A Literary Look at 2012

A Literary Look at 2012

In spite of the worst law and order situation in the country, the organization of a lot of cultural events, literary functions in the metropolis and, publication of a large number of books on different topics showed that the year 2012 was a good one and positive in terms of promotion of culture and production of good literature.


A large number of books on poetry, short stories, fiction, music, art, culture, mysticism, criticism, theater and other literary trends were either published or launched in this year.


Another good trend was witnessed that gatherings on culture and literature were held at different city places where leading scholars and writers made their speeches and threw light on art, literature, culture and other issues revolving around art and culture.


Those organized cultural and literary events included:


Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP), National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA), Goethe Institut, Karachi Press Club (KPC), Pakistan American Cultural Centre (PACC), Pakistan of Academy of Letters (Sindh), Progressive Writers’ Association (PWA), Awami Adabi Anjuman (AAA), Hamkhial Adabi Forum (HAF) Darrak, Irtiqa,  and many others keep up holding very good sittings.


It is the merit of ACP that it organized a number of functions on art, literature, health, music, book launching ceremonies and above all a grand annual ‘Almi Urdu Conference’ that discussed at length very important issues on contemporary literature. The conference also presented good papers on the works of the writers and poets who influenced Urdu literature in different folds. Meera Ji, Saa’dat Hasan Manto, Ibne Insha, Krishan Chandar, Hasan Askari, Rasheed Siddiqui, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Noon Meem Rashid, Patras Bukhari, Habib Jalib, Hameed Akhtar, Shamshirul Haideri and many others were remembered.


Those played their historic roles in enriching art; culture and music were also remembered. Among others, Dr Saleemuzaman Siddiqui, Mehdi Hasan and Lutfullah Khan were paid homage for their great services.


Porf Shamim Hanafi (from India), ACP representatives Ahmed Shah, Prof Ejaz Farooqui, Intizar Hussain, Syed Mazhar Jameel, Zia Mohiyddin,  Dr Nasir Abbas Nayyar, Saud Usmani, Dr Fatima Hasan, Mubeen Mirza, Prof Ali Haikder Malick, Dr Asif Aslam Farrukhi, Arshad Mehmood, Javed Hasan, Ghazi Salahuddin, Dr Rauf Parikh, Imran Aslam, Shahida Hasan, Zahida Hina, Fehmeeda Riaz, Ameena Syed, Masood Asha’ar, Dr Saeed Nasqvi and a large number of others wrote papers on different personalities and topics set by the Conference on Literature, Art and Culture.


Many important books including of that ‘Sheriyaat’ by renowned poet, Naseer Turrabi. This book enlightens writers and students of Urdu literature on proper language and diction in prose and poetry. The book has been termed by the critics and scholars as to be excellent and incredible work. Three books by famous researcher and scholar, Dr Mubarak Ali were launched at the conference. Dr Mubararak Ali was also presented a special shield by the ACP for his distinguished service in research on history. The ACP representatives also announced to make Dr Mubarak Ali an honourary member of the ACP.


Sarzameen Publications being run by a noted poet, Shahid Hameed compiled and published works of a prominent poet, Jazib Qureshi. A fresh collection of poems titled ‘Lahu ki poshak’ was highly acclaimed by literary circles. Noted Poet Javed Saba published his latest poetry collection titled ‘Koi daikh na le’ which remained under discussion among the students of literature and circles of writers. Contemporary writers including Khalid Moin, Ilyas Karim and Qaiser Munawar in their written opinions (the collection contains the same) not only praised Javed Saba for his unique metaphors used in poems, ‘ghazal’ and other formats of expression, but also raised very good questions on modern literature.


The latest collection by Khalid Moin titled ‘Nagahan’ was also discussed at Arts Council of Pakistan premises by the HAF where HAF President Zahid Hussain, Chief Guest on the occasion Tauqeer Chughtai and other writers including Qamar Afzal Qamar, Khursheed Alam, Taqueer Taqqi, Shabbir Nazish and Faiz Alam Babar discussed the works and concluded that Moin has made his mark by covering serious issues of society and valued due modern poetic aesthetical perspective.

At another sitting organized by the KPC Literary Committee, the collection of short stories titled ‘ Kawoon Ki Basti Mein Aik A’admi’ by a Distinguished Writer Tahir Naqvi was discussed at length. The function was presided over by famous poet and critic, Sahar Ansari. Sahar Ansari, Dr Jamal Naqvi (Aleeg), Ahmed Omar Sharif, Iqbal Khursheed, KHawaja Razi Haider and many other writers highlighted that Tahir Naqvi has depicted the life of the people of this city in his short stories. The Committee also launched the travelogues by Obaidullah Kehar who is famous for his digital books titled ‘Safar Kahanian’.


Kehar is a tourist and has visited many parts of the country and abroad and has shared his experiences in his Digital Books, but this was for the first time that he produced his works in a printed form. Many writers and journalists including the then KPC Secretary Moosa Kaleem, Akhlaq Ahmed, Shehr Bano, Shakil Ahmd and Aqeel Abbas Jaffery threw light on the art of Obaidullah Kehar and appreciated him for his interesting and rather creative accounts of sharing his experiences.


A book titled ‘Paani par lakeer’ by noted short story writer, Nishat Rehman was also launched at the KPC where Saba Ekram (who presided over the meeting and Tahir Naqvi (who was chief guest on the occasion), Naseem Anjum, Saleem Anwar and Rukhsana Saba talked on the works and concluded that Nishat was making his good efforts to portray life of middle class people in his stories.


An interesting sitting was the presentation of short stories by different writers at the KPC premises. Jabbar Jaffer, Musarrat Afza Roohi, Dr Arshad Rizvi, Moosa Kaleem, Iqbal Khursheed, Ehtesham Anwar, Ali Baba and others presented their latest short stories at this sitting. Professor Ali Haider Malic who presided over the meeting and Naseem Anjum who was chief guest at the function noted that the stories showed the actual taste of stories in modern times.


A Pakistani national writer, Ehasn Sehgal (who is settled on Holland) launched his latest book at the KPC. His collection of collections titled ‘Zarb-e-sukhan’ has been published and discussed by the literary circles.


Syed Kashif Raza published his latest collection of prose poetry titled ‘Mumnoo Mausomon Ki Kita’ that depicted most modern poetry in terms of expression of strong feelings. Raza has an art to perfectly express his inner feelings with an objective touch.


Rabia Al Raba published her first collection of short stories titled ‘Raat Ki Raani’ and she was highly acclaimed for his unique and fresh short stories. Al-Raba is also a good poetess and has skills in creation of blank verse mostly in mystical terms.


A latest edition of ‘Mayya’ by Syed Hamid Siraj was published in the same year. The articles written by Dr Ghaffor Shah, Saira Ghulam Nabi and Mazhar Hussain proved to be more insightful on ‘Mayya’ where the writer has used monologue form in painting the life and miseries of his ailing mother who finally passes away but left unforgettable memories.


Famous poet and writer, Shahid Zubair gave two collections of his latest poetry titled ‘Ghane Jism Mein Mulaqat’ and ‘Churri Kahanian’ that based on his prose poetry. He has experienced portrayal of his original feelings in the form of tiny and long prose poems. Editor Urdu quarterly ‘Aainda’ and a noted writer, Saira Ghulam Nabi has written preface for the first book and has concluded that the poetry by Zubair showed the actual poetic strength in different experiences of expression in his poem. He has mostly written his ‘inner’ in terms of his spiritual experiences very successfully.

Dr Javed Manzar published his latest book titled ‘Karachi Ke Dabistane Shaairy Mein Urdu Ghazal Ka Irtiqa’ that presented a history of development of poetry in this sub-continent and then in Karachi. The book proved to be more informative and fruitful in studying the evolutionary process and development of Urdu poetry. A senior and prominent short story writer Noorul Huda Syed published the latest edition of his short stories titled ‘Tamasha’ and other noted writers and scholars including Saba Ekram (published a book on criticism titled ‘Aitiraf-o-inhiraf’), A Khayyam, Prof Ali Haider Malick and Dr Mushtaq Ismael got their books published on different subjects.


Many books published on fiction, novels, short stories and poetry either published either in 2012 or earlier remained under discussion at different gatherings for being more worthy. These include Dr Farman Fatehpuri, Jameeluddin A’ali, Dr Aslam Farrukhi, Ayub Khawar, Mehmood Shaam, Shehzad Nayyar, Waheed Ahmed, Jazib Qureshi, Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, Ilayas Babar Awan, Zibun Nisa Zaiby, Rauf Niazi, Ahfazur Rehman, Umair Ali Anjum, Arif Shafique, Syed Jawed Hashmi, Dr Jamal Naqvi, Syed Kami Shah, Iqbal Khawar, Seemi Kiran, Azra Ashghar, Salman Siddiqui, Zia Shahid, Saba Ekram, Khursheed Iqbal, Shehnaz Parveen, Sabin Saif, Abbas Rizvi, Iqbal Nazar, Shahida Tabbasum, Sahar Ansari, Anwar Alvi, Saheen Niazi, Dr Tahir Masood, Firasat Rizvi, Ahsan Saleem, Kashif Majeed, Mumtaz Rafqiue, Dr Muhammad Ali Siddiqui (Ariel), Rashid Noor, Ambreen Haseeb, Akhlaq Ahmed, Tazeen Raz Zaidi, Khurram Sohail, Faheemuddin Ansari, Saleem Siddiqui, Ghalib Irfan, Ehsan Sehgal, Najmul Hassan Rizvi, Shamim Manzar and others.


The KPC Literary Committee also held a memorial reference in memory of late Poet Prof Afaq Siddiqui and Zaki Usmani, where famous writers and journalists paid homage to the late writers. Dr Javed Manzar presided over the meeting and Haneef Umar conducted the proceedings.


At another sitting late scholar Dr Ashiq Al-badvi and late senior journalist and writer Zia Ansari were paid homage. A noted archeologist and writer, Haleem Sharar conducted the proceedings of this condolence reference.


The KPC Literary Committee in coordination with the PWA held a meeting in memory of renowned poet Jaun Elia. Muslim Shamim presided over the meeting and Dr Mazhar Hiader acted as chief guest. Many speakers including Sarwar Javed, Dr Jamal Naqvi (Aleeg), Dr Abdul Mutalib, Kunwar Momin Khan Momin, Mehdi Abbas, Musarat Afza Roohi, Rehna Roohi and Zahid Hussain paid glowing tributes to Elia and highlighted the qualities of his poetry. The speakers concluded that Jaun was the only poet of his own unique diction and he enriched Urdu literature a great deal. Parveen Haider coordinated the discussion at the meeting attended by a large number writers and journalists.

Zaib Azkaar Hussain

is a senior correspondent at The News International Karachi

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