Much Could and Probably Will go Wrong

Much Could and Probably Will go Wrong

As the political climate in Pakistan has become hot in January, there are many conspiracy theories are on the board. Everyone wants to know the true picture of the situations, weather it’s a long march towards the capital or the deadly carnage of Quetta that killed scores of people.


This is an abnormal week in whole Pakistan and coming hours are really crucial as the Quetta killing protest somehow settled by imposing governor’s rule in the province…but still protest is ongoing in whole country even in Karachi mobile networks are suspended and roads are blocked.


Long march has taken the capital by storm and important decisions regarding country political front are on the cards. Much could and probably will go wrong, and there is little prospect of a positive breakthrough.


The common man is at ugly confusion as he is unable to understand which is the best option for him. He has seen five years of democratic system which has given him insecure, unstable and failed governance other than the manifesto of ruling government.


The common man, who has lost his loved ones sometimes in suicide blast and sometimes in deadly target killings, is unable to understand the difference between democracy and government.


In such scenario, the mood of the moment is change,people think whoever and however standing for us and demanding for change we are with him.


But the innocents less educated people of Pakistan doesn’t know how dark forces are playing their dark tactics to sabotage the democratic process in the country.The dark and who supported them have their own motives in this geographical land.


The plot is ready and upcoming time will reveal those motives soon.The west in dire need of the battle camp to kick start its assault on the controversial Islamic neighboring state and being in the democratic and parliamentary setup in Pakistan is not in their favor.


On the other hand, India has also started to tighten our wrist.


Today, India’s economy is eight times larger than Pakistan and by 2030 it will be 16 times larger. But an increasingly prosperous Indian middle class needs a healthy neighbor. A failing state, makes for a very dangerous neighborhood. So, India is also following the political machinations in Islamabad.


Two-thirds of 185 million Pakistanis are under 30, and 40 million of the 70 million 5 to 19 years old are not in school. The youth bulge has yet to spike. So, it is the situation is being created for civilians responsible for managing the unmanageable. Timely elections are the best solution for the country and should be demanded except chanting slogans asking military to take over. The changes in Pakistan are unlikely to come peacefully and will have major implications may the odds be always in our favor.

Noreen Shams

An online journalist and contributor of The News/Geo blogs

  • Nas

    well I don’t disagree with your approach or how you see things ..but as a commoner I don’t understand democracy. Why we are even after the elections when we know its not going to be fair. I don’t know which part of the Pakistan you belongs to but in Karachi no one have a right to vote because you are forced to vote just one party and if you don’t they will ;) …..depending which side of the town you are……

  • azeem abbas

    Very nice blog noreen excellent! Mr. Qadri is a suspicious personality. He only wants to serve his personal interest. If he is sincere and loyal then he should surrender his canadian nationality, register his party and will contest election. Then the people will known how much power he have.


    “Much could and probably will go wrong, and there is little prospect of a positive breakthrough.” (writer)

    Thank goodness — nothing went wrong — the Canadian IED was skillfully disarmed by the Zardari’s Bomb Disposal Squad — of course protected by the armour provided by the united Opposition.

    That unnerved ‘the hidden hands’ — they stayed in the pockets — am sure you’re happy to be proven wrong.