Losing Norms and Values

Losing Norms and Values

Weekend always come as a relief from hectic routine of 5 working days. I always make sure to make these 2 days ideal for me and for my family. Thus this time we planned to watch a movie and went to posh movie area in Bahria Town. The place is beautifully decorated with full emphasis given on the comfort of audience. Mainly young lot is the target audience who are more tuned to visit and watch movies mostly with friends. In a nutshell the place is well maintained and organized.

Finally the curtain rose (just a phrase as there are no such curtains their), and as per normal custom, it directed to stand for the National Anthem. National Anthem started, as a norm me and my husband stood up in the respect and honor of national anthem. To my surprise, only 4 to 5 youngsters manage to stood up, while remaining remained busy texting, gossiping, eating pop corns etc. I looked around and said to my husband, it was just US Standing, weren’t we all supposed
to stand? He replied, these are today’s kids (as if we were decade older ones) I can still recall this practice back to our school days some 7 8 years back, when at the end of morning session, National Anthem would play and we all would sing it along and pay homage and tribute to our Country.

I am not here to give sermon to our youngsters or complaint as it is not their fault. It is the fault of our system, maybe our media. When we have started celebrating “valentine’s day” with more vigor, enthusiasm and charm as compared to Independence Day or Pakistan day, then such things are bound to happen. It has become normal practice that people spend Eid holidays sleeping all day (mostly think it is the Holiday they get disguised in the form of Eid) and rather enjoying and spending time with family, they sleep/ rest all day.

Today our kids are highly interested and attached towards cell phones, leaving behind book reading habits, they love to watch Indian soaps, not going through current affairs, they are ready to spend money for buying cell phones, gadgets; and not willing to spend meager amount on buying information books. But again we can’t put blame on any one
party as no single party is to be held responsible for this Long Live Pakistan.

Rabia Ahmed Sikandar

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • Ahmed

    Rabia first of all I will say that there is so much diversity in your topic there is nothing proper in it & from this starting paragraphs I can also think that you are marketing Bahria Town, now the thing is that why National Anthem in such a place where the movie is going to start & playing national anthem there is also a drama to show that we love Pakistan altogh there is nothing like that. One thing I will say that I have seen the world & I seen Pakistanis so much in contact with their moral values, they didnt leave any thing or forgot even they celebrate their festivals more than people expectation & same the case over here as well people speacially come to Pakistan to celebrate festivals. Altough the young genration is not so much aware of their moral values but they are imbtious & can do any thing for Pakistan & every youngster have own think some still love to read books some pass their time on texting like that but by eeing only few people dont incurage others & Pakistan is the country where no one can leave their moral values & traditions only some times it is needed to clarify things slightly

  • http://twitter.com/hassam991 hassam991

    As if movies teach us to respect our values?? These are the source of destruction of both our moral and religious values in the first place. People portray all is good and then expect youth to show any type of respect. Within the next years few years things will get worse if we don’t realize the source of all problems.

  • Solid aim

    AoA every one,

    Though I don’t disagree with either of you. But on the other hand since I agree with the rest of your reasons, this means that we need to consider changing our opinions by dropping some together to initiate with the change for a better Pakistan.

    One thing is for sure that we all love Pakistan but again no one can look into our hearts. People may or may not respect it wholeheartedly but I can assure you no matter from where you belong you can only understand respect for your land when you are in trouble away from it. I am referring to travel to different cultures with different religions.

    The young people whom Rabia complained about according to my guess would be of age range from 15 to 23 years girls and boys. Yes jobless unawareness and the shortcut nature is becoming part of our mindset. In fact we all agree here I suppose. In West (commonly known as modern culture) the kids are forced to get independent and start living on their own. This makes them busy and they start seeing things more clearly for their future. But it has its consequences too. They work all the week and party almost every weekend.

    So Here in Pakistan about 80% of the youngsters are dependent on their parents till the age of 30 or in many cases the parents also manage the expanses of their weddings. So as a result that young man/woman gets independent by an average of 28-33 but in US they get dependent by the age of 18-20. Their parents may or may not support them but we know that we are supported by out parents and we are sure that we will support our youngsters when they get old. So why not brake the cycle and support them become independent. In the recent cases due to lack of awareness and habitual of shortcuts 70% of the youngsters came to the cinema with their parents money. I left the 30% to benefit of doubt. So when they don’t know about how their parents or elders struggled to give them such luxuries then how can they be expected to respect it. Similar with the respect towards our beloved land.

    Apart from cinema experience, you must see youngsters driving recklessly on the roads with luxury cars. I bet if they had earned it themselves they you would have respected other drivers and their expensive vehicles too. But since they came as gifts God Knows where and how which is again a good debate, it does not matter to them. Yes I agree that youngsters enjoy and celebrate Valentines Day and Easters but they also enjoy EID. The question is why Valentines and Easters has more importance than EID is lack of our religion and social culture information.

    Our culture should get inculcated in our young ones. We are muslims and we have a rich culture with commonly known Punjabis, Balochis, Sindhis and Pukhtuns. How can we be aware of our culture when our local languages are not part of any our syllabus. I have attached a picture for your information, which a successful plan that was laid more than 100 years ago.