Protest or Hijacking?

Protest or Hijacking?

For some it meant holidays and resting time, for others it meant wage-less hours where even few pennies for the next meal are too much to imagine. Two full days, the entire country illustrated a perfect state of anarchy and violence erupted in flashy fabric of democratic system.



Sadly enough, it all goes without realization that the only good been done is to push our country and countrymen further into the swamp of hopelessness and yes- death.



“Discipline”, is one word, we have neatly erased out of our collective memories. Democracy for us presents “a system that requires bloodshed of innocent humans and destruction of public and private property as the means to reach any so called democratic end.”

A political dispute or a religious conflict, we as a nation know only one way left to make our voices heard. Burn a few cars, block the main roads, kill a few people and we automatically deserve peaceful negotiations and dialogue to end.



I’m forced to feel is it some sort of hijacking that catches us off guard any time? On its discretion and wish, any religious or political community is entitled to block the whole country, and treat citizens as they please. Not to mention, in these circumstances one should also forget any such folklore institutions as a government, police or any form of security.



For fliers landing in the city, staying at the airport until the protest is over else get yourself killed at the hands of the protestors, is the only resort. Is this what we deserve being citizens of a legitimate state and not some holocaust zone?



Why wont the world mock at us for our own doings  then? Thanks to once-a-week strike, our economy’s smirking performance is so not alarming. But here we are still ready to further embroil ourselves in this cannibalism in the name of democracy and freedom.



I was at Numaish on Monday and I saw gun-totting young boys wearing helmets, trying to show their malevolent power and anger by blocking roads. Can it be called anything but hijacking? Ironically, we hijack our own country, demonstrate our barbaric potential and then compel the government to negotiate with us our civil rights. What a joke!
You want to be heard? Stay cool and go out on the street, Shoot three time in the sky, have a gang of 12 or more and there you are! One more tip, you can achieve all your religious and political ends by the number of human beings you leave dead.



More than 200 people have been killed in Quetta with the two attacks, and thousand others around Pakistan, but as a nation our reaction to such incidents is equally dirty as that of the terrorist who carried out these attacks.



Is it democracy to negotiate with murderers? Instead democracy is the art of bringing a discipline into a nation, to make a nation understand that it is their individual action that would lead the country to being either a prosperous or a failed state.



No one should be given the right to blackmail, hijack and to bring a whole city hostage for whatever reasons. It is a shame for our security agencies that such a huge attack took place and it is equally shameful for us that we also did an equal damage to our country by shutting it down for two days.

Qamber Ali

A civil engineer who has recently started observing things around

  • R.Ahmed

    What is the definition of Damage? Our security agencies should be ashamed for not protecting citizens of Pakistan! Security Agencies must apologize to the people that one of their Officer “Zia ul Haq” made this terrorist network!

    The last thing is that we can not blame protestors because every action has the same opposite reaction , so we have to block the actions to avoid reactions.

  • Sanity

    Mr. Author I dont know which world you are living in but these protests that were held in solidarity with the victims in quetta were predominantly peaceful. Given the quantum of these protests and the number of people out on the streets these events were pure examples of how peaceful effective sit-ins can be held. Yes there were incidents around but blowing them out of proportion doesn’t help the cause. I was myself part of these sit ins and spent hours on the street but did not find a single such incident. I believe people who have hijacked our country are these terrorists and the only way to rid ourselves is to come out and create a voice and this is exactly what happened. Sad part being that while the quetta carnage was nothing short of a crime against humanity these protests were primarily limited to a particular sect.

  • Muhammad Zain Nawaz Awan

    Shiaa,s all around the Pakistan are outraged and torn in grief.
    what could be the possible legitimate way to compel government for the civil rights,specially when a people in minority(innocents) are being targeted all around the Pakistan.
    What is the way out..?

  • Sam

    there are two kinds of threats posed to an innocent citizen of this country and both are fatal. One is the threat from a terrorist attack and the other is the so called protest that bursts out after any terrorist attack takes place. We are equally vulnerable to insecurity from the terrorists and the protestors. What is the relevance of shutting down business, roads and economic activity of the country with the terrorist attack? both are damaging our country and both much be eliminated

  • shams

    the only thing here is that we have not got into feeling the pain yet.. of the hazaras.. all those innocent children and women.. imagine if they were some one from your own families.. what would be your reaction??.. what would be the way out??… also.. protesting is one way to say what is wrong.. those who are silent are equalyy responsible.. it was them.. it could be any one of you in future God forbid

    • Samar

      Imagine that u are living in Karachi and someone of ur family is about to die in Lahore and u have to take the immediate flight to reach Lahore and when u get to the airport u witness an angry mob which is not allowing u to enter airport..what would be ur reaction?.. what would be the way out?
      The point is that every Pakistani feels the pain of this incident but blocking main roads, railway stations and airports have a much greater affect on PUBLIC rather than the government.

  • Muhammad Arsalan Ghauri

    @disqus_1JsFjIyALj:disqus buddy ?? wot do u think, by blaming zia ul huq will we be able to get some good results ?? probably not..
    so its my suggestion to my dear country men..stop blaming those who are no more among us…may their souls rest in peace..

    wot v need now is to make the gov. urge to take some effective steps to prevent all the sects, provinces and communities of Pakistan from any further damages