The Z-Hood

The Z-Hood

The story begins with working the way to hoisting the green-white flag. It was when the flag-bearer Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s speech to the Constituent Assembly on 11 August 1947 targeted the would-be holy status of his land: “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State.” Really? Has this statement testified the pursuit of our nation’s prospect and its ulterior motives? Has it? Or does it harbour into us, our origins of slavery?


Ironically, the present state of “The Land of the Pure” (mark it!) has undergone slashing off of all that was preconceived and promised, and rather reformed into one of a titular state. With Mr A.A.Z’s coronation, the situation has only been superbly aggravated.


Even though PPP could easily form its government after the elections with their trademark political tactics and manipulations without any other party, the great Mr. Z liked to share his cheese with all the parties in parliament. He placed offers tipped in gold electrolyte such that all the parties mobbed his government, leaving no opposition behind the door.


What glistens more in “The Land of the Pure” (mark it again!) at this juncture is: Juvenile Democracy. And who’s flaming it? The naives, sadly. The fact comes out to be that the adherents of rural regions vote for young waderas, whereas those on the urban side vote for those siding with some armed group. Now, who would nod against the derogatory nature of this country’s rule?


Groping through more pages from the past, it tells that Mr Z never held back from playing a double-cross. Really never. His shrewdness was further marked when he tasked PML-N for playing opposition. Conclusively, PLM-N played the role of a dead opposition, for a larger interest of Democracy, not country (pun intended). Nevertheless, the real smart game began when Mr. Z, unable to satisfy each party, welded all sharing interests and plastered the slogan: Come, let’s loot together.” Sadistic enough! Reality it is!


Apart from tattering economic and law and order situation, democracy is improved by way of the vital role played by Mr Z (huh? What?) Well, I’m not the one quoting this, some others are. So, apologies in case of offence).


Anyway, all you and I can anticipate and yearn for is maturation of this embryonic democracy in “The Land of the Pure” (the last time) to a healthier and refined version where people have the courage to say NO to Mr. Z and party.