Militants Aren’t Responsible; Government is!

Militants Aren’t Responsible; Government is!

The first month of the New Year has not ended yet and the count of people died this year is already touching 200. Pakistan, unfortunately, has turned into a country where ‘peace’ is defined as ‘the difference of time between killings’. Monsters roam on the streets of Karachi playing hooligans with arsenals like AK-47 and M-16, turning shrouding the whole city in deadly silence. In Baluchistan, safety and security are nothing more than the words in dictionary with no meanings whatsoever. People wake up with the deafening sound of bomb blasts rather than wake-up alarms, and blown into pieces every other day. In North, Drones are busy throwing hell fire over the locals for years now and casualties have become a routine more like gold and silver rates listed in newspapers everyday.


I am quite sure that any government in the world along with security agencies and law enforcement forces, would have put in serious pressure to deal with such a chaotic situation. However, things in wonderland a.k.a. Pakistan are dealt quite differently. More strange reaction is the naivety of public that accepts incongruous explanations from the authorities.


For example, government along with the law enforcement agencies, accuse Taliban and associated militants for the cannibalism ruling the country. They are labeled inhumane, ruthless, cruel, brutal, evil, etc. but even if all this rhetoric is accepted as truth, this doesn’t shed off the responsibility of security of people from government and security agencies.


How wicked these militants are? Are they human? what  means do they use to meet their nasty ends? They have to travel, buy, carry and transport ammunition from once place to the other via routes that are  under government’s surveillance.  The way this Taliban rhetoric is presented, it seems that they are so powerful and technologically advanced that the state’s security apparatus has failed against them.  It is understandable that it’s hard to stop suicidal bombers but what about trucks ladened with gun powder roaming along the highways  invisible to anyone before stumbling upon some check post and authorities stand clueless about their identities.
The way these incidents are reported on the media is also somewhat interesting. Despite knowing  that state institutions and law enforcement agencies are ultimately responsible for providing safety and security to the people, the entire focus of talk shows is on maligning militants rather than questioning the capabilities, effectiveness, efficiency and expertise of law enforcement agencies. There are about 26 secret service government agencies working in Pakistan and for me, current situation is a total failure of these agencies that include MI and ISI.


It is really strange for me that no one is pointing fingers towards these agencies that are paid in trillions for their services. ISI and MI are still regarded as the ‘best intelligence agencies’ though they have completely failed to take care of what they are paid for. Try any comment about the and comprehensive failure of law enforcement agencies on Facebook and see what happens.  I bet, in the matter of minutes, you will be declared an employee of Black Water and there will be serious question marks on loyalty to the country. Facebook revolutionaries will declare you an enemy of the state and will be called to be allied with foreign agencies like CIA, RAW and sometimes, even Mossad.
This attitude of self-denial is not going to help the current situation at all. Media and people have to unanimously understand that law and order is the responsibility of the defense forces that work with the coordination of secret service agencies. And these are I’m sorry, not  impeccable at all, neither they are unaccountable. For the current situation in the country, militants may have claimed the responsibility, but in actuality, government along with law enforcement agencies are ‘responsible’.

Muhammad Abdullah Ansari

A 26 years old engineer working in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia


    “Militants are NOT responsible” — man you are crazier and stupefyingly stupider than even the craziest one from Canada.

  • Gulabo Chandio

    I would say ” You are stupid and not everyone else Is “.. you mean to say the blood of innocent victims is to be checked on the hands of sitting Government… how more ridiculous you can be. Bad governance doesn’t give civilians the right to take revenge from their fellow citizens.