Will Qadri Bring the Promised Change?

Will Qadri Bring the Promised Change?

 The recent Revolution slogan in Pakistan has been given by Dr. Tahir Qadri. He is a very educated, world renowned Islamic Scholar who has authored more than 450 books on different subjects related to world’s religions. He has millions of followers mostly from Punjab. Although one do not need educational or religious background to lead the revolution but needs an enthusiastic thinking to take the nation ahead on the revolutionary path.  He has brought the slogan of Feudalism-free Pakistan, which is a dream of every Pakistani whether living under feudal rulers in rural areas or in urban cities.  The people living in urban areas are also affected by this menace. The recent killing of Shahzeb Khan by some members of a feudal family in Karachi is the perfect example of feudal mindset that how they take law in their hands. The question is why does Dr. Qadri want to change the system which came in power after a democratic election? Is this really a true democracy which we can define as a form of a governing power derived from people with two main essential characteristics, equality and freedom?


After partition when India was in the process of becoming the world’s largest democracy, Pakistan was missing the bus of true democracy.  If the bus was not missing could have taken Pakistan to the right path of development where now India is heading. Unfortunately, most of the time Pakistan has seen the different faces of  martial law and if coin was ever flipped on the name of election, the other side was truly a feudo-Democracy (combination of feudal and democracy); the democracy which has always been under the occupation of feudal mindset. If the mindset could never set their villagers free from bonded labor and Panchayat System, how can they provide justice and freedom to 180 million lives? But the question is; if Pakistan can afford a French style or Arab spring revolution in the current situation?


Currently, Pakistan is engulfed with the fire of terrorism, where terrorists haven’t spared anyone whether LEAs or common people traveling in buses or praying in mosques. In this situation Pakistan can’t afford more blood on the name of revolution. But in a country where urban population is struggling for better education and healthy living; rural population is in hopelessness moving out of their areas towards cities in search for better education and living; are facing unjust and oppression by elite class in both rural and urban areas.  The same class has occupied the parliament and the resistance against the agricultural tax and land reform bill is a clear example of the agenda of those who are in majority in the parliament. Most of the feudal lords’ children are living abroad for modern education and the children of the villagers don’t have proper premises for education. Many of the school buildings in interior Sind and Punjab are occupied by the feudal lords for their livestock and personal use. The defense budget in Pakistan is higher than education and health budget but people are still bearing the bodies of loved ones because of terrorists’ activities. The consequences of supporting these feudal and elites are not limited to the villages but have affected our cities like Lahore, Karachi and Quetta.


If Dr.Qadri has motive to bring the change through ballot and by bringing a neutral, clean caretaker government which can hold free and fair elections then every Pakistani suffering by feudal system should support his cause. If the intention of Dr. Qadri’s is the real and better change then I don’t see any reason why MQM, PTI, ANP, Baluch and Sindhi Nationalists won’t support him.


Farheen Rizvi

A masters in International Management from University of Maryland, a social worker and a blogger.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zads.shams M Zaid Shams

    Why not try a new product where the traditional ones are not giving the desired results? :)

  • Patriot

    Qadri a big drama, where were he from last five years & before, just near election he jumps in to delay election, come on people think!!!! its a pre-planned act of govt to bring qadri to create drama for postponing election thats it, the person who can deceive & misguide religion by celebrating christmas with christians in their church, how can he or his agenda be sincere for this country.

    • S Nasrullah

      Mr Patriot, you definitely have a valid point. The entry of Tahir-ul-Qadri so close to the Elections is unusual if not suspicious. The man was hibernating while the Nation suffered untold miseries at the hands of Traitors within and Conspirators without. Mr Qadri was elected Public Rep, but chose to surrender his seat rather than put up a stout resistance to the dishonesty and the delusion, the rulers were perpetrating without compunction. He resigned his Membership and wandered the political wilderness. He suddenly erupts like a quake and comes up with catchy slogans – the bait, the susceptible public readily gulped – and his mammoth Public Meeting certainly ruffled many feathers in the dummy peacocks of the major Parties in the political divide. Such phenomenon are either a storm in the tea cup or a well rehearsed subterfuge concocted by forces inimical to the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and wish to retain the status-quo for the furtherance of their long term goals.

      Now that Mr Qadri’s campaign is literally hijacked by MQM, one has to wait and see the outcome of the planned Long March on January 14, 2013. That is the litmus test. If the Nation responds to the call with the zeal and enthusiasm exhibited earlier and joins the March in magnificent multitude, Mr Qadri would have proved his critical centrality in triggering the Revolution. History bears witness that some personality is shot into prominence by the dynamics of grating and gyrating developments and they assume the charismatic leadership, beyond their wildest dreams. in the recent past we have the example of Khomeini, despite his years of exile, his influence never waned or weakened to checkmate the Establishment of Shah of Iran. But with Imran Khan on the political scene, supported by the spirited Youth of Pakistan, it is well neigh impossible for anyone to overrun the invincible fortress of Imran Khan.

  • Imran

    Every Pakistani is looking for change whether Qadri do it or Imran Khan Sb. We want results. And we are with Qadri as well to bring change.

  • sraza

    if u still support PML-N, PPP ANP etc you will see more shahzeb cases in future because all these parties are let by feudals. Nawaz sharif and PPP leadership always meet with the feudals and try to make a deal over there. He has no grass roots in SINDH, Balochistan, KPK all he does is to couple with feudals of that region to regain power.. thats it…
    If Dr. Qadri is trying for a change then why not support him. dont we use imported medicine as we donot have good local medicine available :-)

    • Junaid

      by the way raza sahab qadri is also local medicine bottle, which ran away from this country to refill poison so that poison can be penetrated again in your minds, the person who is misguiding people pretends to be a sheikh ul Islam, a person who is celebrating christmas with christians, dancing , holding candles in his hands while celebrating christmas , will u follow such kind of idiot ?

    • zjc

      We are surely fed up with the existing political system, it does not mean that we should be befooled by every one calling for ‘change’. Are we a nation of idiots? Out of the frying pan into the fire. qadri is a joker or more accurately ‘ the Jay Salik’ of muslims. He is playing gimmicks. I agree that zardari, nawaz, altaf are all thieves, but that does not automatically qualify qadri or imran to be our leaders.You must analyze the past of any person before following him blindly in the name of ‘change’. qadri has his past full of lies, of ‘basharat’ of election victory, of using animal blood to claim attack, presenting his chest to bullets and then hiding in bullet-proof and cozy container, calling the govt. yazeed and then hugging them in public, etc, etc,etc. Similarly, Imran claims to be patriotic but was ashamed to hold the Pakistan flag after victory in 1992 world cup and Javed Miandad had to virtually force the flag into his hand. He lived a life of ‘ayashee’, Sita White, etc,etc, married a jew’s daughter, collected bad and rejected people from all parties, and our gullible nation is following them in the name of change.Please wake up and recognize these puppets

  • http://twitter.com/A__JD Ahmad Javed ☾☆

    InshAllah …

  • Fahad Azam

    excellent article … so far he said nothing that could be termed unconstitutional ..just wants eligibility criteria to be applied in full spirit … how can these fake degree holders and loan defaulters be allowed to contest elections if the constitution doesnt allow it .. mqm has also had an anti feudalisitic and anti dynastic politics philophy just like tahir ul qadri and both these forces are extremely organized ….i hope, wish and pray that as a result of this march, people of Pakistan see a real change in the shape of election of honest and competent ppl

  • http://www.facebook.com/prahlad.sharma49 Prahlad Sharma

    Dr. Qadri has already opined that under the religious leadership Pakistan will improve. No where in the world a religious leader irrespective of the religion has proved as to the guardian of common poor people while in politics .

  • sadi

    Yes he will. His agenda is very genuen and pure. Need of hour. Qadri factor is acting as qadri filter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SyedAmmarAliZaidi Syed Ammar Ali Zaidi

    Interesting article but leave too many questions unanswered, good effort thou

  • http://www.facebook.com/jawad.ahmed.984 Jawad Ahmed

    This quadri, always rome with his foreign bodyguards and talk about biddath sad to know that this idiot has lots of followers go n c his videos on u tube where he celebrates christmas, dance music….. and above all bidath fellow pakistanis following this also…. shame shame the nation which is formed on the name of islam and now islam is followed by few ppl their

  • http://twitter.com/AhsanattaAtta Ahsan atta

    Yes , Dr.Tahir ul Qadri can bring true Change,we should support him irrespective of our political differences with him

  • http://www.facebook.com/abbas.yasir1 Abbas Yasir Malik

    Well , i don’t understand why everyone is criticizing QADRI. Everyone sees him through the prism of Establishment and regard him as a horse whose reins are being manipulated by establishment. I don’t understand why this nation is So desperate? Irrespective of his religious status , we should try to understand what he wants to say? He demands the restoration of constitution in its healthy form. Our parliament and Government machinery has failed in putting the constitution in practice. Now if anyone raises voice to highlight this National Issue , and demands for some election reforms and wants to see election commission as the supreme authority then what is wrong in it???? He is turning out to be another beam of hope for this Nation.

  • Faisal

    What kind of reforms he is talking about, he is here only to dismantle the Pakistani nation. We are suffering from to many things already and now one more drama to be created on 14th January.

    How interesting that MQM is the core collation partner of so called Qadri revolution team, i never supported any political party and in future will do the same practice because all are fake characters.