Ooh La La Ooh La La

Ooh La La Ooh La La

Let me start with a question to the readers. How many of you have experienced a situation where a person looks into a state of sudden fear that turns into embarrassment after a short span of time? Of course, a lot of readers would have seen such incidents like me. The funniest was one I experienced on a road some time ago and whenever the memory flashes back, I can’t restrain myself from getting into fits of laughter.


It started with an evening of a bright sunny day of summer around 5:30 p.m. I was on a stroll down the street, just opposite to a famous building of Karachi. The place is a busy junction with huge traffic flow from all sides. Because of two five star hotels and an important nearby official house situated there, that place is declared as Red Zone with a VIP status. So, the story is about a situation when traffic stops at red signal.


A pick-and-drop coaster of a famous company carrying female staff stopped on the red signal just near to me. The reason for paying attention to that coaster was the hot Indian song “Ooh La La” playing on top of the volume and oh my, the girls were clapping cheerfully. They all were fully enjoying the song. I sighted a young lady hardly 20, sitting on the left side. Her head was resting on the half opened sliding window glass and her eyes were closed. Perhaps she was tired or listening to the song. After a few moments, a horse rider also stopped beside the coaster on the left. There stood a tall, dark brown, healthy horse.


To my amusing discovery, the horse was either an Indian music fanatic or just wanted to know what the buzz among the girls was about. In a split minute, the “amusing” horse peeped his head into the window where the girl laid her head. There twitched the girl, screaming,“Ama’n bachao main mar gai” so badly, that all the eyes focused round the coaster in astonishment.


When it was happening, I noticed that the driver of the coaster was bowing down, doing something, perhaps looking for other cassette. He was unable to understand the situation and tried to move the coaster ahead. The coaster moved a foot ahead, but unfortunately, the horse couldn’t just get away from inside the window. What happened then, jerked me into another enormous fit of laughter! The horse was right there on the poor girl’s knees! I’m sure it must have beaten the hell out of the girl!  Within a few seconds, there was a great hue and cry inside the coaster and all girls were shouting along with that “victim” lady who was repeatedly whined,“Ama’n bachao main mar gai!” people rushed around the coaster in no time. Very soon, dozens of people were gathered around that coaster and traffic from all sides came to a hault. The situation was giving the mob a laughing stock. Girls shouting inside the coaster, men laughing outside the coaster, the horse very close to the girl..  and a line of the playing song “choona na choona na” made the situation absolutely ludicrous.


No sooner did the driver understand the situation and jumped out of the coaster. A quarrel arose and was carried to a great height with the horse rider. At length, after traffic constable’s intervention, they both ended a brawl and the horse rider pulled his horse away from the coaster and moved on. The girl was soon in a safe and comfortable situation, but was hurt on her shame. She buried her face in her hands. Nevertheless, nothing was damaged in that five-minute drama. Lady, horse and coaster, all were safe.


Although the story had a happy ending but that “hilarious show” resulted in traffic congestion and took other thirty minutes to streamline the traffic flow at that VIP Junction. The story has thus remained unforgettable!


Syed Shahzad Alam

A content developer at Jang Group of Companies. He can be contacted at [email protected]

  • Naveed

    well narrated. I can imagine the scene. but do have some doubt about horse intention. he wasn’t merely curious ;) of what was going on inside the coaster ..

  • Faizan

    So whats the point?

  • azeem abbas

    Great Piece of Enjoyment! It happens only in Pakistan.

  • ajay

    good one !

  • dabala

    very poor writing skills. reading this article was like pulling my own teeth out. do the editors at “the news” not proofread these articles before publishing this garbage?

  • Farooq Hashmi

    I read it , and then started reading an interesting book.