Our Children Deserve a Few Tears of Dear President

Our Children Deserve a Few Tears of Dear President

On 15th December, the horrific murder of twenty children and six adults at a primary school in the U.S state of Connecticut made news headlines globally; it also reignited a raging debate over implementation of gun control and limiting arms sale to the general public. In the aftermath of the tragedy, an emotional Barack Obama shed tears of grief and vouched for meaningful action against an increasingly deadly menace.


Only a parent knows the true love for his or her child, it is one of the greatest gifts that Almighty Allah bestows upon his creation and there is an accompanying exodus of endless bliss and infinite joy. Every child is precious and deserves to be loved, appreciated, nurtured and provisioned for.


In this context, every conscientious human being shares the limitless grief suffered by the parents of the brutally murdered children in Newtown, Connecticut. Yet, there is an utterly befuddling paradox to tackle. When all children are as delicate as flowers, then why does the world shed tears when one set of them is brutally maimed and keeps criminally silent when another set is ravaged by bombs and drone attacks?


Why can’t Obama shed a single tear for a mutilated child in Gaza, Kabul or North West Pakistan? Is it because it is his hand that presses the missile trigger? Or were these children harboring some kind of a militant and anti-occupation intent?


On the 17th of December, George Monbiot wrote a fabulously though provoking article in the Guardian, entitled “In the U.S, mass child killings are tragedies. In Pakistan, mere bug splats”. The term bug splats according to the author, first appeared in a rolling stone magazine report, and is used by the drone operators to label their victims. He also referred to a meticulously compiled; first hand researched report entitled “living under drones” released by the law schools at Stanford and New York universities.


This report makes for an eye opening and gut wrenching read, “from June 2004 through mid-September 2012, 474-881 civilians including 176 children were killed by drone strikes in Pakistan”. Evidence collected from extensively conducted primary research also reported wide spread hysteria and psychological trauma amongst the civilian populous as a result of twenty four hour hovering of drones. Ironically, in the first three years of the mellow hearted Barack’s presidency, 297-569 civilians including atleast 64 children were killed by drone strikes in Pakistan.


Not even Ban Ki Moon at the U.N shed a single tear of grief for them, perhaps these are children not made of flesh and blood, not made of twinkling eyes and crystalized laughter and boundless energy. Perhaps their parents didn’t wail and cry in utter despair and lost all meaning and hope that constitutes this ultimate gift of life.


Having said that; moaning and lamenting about the world not feeling our pain is a fruitless endeavor, as there are countless people amongst us who defend the collateral damage by arguing that these drone strikes also kill militants. In the process, they conveniently ignore the fact that a disgruntled victim might become the next suicide attacker and kill more innocent civilians in return, thus completing a vicious cycle of death that has no seeming end in sight.


To us the death of someone else’s child is an acceptable exception. We only choose to grieve for the killings that are widely reported and lamented in the media. This is not surprising for a country like Pakistan, where fifty precious lives maybe lost in a day yet hardly a soul sheds a tear or asks a question.


Our leaders non apparent vision may be blinded by their corruption laden, power crazy antics. But how come a U.S president who is a Harvard Law school graduate and seemingly embedded with all the intellect and vision in the world resort to such blatant double standards?


A few tears for our children too Mr. President!

A graduate from the universities of Manchester and Glamorgan. He is passionate about sports, current affairs and human rights

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  • S Nasrullah

    George Monbiot of the Guardian has been my favorite Domain Writer, and the valiant journalist never bothered whose wrath he was inciting while writing what he considered coming straight from the shoulder throwing the journalist instinct of caution to the winds, not to antagonize any quarters of his readership. Indeed: ” In the U.S, mass child killings are tragedies. In Pakistan, mere bug splats”. The term bug splats according to the author, first appeared in a rolling stone magazine report, and is used by the drone operators to label their victims. ” I am sure glad that Umair is condemning a sly operation that IK and his Party PTI have been critical in denouncing it with great vigor and vitality.

    We strongly condemned a malicious and murderous attack on Malala, the suicidal bombings and the destruction of schools and educational institutions. Does anyone know how many mosques and madressahs have been targeted by the Drones? The Western Propaganda Machine has mastered the craft of Goebels telling lies consistently and continuously, until assuming credibility. The way doctored plethora of anti Taliban propaganda was unleashed with streaks of anti-Islam denigration, the world considered all people of FATA and Waziristan as suspect and deemed enemies (dehumanized) to deprive them of feelings of sympathy and compunction for their deaths. The collateral damage of men, women and children in FATA and Waziristan was never commiserated. History will hold the most corrupt regime of PPP and its Coalition responsible for the murderous mayhem that pushed back Pakistan into dark ages, with its shattered economy, its societal fabric in tatters and its politics under ransom to donor countries with no relief in sight.

  • reader1

    hits the nail smack bang in the middle of the head!! well written.

  • reader1

    valid points but so many people die every day under tragic circumstances in Pakistan and we hardly take any notice. may Allah have mercy on this country ameen

  • critic27

    so much to cry about in this country! death and destruction is a daily routine.

  • commentatr_56

    Pity the president will never know the names or faces of these little angels!

  • Saeed Motiwala

    Unfortunately, those people lucky enough not to live in a war zone find it hard to equate the death of a child by a ‘crazed’ gunman with that of of one by a ‘sane’ soldier remotely operating a weaponized drone. But isn’t the latter more tragic?

  • Ahmed

    Jazak ALLAH khairan kathira ya Safwan. May ALLAH protect these children and make them beacons of Islam. Double standards have been the policy of West since they wickedly took over World leadership. So no use asking them to shed tears who they kill themselves. Rather need of hour is to protect these kids, the future of Islam.

  • anonymus

    Barack Obama is on Israeli payroll . What do you expect from him.

  • Stuti

    Let Zardari shed tears for Pakistani children first

  • shinning star

    Very well written……what a greart article safwan

  • Sohaib Ahmed

    I know it’d sound a cruel thing to disagree with this article mourning the child killings but just for a moment think , is it really Obama who’s responsible for this ? Why the families, the parents of these children agree to become a human shield to terrorists ? I agree that such anti-terrorism is also a form of terrorism but that’s unfortunately how things are settled in the world where might is right. If Taliban had any powers to do so they won’t hesitate for a moment to drop a nuclear bomb on US territory regardless of how many civilians and how many children would get affected , everything gets fair in love and war , that’s not good , that’s unfortunate but that’s what the fact is in my view…