What’s with Nouveau riche & PPP?

What’s with Nouveau riche & PPP?

Apart from all the other form of applause that we give to PPP for their performance and its effects on ordinary Pakistani, in my opinion there is one more incredible addition to it. Government of PPP also increases the revenue of the Defense Housing Authority, as people from sub-inspector to Superintendant, the petty politicians to MPAs, MNAsand other unknown people across Pakistan, all of a sudden migrate to localities like Defense in Karachi (for instance). It seems that there is a strange kind of relationship between PPP and Defense. I am not a sociologist but it is my hobby to understand the structure of society, therefore I have carried out an analysis on my own.



It is strange that as soon as PPP takes charge of the government, out of nowhere these Nau-Doltiyas appear, they construct their houses or purchase built houses, SUVs and hire security guards etcetera, not before it and not after it. It seems that PPP has a strange sense of human development, because we observe that the entire picture of the elite of our country changes during the four or five year’s tenure.

Not to mention, right after PPP steps down majority of these Nau-Doltiyas head back to their stations of origin. These Nau-Doltiyas have some very basic characteristics, as we can see that in the past five years of PPP’s government, the DHA is already overflowing with all such people, I would mentioned some of them:


1-      Two/ Three black shalwar kameez guards are likely to stand outsideevery Nau-Doltiyas house with assault weapons hanging on their shoulders. By the way these guards are not meant for protection because the people living in DHA from decades would never use guards for protection. Anyways these guards are usually standing outside the house as a sign of strength, power, just ensuring that when our model Nau-Doltiya comes out in a “Vigo” there should not be any obstruction to his view or I don’t know the purpose.



2-      These Nau-Doltiyas would usually be on a brand new “vigo” or any other SUV, they will never buy a Range Rover but would like to have a double cabin, tinted glass with five or six guards wearing commando jackets and carrying assault weapons, because this is what they perceive as a luxury.



3-      These Nau-doltiyas, as they are NAU-DOLTIYAS, do not understand phenomenon like morality, politeness or basically they do not understand the phenomenon of respecting people without any financial gain. Therefore if you come across any such Nau-Doltiya, then please do not say “Hello”.



4-      Show casing their power using weapons and guards, mistreating ordinary citizens and showing arrogance towards laws is luxury for them.

Anyways, as recently, I was driving through the 7th central Street at DHA Phase II, to pick up someone from their work place, I was stopped by private armed guards of a Nau-Doltia, I usually do not like to argue with man-dogs of a nau-doltiya, but out of curiosity I asked this guard, the point of stopping me? He replied that “Sahab ki gari arahi hai aap apni gari side me laga do” I said “It’s such a big street, is your sahib coming out on an aero-plane that my car would obstruct its path” but the guard replied that “humain order hai k koi gari gate ke saamnay se na guzray jab sahib bahar arahay hon”.

That was remarkable, actually very impressive, I figured that I wasn’t in a position to argue further, as I did not have any weapon; otherwise I would also display my power and would compel the sahib and his dog to respect me too. Anyways I tried to park my car and again the guard cried” Oh Bhai, yahan gari park na Karen aap peechay naval apartments wali gali main gari park karain”; again I asked” Kyun” and he said that they have orders not to allow any car being parked opposite to or parallel to or even diagonal to the house of the Nau-Doltiya.



My goodness, I said “tell your sahib that, if he so much scared then he should move out of Pakistan” and the guard replied “Kiya karain humari majboori hai” and I replied that “Majboori aapki nahee hai, majboori humari hai k hum abhi tak iss mulk main paray huway hain”.



I waited for at least 10 minutes until the Nau-Doltiya drove with his armed guards and eventually I picked that person and crossed the street through to the Defense Club.



I believe that if I also had five or six armed guards and if I was also driving a vigo instead of city, then this Nau-Doltiya would let me pass, I would be able to park my car anywhere I want and above all I would earn a salute from the dog kind of men standing outside the gates of Nau Doltiyas. But maybe I am not a real Pakistan and that is why I would never waste money on buying a vehicle that is designed for farmers to transport animals and crops and I would also not like to treat humans like guard-dogs, rather I would like to have a car that has convertible roof, but first of all I have to move out of this country because I do not quite blend in.



My question is if citizen gets into contact with a private armed guard of a Nau Doltiya and gets murdered by not complying to their commands, then does this murder goes into the category of a punishable offense or do these Nau-Doltiyas and their guards have the license to do what they please with weapon-less, guard-less citizens? Are we obligated to follow rules set by these Nau-Doltiyas on the streets of DHA or face punishment? If this is now the law of the land then it should be made clear by DHA and the government, so that I would not have to come here and write all this.



In my opinion the DHA should ensure that private armed guards of a Nau-Doltiya should stay within their premises to protect the arse of the Nau-Doltiya, instead of standing outside the gates to harass the ordinary people and advertising weapon culture.

Qamber Ali

A civil engineer who has recently started observing things around

  • So called educated people, you always talk against PPP, why do not you raise your voice against terrorism in Karachi every child knows who is responsible for this killing, but no one has the courage to speak on it. It is easy to abuse PPP man becuae they are peace loving, even you himself mentioned in your articale the polite behaviour of guards but still you labelled them dog. If you have courage speak against bleeding of inoccent peoples lives in Karachi

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, I think there’s nothing wrong to be wealthy but what wrong is to be unethical.

  • Mariner

    I can appreciate absolutely the sheer frustration brother Qambar Ali had had to endure but do not despair because things always change but a change will not be the way DM hopes it will be, for in 66 long years this land of the pure has gone from bad to worse on hollow promises of a change. As matters stand now, nothing short of a Divine retribution, a bloody revolution will bring about a change. In the whole length and breadth of Pakistan from Khyber to Keamari, opening the books starting Aug 1947 to date, at least a million heads will have to roll and then, and only then, will this country be salvaged from the filthy clutches of the born – corrupt, debauched, soulless elite of all hues and shapes ruling (read ruining) this unfortunate nation in name of the Zionist sham called Democracy or rather DEMONcracy! And it is coming sooner than later for ALLAH SUBHANATALLA does not abandon his creation. If you do not agree with me then just wait and see, a man will rise from the bottom rung and unleash such terror against the tyrannical high and mighty infesting this unfortunate land that generations to come will shudder at the very thought of it.