One Slogan, Many Faces

One Slogan, Many Faces

Let’s cut it short, a few days back I was traveling to Manchester from London on a train, sitting along with window browsing on my phone and enjoying the heavenly winter chill.


To my amusement, a Pakistani sitting next to me gave me a familiar smile that triggered our interesting chitchat instantly. A little while later he asked me,’ “would you do me a favor please?’’ “Yeah sure’’


He quirked, ’’ Please google the number of Minhaj Ul Quran for me’’


In a zap, I found the number and the next minute he was on call; all his senses glued to the other side of the cell.


After greetings he extended a nervous request, ‘’ Could you please ask Qadri sahib to talk with Govt representatives in his meeting on 7th about their horrid policy towards British students.’’


He was actually referring to ‘’Chartered Plane Policy’’, sanctioned by Interior Minister Rehman Malik to the British authorities, allowing them to deport any Pakistani by force as per their own discretion and will. Sadly, hundreds of Pakistanis have been affected by this policy. For students it’s a nightmare because if their case is in process due to any reason, the British authorities deport them forcefully back to Pakistan on a special plane without another spur.
After he elaborated on the policy , I was rudely shocked not only by the policy but by the attitude of our nation towards the oh-so-important youth.


But the question that had gripped my mind was, ‘Why did he call Dr.Qadri instead of the Govt?


There were as many answers to this question however it is highly ironic that our nation is in such a state of despair that even the slimmest ray of light blinds them to run towards it.


First Imran Khan appeared as a metaphor for change only to be followed by Dr.Qadri’s flashy appearance on screen for sometime.


Khan, though, still caters to a wide audience but a new factor has also made an entry; and is cajoling people to join his agenda.


I had witnessed Khan’s 30th October gathering in Lahore and found a forlorn hope sparking in every Pakistani . Next time we witnessed it was just a few days ago in Dr. Qardi’s thunderous presence; where people stayed firm in Islamabad for four days under worst weather conditions and with the fear of terrorism.


Isn’t it an alarming situation for our Politicians and what they have delivered to us in the past 5 years ‘’without corruption’’ (as they say)? They’re surely the reason for these abominable situations of the country. However, they show their ignorance to the point  of blindness about corruption, inflation, living standards of citizens.

Some politicians join hands with them, some runs miles away and few stand and speak against them.


In last 5 years the problems have increased at a marginal rate. Every breaking news is a harbinger of something more adverse than before.


Our legacy politicians should understand some things vying for Prime Minister’s chair, There wasn’t much use of Social Media in Pakistan in 2008 Elections. However, it is on peak now.


Mainstream Media hadn’t exposed them as it has showed have but social media would not forgive them so easy. Awareness by their own corruption and mismanagement has shown public a new facet of democratic picture and importance of their vote.

Whoever raises the slogan for “change” now, will be followed no matter how good or bad their history speaks for themselves. It doesn’t matter if it is Imran Khan, Tahir ul Qadri or Sheikh Rasheed. The slogan should be One – “Change”

Mian Zeshan Arif

A Lahore, and alumni of London School of Business and Finance, Manchester, UK.

  • S Nasrullah

    An apt Epitaph on the degenerating turpitude of both the Leaders and the Followers.