Into the Vile

Into the Vile

From extra-long curly toe nails to phantom arms that originate from nowhere, everything that could possibly be disturbing manages to find a way in your newsfeed. You scroll down your Facebook page with a cup of coffee in hand, probably munching your breakfast snack and all of a sudden, a sight as hideous as Voldemort’s poo greets your gaze.


What do you do? Scroll down as fast as you could? But it seriously cannot be fast enough. After all, you’re not done scanning the entire feed for weather, traffic and strike updates. For what good is using a social networking website in Karachi if it doesn’t give you the necessary information to start your day with? Err..


An influx of highly disturbing, vile, sometimes utterly gross and often, offensive images seem to have found a way to attract people enough to share them on their profiles for everyone in their list to see. If it’s not your Facebook people, then it’s some “insert-emotional-quote-here” page you had somehow liked for a friend that doesn’t think filtering images for quality is a good enough idea.


From comic pages drawing almost real-looking poop to images of people with missing limbs (that seem to be funny to them, for some reason), there really is no knowing what type of content could come up next that you’d have to wash your eyeballs thoroughly for.


If it’s not the outright grotesque, then there are photos “commanding” you to like them or you’re likely to burn in hell.
Seriously, isn’t waking up a Monday morning to get eyed angrily by your boss, only to be “surprised” by your favourite relatives while you’re on your way to head out hell enough? Apparently not.
Maybe imagining a world where people would rethink the kind of things they post online is actually day-dreaming, but do we really want to go down the road where everything we lay eyes on is a vomit-in-your-mouth kind of content? Clearly, the day isn’t far when you’d see surgeons uploading pictures of their patients when their stomachs are half cut up and consider it their contribution to the world of daily humour. Who am I kidding. I already have.

Riffat Rashid

A freelance writer and a student at SZABIST's Media Science Program.

  • Noor Alam

    KARACHI: Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan has returned here from Dubai via private airline in the wee hours of Thursday.

    to media following his arrival at Karachi airport, the governor said
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    his resignation on the advice of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain.

    said President Asif Ali Zardari sent Rehman Malik to Dubai who
    convinced him that his presence in the city was necessary to control law
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    He thanked Altaf Hussain and President Zardari and sought blessings of them. – See more at: