying and stashing with the vivacious Amina in the unforgettable classic Ko-Ko-Koreena, the crowd was only short of giving a standing ovation to the brilliant performance.


The entire Marquee hall of a local hotel, on Wednesday March 20, filled with celebrities and legends of the Pakistani Cinema sat in awe and amazement at the beautiful showcase promos of Ayena, Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri, Arman,Anjuman and Dewar Bhabhi.


All the theatrics and sharp twists of the plots maintained in quite their essence, with only subtle addition of a post-modern tinge and striking appeal has made these ever-green classics even more palatable for our audience today.


A quick glimpse of the scintillating names of the past and present actors and directors include:



Ayena(1977) Cast: Nadeem and Shabnam- directed by Nazir-ul-Islam; Now – Shan and Humaima Malik, directed by Shan.

Arman(1966) Cast: Waheed Murad, Zeba, directed by Pervaiz Malik; Now Fawad Khan and Amina Shaikh, directed by Anjum Shahzad.

Abhi to main Jawan hun(1978) Cast: Shabnam, Shahid, directed by S.Suleman; Now Meekal and Ayesha Khan, directed by Nadeem Bhabhi.

Anjuman: Cast: Waheed Murad, Sabiha Khanam and Santosh; Now- Imran Abbass and Sarah Loren-directed by Yasir Nawaz.

Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri(1976): Cast-Waheed Murad, Shamim Ara, directed by M.A. Rasheed; Now Ahsan Khan, Ayesha Khan and Sarwat Gilani.

Dewar Bhabi 1968: Cast: Waheed Murad, Santosh Kumar, Sabiha Khanum and Rani; Now- Saima, Saud and Sami Khani and directed by Syed Noor.


The panelists of the illustrious event were President Geo Imran Aslam, CEO Engro Afnan Ahsan and Head of Fire Records Akbar Yazdani. Moreover, for all purposes, Ahsan Khan displayed all his alluring charms added to the grandeur. While Syed Noor and Shan exuding with passion and excitement spoke eloquently of how this idea and effort of re-awakening and resurrection of the love of cinema and classics should be carried forward in the future as well.


All the brilliant directors and actors who have devoted to the task expressed a strong desire for the films to be showcased with premier on the cinemas for a week or so, not only so the audience could enjoy the magic of the re-made classics on the big screen but also to encourage the efforts of the teams that have worked for it relentlessly.


In the end, to preserve the tenets of the society, nothing could be said enough to stress the importance of conserving its art and culture and so to say its cinema and films.


To quote Imran Aslam, President Geo, “Nations that forget their art and culture die their own death”.

Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

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  • Gohar

    /* nothing could be said enough to stress the importance of conserving its art and culture and so to say its cinema and films.. */

    Cinema and films are subject of vulgarity for masses in the umbrella of art & culture.

    Also, if you count ‘culture’ that important in life then don’t worry we still have hindu culture in our marriages like mehendi, mayoon and indian songs & dances of the same hindus culture taken from indian films. Actually, majority of our Pakistani fellows are ahead of what you mentioned above regarding ‘culture’ thing. Go to Defense area in Karachi and you will see people have adopted ‘westernized culture’ instead and they are very much proud of having that ‘culture’ as their bread & butter. In interior sindh, you will see ‘wadera culture’ so your complain must not be for rural areas right ?

    My sister – there is only one culture, only one right way to adopt for the life-style of the people of Pakistan i.e the way prescribed by prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and that is all that counts in our life.. Now you will come back & say oho ..these are the thinking of ‘fundamentalist’. Yes – these thinking are from the fundamentalist – the word given by west and adopted by the shallow people like you .. …but remember only Truth has its fundamentals while falsehood has no fundamentals at all …choice is yours and this life is short …so either look for truth or go for what your nafs would like to go for i.e falsehood. PEACE.