True Revolution in Pakistan?

True Revolution in Pakistan?

Amidst all controversies, the much-awaited long march has assembled large numbers in the capital city across the country including women and children. The masses poured on the streets in support of Allama Tahir ul Qadri’s and his stance for bringing a change in the country.


Wide speculations occupied media, questioning the hands behind Qadri and his heavy investment in the advertisement. Somehow, the journalists and analysts were not ready to take him seriously and one even went to the extent of calling him “padri topi wala.” The cleric was suspiciously viewed and taken as a Canadian national with the agenda to disrupt the coming up elections that will serve the aims of establishment.


In the past few days, Qadri and his supporters missed no opportunity to regularly appear on political shows trying to clear the air though the rumors refused to die.


However, the scene changed when thousands were seen gathering, ready to spend days and nights on roads till their leader’s demands are met. Terrorism and weather did not deter them from participation.


Apart from the fact that Qadri enjoys his position as a spiritual and religious leader with followers around the world, his demands were victorious in touching the cords of the grieving nation. It was given every reason to stop believing in the current democratic system for the last five years and was desperately waiting for a messiah, which it found in Qadri.


Though Imran Khan also managed to attract numbers in his addresses but he is a politician who intends to enter the same system and then change it. Qadri, however, opted to stay out and challenged the current system, which he sees as corrupt and rotten. This reflects how people are tired of the existing system and unwilling to give the country in the hands of the politicians.


Half of Qadri’s address revolved around hunger, terrorism and corrupt politicians; nothing different from the concerns raised before but his objectives were unmatched. His success made opponents guess how whole episode would be wrapped up and the Supreme Court ruling came as a major breakthrough at the end. God knows what diplomacy was played behind the closed doors but fingers are raised at the SC and the motives of unseen forces behind the decision due to timings.


Well for now, the world has seen the resilience of Pakistanis in difficult times and it seems that sit-in will be an important force in shaping the fate of the tottering country.

Humaira Mahmood

An intern at the online editorial desk of The News

  • azeem abbas

    Miss Humaira! Now you are suspicious about SC decision? Very strange how the strange nation we are? We are suspected every right decision. And Mr. Qadri topi wala march is almost failed, as now he is begging that he need a reply from government. Moreover the SC decision today that election will be held on time is a big slap on Qadri face also, coz he wants election to be delayed. Please do some research first before writing such useless and uninteresting article.

    • shaukat ali chughtai

      To get rid of landed aristocrats, feudals and agro industrialists and their dynasties to rule us for next fifty years, it is high time to produce more qadris to prepare people to be rational and bring a peaceful change.

  • Muhammad Akbar

    he just wants his market value to increase, he wants to be famous and in news.

  • younas

    Great piece of writing, timing,???? well as far as SC ruling is concerned, i m scratching my head off that can’t we just move on! guilty as charged for something which accounts to billions imagine that inflow returning to our economy and its positive impacts on the circular debt and stagflation in our country! and that too charged since 2009, verdict can come any time anything concrete come in as evidence, ask col subah sadiq! i,m not die hard allama qadri supporter but i,m not thoroughly against him as well. I believe PPP has miserably failed to deliver in the last five years of democracy, if qadri is not the answer the no oppositon or coalition party is as well. change is the order of the day how, when, where? remains to be seen however not at the cost of another historical hallocaust. to me some one in the interior ministry is getting too a dangerous for our country why anchors dont try and find who is behind that butcher. nation awaits!

  • Adil

    Tahir ul Qadri has been recorded to be liar on videos all the time and do not have a trust worthy track record. He does have his followers (I feel sorry for them) and they are creating a nuisance in our country. A few thousand people are challanging the verdict of 180 million people. He cannot and should not be taken seriously but the people investing on him are the real threat. The PPP has lost support because of its corruption and incompetence but it does not mean to give way to a person who has been proved a liar and abandoned people to take up nationality of another country and refuse to give up that dual nationality. He would run away on first threat of his failure and leave his supporters disillusionised. May Allah save Pakistan from such conspiracies and conspirators.

  • Gulabo Chandio

    This is all topi drama, as if another government will turn Pakistan into heaven. This is a corrupt nation and they deserve to live a life of slavery,if not ppp then pml-n will come in power and eat the left out by zardari regime.

  • Nadeem Akram

    Revolution! Yeah Mr. Qadari has brought the revolution at least inside the container he is lavishing for couple of days now. What a mockery that he is enjoying himself inside the cosy container busy making tall claims of revolution while he has left his supporters to suffer from the harsh winter and spend nights in the open. I really feel bad about those little infants and poor women who are ill, hungry, without any proper place to rest and exposed to terrorist attacks. Mr. Qadari is exploiting these girls to serve his political interests which is un Islamic and highly condemnable. If Mr. Qadari is true to his words he should spend nights with his supporters in the open. Mr. Qadari is not superior to those gullible people so stop treating them like animals.

  • Anonymous

    “True revolution in Pakistan” at a TV near you, directed by the master of double speak….highly entertaining for the unthinking sheep with little else to do for days on end!



  • kashifiqbal jagirani

    Sallam Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri Sahab Jinhon ne is soti hoi qoum ko jazba diya aur umeed ki kiran dikhai. aur Laanat ho in siyaasat dano p jin mein ab Imran Khan Sahab Bhi shamil Hogaye hein.

  • aa

    Revolution zindabad.

  • Hasan Khan

    According to my opinion:

    Corrupt Electoral and Political System of Pakistan Needs some reforms which really revolutionary steps for the Nation of Pakistan………………

    before going to Election process, we should take some steps

    1- Make ensure to held constitutional Election according to 62,63 &218 Article of Act 1971……

    2- Make Fully Free, Fare and Fully authorized election commission of Pakistan

    3- Make Fully Free and non-polarized Caretaker government .

  • wahid

    well tahirul Qadri

  • syed agha

    In order to have a revolution you need a catalyst this catalyst is usually person who by wisdom can galvanise the masses and harness thier force to bring about change, The last such person in the Muslim world was Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomani, Unfortunately leaders of this quality are not available in Pakistan and the alledged champions of the people are in the corridors of power for wealth fame and fortune. The people are only fodder for the political games of the corrupt politicians and the far from religious scholars who beguile and misguide the masses are a commodity to be purchased by the highest bidder.Revolution is to bring about change and the system of corruption and safarish endemic in Pakistan is a cancer that needs to be exstinquished and a revival of islamic faith needs to be rekindled to bring about an islamic rebirth of the country. May Allah raise up a leader that will put sacrifice before self and guide the people to a happier healthier and more pious life instead of the poverty distributed by the present and past leaderships.