Should We have Negotiations with Taliban?

Should We have Negotiations with Taliban?

Sounds strange! Isn’t it? Political leaders joining hands to negotiate peace and prosperity of the country with TTP. Willing to bend down to whatever extent possible with an organization accused of killing around 50,000 innocent people and apparently dedicated to creating violence and rife within our country.



It is also speculated that the government, political and religious parties are considering granting amnesty to (TTP). Putting it another way, is the government willing to grant amnesty to the murderers of scores of political leaders, army officers, soldiers, policemen and last but not the least innocent people? If this happens, then every terrorist would like to follow the footsteps of (TTP) to play blood first and then negotiate for amnesty.

Awami National Party (ANP) chief said, “We do not ask to (TTP) surrender their weapons because according to our belief, weapons are he jewelry of Pakhtuns and it is a sign of honor and tradition.”

My question is, can they take this jewelry to U.A.E, U.S.A and U.K? If not, then why in Pakistan?

Pacifists and conservative analysts demand negotiation with (TTP) as war is no answer to anything. What about Srilankan Army defeating the Tamil Tigers (TT) by the use of force then why cant Pakistani Army attempt the same?


Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KP) Chief Minister Ameer Hyder Hoti announced a bill (peace agreement) had been signed with Tahreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM)’s chief Sufi Muhammad (an ally of TTP). On 26th July 2009, the government ironically announced the arrest of the cleric for encouraging the spread of violence and terror. Nation. If that peace agreement was not a success, how could it be assumed that (TTP) will not violate any such agreement?

In short, negotiations over a peace treaty do not look rational in the light of the past experience. Still, if the political parties insist on the table-talks, then they should that agreements are meant to be broken.


Ali Abbas

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • Gohar

    NASAH – go to your nearest mental hospital and get yourself checked by Pakistani doctor NOT a US doctor and you will find yourself having a disease called ‘Imranophobia’. Kabhi tu tuk ki baat kiya kar yaar..america ja ke unhi ka pithoo (puppet) ho gaya tu …

    • Raj Chouhan

      Moron remains intellectual till he does not open his mouth, the moment he opens his mouth he is exposed before every one.

      • Gohar

        I know what nasah talks in general makes you happy indians, we don’t enemy like you when we have idiot friends like nasah. May Allah (swt) give you ‘imaan’ and nasah the ‘light’, the true light of imaan. ameen.

    • azeem abbas

      Waoww great Mr. Gohar! A perfect slap on the face of Mr. NASAH! Aaisay loog bahar jaa kar apni auqaat bhool jaatay hay aur angraizoo k jhootay chattay hay..

  • Gohar

    If we Pakistanis can give the highest honored office of presidency to the most corrupt man of the country then why not we can’t talk to them. Also, if US can talk to them then why we can’t ?

    • S Nasrullah

      That’s our tragedy, Mr Gohar, that we have elected a corrupt and criminal as the President of Pakistan. His qualification being that he was the husband of BB and the untimely, cruel and barbaric assassination of BB got AZ the sympathy votes which he could not in his lifetime deserved or achieved.

      Force is no argument and USA realized the futility of prolonging its aggressive policies on Afghanistan and have readily agreed to negotiate Peace with Taliban. Is Pakistan an Ally or Enemy of USA? If an Ally why the brazen disregard to its sovereignty and carry out Drone attacks with colossal collateral deaths and damages. History bears witness that Afghans have defeated every invading army attempting to subjugate them.

      Those people from FATA and Waziristan are never a part of the Pakistani polity(direct rule). They are governed by Political agents who regulate the law and order through acceptable norms of the people of this region. Prior to WoT, those people subsisted on a hazardous trade trekking goods and wares from Afghanistan, Gulf and Iran into Pakistan without having to pay levies and custom duties on their merchandise and bartered with Rice, Wheat, Barley, Lintels, Clothes, machinery and spare parts.

      During my training at Parachinar Base, I have had several occasions to visit interior FATA and Waziristan and had noticed those proud Tribesmen taking their little kids to schools and bringing them back after the school was over. The boys wearing malatia uniform and the girls malatia shilwar and long kameez. Why did their love for education for their children took a u-turn is a perplexing puzzle, beyond anybody’s reckoning and the more one focus the mind deeply to unveil reality, the more one realizes that Propaganda is a vital element for deflating enemy morale. From the inception of Pakistan until the 1990s people of FATA stood sentinel duties safeguarding the Pakistani borders and were considered the First Line of Defense.

      There is a growing realization that the entry into WoT was fatally wrong for Pakistan. The ISAF have openly confessed that the most volatile enemy they ever encountered are the Taliban with their electrifying shifts of positions and their intricate system of ‘ambush and vanish’. To relieve mounting pressure, ISAF devised a strategy whereby the ISAF troops and their interdiction missions would concentrate on the enemy from the front while the Pak Froces would carry out a rearguard action to deliver a vital blow to Taliban ability and agility to re-group and reinforce fighters. And Pak military actions against their own people enraged them and acute sense of deception and defection bred desperation which was further fueled by enemies within and without.

      Pak Military have burned their fingers in East Pakistan and it is suicidal to enact similar strategy in Balochistan. Pakistan’s present predicament lies in its indiscreet rush headlong into the notorious WoT.


    • Raj Chouhan

      Because USA has no interest in this region they are living peacefully and well protected 1000s of miles away from these Taliban Snakes but you will have to live your remaining life with these monsters. Yes, there is no harm in talks with them but it should be on your conditions and not in their’s otherwise be prepared to become another Afghanistan and ask your ladies, girls and children to get themselves prepared to live like Afghans. Rest is yours.

      • Gohar

        Mian Chouhan, is this the same thing India doing in Kashmir ? That is NOT talking to kashmiri mujahideen but crushing them with its brutal force ?? then sorry I don’t think this is a right or ‘civilized’ thing to do, this is a REAL terrorism enforced by the nation no matter if this nation is our neighbor india or nasah’s favorite USA.

    • saqib mohiuddin

      The difference is that US has been defeated after fighting with them world wide…. we have not even started and surrendering. This is shameful. Should be no negotation with the terrorists, only solution is to eliminate them.


    What some morons cannot understand that this APC was not against fighting terror collectively — it was gathered to ‘surrender’ for peace with the Talibans – collectively

    • Gohar

      Calling pious people moron doesn’t let your invalid or irrational points to get across. Look for justice, talk just & be just. Btw, this term ‘moron’ already been used enough for one of your old president ‘bush’. Remember ? so let it be for those who deserved.

      • Gohar

        NASAH (US puppet) – Look at your post and usage of the garbage vocabulary you are using (like scoundrel, moron etc), ask yourself ! do you look like a literate person living in a ‘civilized’ country ? You should take a little water and drown yourself with complete shame.

        • Gohar

          you mean ‘Gohar-e-Nayaab’ in the crowd of ‘impractical’ intellectuals…

  • Farooq Hashmi

    In the “uncivilized countries” criminals are dealt with an iron hand but in the “civilized Islamic country” Pakistan, efforts are being made to bring the ” Muslim brothers”,terrorists____terminators of 50’000 lives and annihilators of colossal military and civilian properties______to the “negotiation table”. While regarding the carnage done by the ‘Muslim brothers” terrorists, as their slip-slop, the participants of the All Parties Conference are beseeching them to forget the past. Of course, the All Parties Conference has taken an “Islamic step” toward the”Islamic goal”.Thus,the loss of 50,000 lives and devastation of valuable properties, is not a big price for the indulgence of the”Muslim brothers”, terrorists.

  • Ajaz Latif

    Taliban must be highlighting Hudabiya contract now. They jus need to buy more time to become better killers, as supported by Islam.

  • Peace

    Imran Khan has been saying this for the past several years to negotiate with Taliban, no one was listening then. Now that the US has started negotiating with Taliban, Pakistan Leaders have also shown inclination towards negotiation.
    It seems like PAPA(US) has told them to do so. Secondly enough talk, they have done these kinds on conferences before they haven’t implemented any of the suggestion they agreed upon.

    And for the author Taliban were once your country Darling especially your Army. Weapons were provided to them by your Army and training as well. What have your country leaders done to promote education in Tribal areas absolutely nothing. Instead they used those areas for training camps and in return were getting $$$ from USA. And i am sure those $$$ were not spent on Tribal people.

    Every Citizen of the US has a constitutional right to keep a gun and most of them have a gun.
    There is much more to say. Anyways I will conclude, there is nothing wrong to negotiate with Taliban (brand created by Pakistan and USA together) if it can bring peace to the country.

  • Anonymous

    Negotiations?????? with terrorists?????? this is absurd. Infact TTP is more clever and bright than our politicians, as perhaps whenever they are running out of manpower or ammunition and need a break in the conflict they make such an offer and without wasting a minute politicians fall for it! Kangroo courts kept releasing them under the banner of “No Evidence Found” this allowed them to regroup and the end results are in front of us. People who kill 100s in carnage ironically have no evidence for kangroos to try them. So Pakistan is a lughing stock and shall continue to be one in times ahead.

  • azeem abbas

    They just want to release their important Talibaan leaders thats it. But those foolish and incompetent politicians cant understand that.

  • Tahir-ul-Qadri

    Junk and logic-free article. We should stop bogus people from posting their incoherent views on such sensitive issues.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps it s not been made clear that TTP (Therik-e- Taliban Pakistan) is a different set up to the Afghan Taliban and very different goals, as time ahead will make apparent. The US is not negotiating with TTP but the Afghan Taliban. Hopefully, the negotiations are successful between Afghans and US as then the bunch of criminal thugs known as TTP can then be addressed with the iron fist they deserve whilst te Afghans get on with building te country again (hopefully without tge ethnic strife of the North vs Pashtun)

  • Gohar

    All are gentlemen as long as don’t take sides without ‘extravagant’ praise for no reason.

  • Gohar

    I pity you. You are 70+ and still immature & from the people of ‘modern’ jahilia.

  • Gohar

    its not justification but the solution of this dilemma or do you want this mayhem to continue to the next generation ?