Why are they Turning Citizens into Rebels?

Why are they Turning Citizens into Rebels?

“Recent weeks in politics and comedy have been completely dominated by the Qadri episode. News channels were reporting the “revolution” with minute-by-minute updates as anchorpersons gave their expert views about happenings in the capital. Talkative politicians were busier as they had to appear at least on one news channel everyday to enlighten the nation with their “intellectual thoughts” and “productive discussions” about Qadri & Co. Print media was publishing articles hailing Qadri as the leader of “Arab Spring” in Pakistan. Poli-tainment (political entertainment) shows also revolved around the Qadri fever perhaps because politics has a sizable contribution in Pakistani comedy.



However, when the whole media was playing the Qadri mantra, about 5000 tribesmen were staging a sit-in right in front of Governor House, Peshawar. Their demands were simple and straight; govt. has to answer who killed 18 of their people. They didn’t have a fiery speaker as Qadri who could play with words with vicious mastery. Neither they were supported by any NGO as their killed men weren’t the victims of Taliban barbarism, nor did they get the deserved attention from media as there was no sectarianism involved which is the only thing media is interested in highlighting these days. It was not about 18 bullet-riddled bodies; it was about 18 bullet-riddled families who had no other option but to survive the continuous pain and misery throughout their lives.


The “Unknowns” had abducted their people; tortured them brutally their bodies were dumped like garbage. Unlike previous cases, their relatives didn’t die of bullets they died of severe torture. Though, “unidentified men” wanted to make sure that there shouldn’t be the slightest of chances that any of their victims survive, so they practiced with M-16 and AK-47 on these poor people.



These “unknowns” have been busy in the exercise of abducting, torturing and killing in Pakistan for decades now. They have also specialized in keep adding names to the list of “missing persons”. However, all their activities are still declared in the “best interest” of Pakistan. For the same reason, they are impeccable and unaccountable as anyone pointing fingers at them, is knowingly or unknowingly, supporting America’s plans to destabilize Pakistan. CJ tried to keep a check at the “invisibles” via missing person case, but they have all the means and resources to deal with the ill wishers of this country.



Ironically, protestors knew the criminals who committed brutality and this is enough to call for the wrath of establishment in Pakistan. Police asked them to leave and bury the dead but they demanded to stop operating in their areas. This demand was, obviously, against the best interest of the nation and for national security, protestors were forced to disperse by the use of brute power that includes, but not limited to, baton charge and shelling.



I won’t be surprised at all if some of the relatives of victims settles for vengeance against those operating under the umbrella of armed forces. What happened to them is enough of a reason to fill their hearts with rage, wrath and yes..indomitable pain . I have absolutely no doubt that they have got enough justification to be a part of some “terrorist” attack on army.



I have one simple question to the readers. Isn’t our government along with armed forces turning our citizens into suicide bombers?”

Abdullah Ansari

A 26 years professional engineer based in Saudi Arabia

  • Anza Farrukh

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  • Anonymous

    I have one simple question to the readers. Isn’t our government along
    with armed forces turning our citizens into suicide bombers?”


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  • M.Saeed

    @Naaved Ahmad:

    Who abrogated the first constitution (1956) of Pakistan on 7th October, 1958 and the gave birth to the subsequent spate of military take-overs?

    Who were the resolute uncompromising Mullahs who created
    rift in the first constitution of Pakistan, which was drafted by a team headed by H.S.Suhrawardy and gave reasons for terror to be a force to play with the destiny of this unfortunate nation?

    If defense forces are the culprits for our distressed economy, which other establishment is in a better shape on corruption and disregard to
    rules of business accounts?

    Dear Sir, it is easy to point accusing finger but difficult to realize that, while raising the accusing finger, all other fingers turn back towards the accuser.

    Mere wishing and scolding does not solve any problem.
    And, I am not in any way related to armed forces, nor do I have any material interest with them.

  • S Nasrullah

    @Naaved Ahmad: To your questions

    1- Who is responsible for today’s position of Pakistan?

    2- Who brought Terrorism inside Pakistan?

    3- Who had been swallowing major part of of our economy without any results?

    The main culprit was Gen Musharraf, the Coward Commando who chicken heartedly caved in to a silly bully. When USA has to admonish North Korea it uses diplomatically apt language and desists from using the slang of the wayward Cowboy. Why? North Korea is a known Nuclear Power and cannot be run down by bully or blackmail. Immediately after the formation of PPP government in 2008, they should have mulled all Agreements and the Foreign policy perceptions to align it with the aspirations of the people of Pakistan in their earnest desire of “Friendship for all and Animosity towards none”. With the National Assembly as the Best Forum broad based consensus would have prevented our suicidal lunge into a foreign WoT, a debacle that has cost us Peace, Progress and Prosperity. To top it all, the corrupt and the kleptomaniac government of AAZ and his Coalition have spelled doom for the country with their senseless plans and mindless executions and pushed the country to the precipice.

    2- Read history of Pakistan, Mr Naaved, to learn that those proud Tribals of the FATA and Waziristan Region have a history of indomitable independence. At some point in the past, they stood sentinel duties for Pakistan and were regarded as the First Line of Defense. The saga of Gen Mush and his abrupt end gave the Military a sense of remorse and the kinks on their armor made them uncharacteristically docile and when the Army Chief accepted the political bribe of One Year Extension, Kayani gulped the whole bait with line and sinker. And when the Political command persuaded them to operation against the maulvis of Swat, the Military swung into action with disproportionate force. Force is no solution to a political problem. They singed their hands, and still not learnt their lesson. The Military’s profitable enterprise of Fauji Foundation, The Defense Societies, the acquisition of arable pieces of agricultural land, the Shaheen Foundation and other such Commercial enterprises created caveats in their allegiance to defend Pakistan. But all in all, the villain of the drama were none other than the coterie of robbers and highwaymen in the political hierarchy who denied the citizens of this country the rudimentary amenities of energy, power, jobs, education, water, clean air and rule of law..

    3- Would it not be naive for you to ask who has been swallowing the major fruits of our economic endeavors? Those rascals who have Palaces, Chateaus and hefty bank Balances in Foreign Financial Institutions. All the money they have stashed in the foreign Banks are not theirs but the ill begotten wealth by looting the government treasury. A Director of the Foreign Funds Accounts of Swiss Bank made sensational disclosure that almost trillion Dollars worth of Financial currencies and debentures are languishing in Swiss Banks belonging to politicians of Pakistan and their Civil Servants. One Civil Servant of 19th Grade, Shaitan Mailk ( as a true Muslim, I cannot castigate the venerable name of Rehman, an attribute of God), who purchased a fashionable Flat in the pricey London locality by paying One Million Pounds upfront. And Malik is no relation of Dawoods or Karims or not married into the Jewish Billionaires family. NS have their Mills and Factories established abroad with a fiefdom in Raiwind.

    Pakistan is not geographically placed in Europe, Scandinavia or some Island in the Pacific. Surrounded by hostile neighbors who are cunning and conspiring to obliterate it from the map of the countries of the World, it has to have professional Armed Forces to defend its territory. With the acquisition of Nuclear Assets, there is a crying need to appraise the magnitude of personnel and services in the Military. In any case, the previous history of Pakistan Military getting a chunk of Financial appropriations only reflect our National will to keep up with the arms build up of our eastern neighbor with designs on Pakistan. Sweeping statements are the signs of infantile instincts.

  • M.Saeed

    Dear Ansari, have some time-out and find, who trapped and killed the “Polar Bear”? There are are several authentic books on the subject.
    From your sweeping statement, you appear to kill the whole Muslim Ummah for the terror of Taliban!