Marriage of MSN and Skype a New Heaven

Marriage of MSN and Skype a New Heaven

All of you are well aware of MSN Messenger i.e Windows Live Messenger. If I say MSN has ruled the entire world for every age group and specially the youth then it is absolutely right. But now traditions are changing and companies are planning to promote their businesses for getting better revenue and profit. Microsoft purchased Skype for $ 8.5 billion. The purchased was Microsoft’s biggest ever and it’s obviously beneficial for both parties and the business industry as well.


We’ve got news to share!  Skype and MSN messenger are coming together. Millions of Messenger users will be able to reach their Messenger friends on Skype. March 15, 2013 Windows Live Messenger (Msn Messenger) will be no more in service. Instead you have to use Skype Messenger in order to communicate with your Skype and Msn buddies. By updating to Skype, MSN Messenger users can instant message and easily video call their Messenger friends.


Microsoft’s own messenger software already has extensive overlap with Skype community. Windows Messenger includes the same Skype features like free instant messaging, voice  & video chat option. It currently possesses almost 330 million active users every month, naturally with almost 40 million online simultaneously.


You can easily migrate your MSN contacts and take full advantage of all the new features and promotions in Skype. If you are ready to merge your accounts, I recommend that after reading this article, you will easily migrate and learn from beginning to an end. This article will be very helpful for all those who want to migrate their account.


After you merge your both MSN and Skype accounts then you will need to sign in to Skype using your Microsoft account as mentioned below. Your Messenger contacts should then appear in your contacts list.  Of course, once you integrate your accounts, the main benefit is that you can also enjoy all the features of Skype.


Skype features include video calls and being able to call mobile phones from computers, as well as being able to connect with friends at leading social network Facebook, Skype already have a storming figure of 280 million users from Microsoft’s latest earning report.


One thing is for sure, we will surely miss the Windows Live messenger. Some of us were addicted to it. But, Alas, times change and we’ll have to change with them and adapt to the new, much as we would hate to do so.


With around 300 million users worldwide, there was no match for Windows Live Messenger, but with the advent of social media networking, it faced a sharp decline. This portal currently has only 180 million users.


For people like me who grew up in a post-digital revolution era with no Facebook, Twitter or smart-phones, Windows Live messenger was absolute bliss. There was no other way to contact and chat with someone online back then unlike today, we have several options Facebook, Twitter and tones of other online communication facilities.


There will always be a huge chunk associated with Windows Live messenger. I still remember people asking each other what their MSN ID’s were, lists were managed so that people could be categorized accordingly on one’s Windows Live account. It was the full package back then, and many friendships blossomed this way.


I am sending you following guidelines which will be helpful for easily merging your msn account with Skype:


Step One:

Check and ensure that you have the latest Skype version installed, if not the case then you have to update your version of Skype.  Mac users can click the menu in Skype, and then click the “Check for Updates” link. While on the other hand, Windows users can click on Help, then do the same thing.




You can check the latest version of Skype by navigating the menu, click the “Help” then “Check for updates” while “About Skype” will show you installed version of Skype.









After having a newer version of Skye on your system, shoot it up then you will see the following options like to sign in with a Microsoft account. Choose that option.

The sign in screen in this time will now look unlike and you should log in with your MSN Messenger account credentials (not using your Skype id and password). It should be in the form of an email address and a password of Windows Live Messenger.





Step 3:


Click on the button “I have a Skype account” to start the process of merging your existing account of Skype with MSN Messenger account, you just need to sign in. If you want to merge it with a newer Skype account then click “I am new to Skype”.





Then, you should login with your Skype credentials then click “Continue” button. Be remembering, from now onwards, you should provide your MSN Messenger login credentials i.e. your email id and password. This will take priority over your existing Skype username and password that you already had.







Congratulations! All of your contacts between Skype and MSN accounts have been synced together, and now you can send messages via Skype to both MSN Messenger and Skype users. This screen shows that how your MSN contacts are looking within Skype account. Cheers now you can easily enjoy the benefits of these messengers and talk to your loved ones.




Goodbye, Windows Live messenger, we were an entire generation you served so faithfully. The end of Windows Live Messenger and the decision of merging MSN with Skype is really a business oriented deal and the graph of users will definitely increase.


The feeling that I had when I heard the news can perfectly be painted by this quote:


“The leaves of memory seemed to make a mournful rustling in the dark.” (The Fire of Driftwood)


Thank you for making my childhood so much better and exciting!!!

Umer Ali Khan

A Software Engineer at JANG Group of Companies | Geo TV Network and holds Master's Degree of Computer Science from NED University of Engineering and Technology

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  • Itian

    What’s the news in it? I merged my Live account with Skype two months ago and have been using Skype since then :)

  • ahmedj

    The bad thing is that on Skype at this moment one cannot block messenger contacts as right click doesn’t give this option. The unwanted faces need to be deleted. Secondly, in MSN on right top corner had an icon of new mail which used to show a new mail in inbox. Skype feature doesn’t have that and one cannot access inbox from hotmail account from Skype.
    I hope there is an update version coming soon with severely missed feature.

  • Chris Courtois

    If you’re talking about a New Heaven in terms living in North Korea being heaven, yeah. I see that. This is Ballmersoft’s most destructive move yet.