Let’s Blackmail Bangladesh

Let’s Blackmail Bangladesh

They want us to apologize for 1971, us? What do they think of them selves? They may perhaps be the ones to cook up schemes to divide the biggest Muslim country of the world. Since 1947 we never ever had any issue with them, until this God forsaken leader of theirs Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman came out of no where and shook hands with the Indians and made us leave their piece of land; I mean our piece of land.


Their current leader refused to visit us because she wants us to say sorry for the atrocities committed in 1971.  And now their cricket board, who by the way has not even the least outstanding cricketers in the world has the courage to make us beg them to ‘visit’ us. We even went all the way to invite their security team and the doctor of the nation, Rehman Malik, the interior minister whose judgement about security arrangements is considered the best in the world (yes..he shuts down  the cellular services)  gave them a personal briefing.



Rehman Malik even assured them that the top level presidential level security to the their players. I am also sure he must have told them that as long as their team is in Pakistan, cell phone coverage for that particular city will be switched off (yeah cause that’s the best and perhaps the only way we arrange security, apart from pillion riding ban of course).



Can you even believe it that they had the decency to actually say that they have security concerns for our country? I mean lets have a close look at every major city of our country. Karachi, the metropolitan city has been so peaceful all year long that our politicians are beginning to think that why do we even need the police here. I agree that some foreign newspapers and foreign paid (read RAW) have said that this city has turned into the hub of target killing and extortion but I really don’t trust them. Next option, Lahore with its ‘zinda-dilan-e-Lahore’. This city has so beautifully been upgraded by the Chief Minister Punjab that if someone points a finger at its security has surely got to be without brains. I know its a fact that merely 5 kms from the Qaddafi Stadium the terrorists were able to blow up the Special Investigation Unit’s building but then for God’s sake it was 5 kms away, yes 5 kms away.



Then comes Faisalabad, yeah no security problems here either. I agree some terrorists have been arrested from this city and due to the gas shortages the power looms workers almost paralyze the city every other day but don’t worry a few tear-gas canisters here and there and we will be able to reign them in.


Anyone who thinks that Islamabad, our capital has some security threats should be flogged publicly (Yeah I know its a little bit out there but I am assuring you this has never ever happened in Pakistan). Recently, a very very famous politician, I mean a Maulana.. no wait he doesn’t like people calling him that- a ‘cleric’ instead,  staged a sit-in protest in the city with 50 thousand (or was it millions with a capital ‘S’) or so followers and not a single flower pot was broken.



I know he almost paralyzed the city and the schools and colleges were closed for a few days but then again we were able to get rid of him with a cosmetic agreement and this time without the famous, Rehman Malik. I didn’t want to go towards Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province because it has almost barred American nationals from entering the provincial capital so I just thought may be you guys would also have an issue but just for the info its totally too, specially since one of the top ANP leader, Bashir Balour was assassinated and the attack on the airport things are to ally safe there. So please stop making a fool out of us with this security issue shots and lets be factual.



You know what, I have had enough of you Bangladeshis. Giving you security details and all that. I think I will now make a plan to make you come here. First thing I am going to do is not to send our cricketers to play your Bangladesh Premier League, yeah I learnt this formula from the economists of our country that if a country isn’t investing in your country then cut ties with that country and stop investing/trading with that country. Stop selling your products there, stop holding exhibitions there. This way I know my cricketers will suffer as they won’t be able to make any money but then we can always beg the BCCI to make our cricketers play the IPL.

Second thing I am going to do is not invite your cricketers to play in our very own Pakistan Premier League. No wait, I didn’t say that cause I already have some limited options on inviting foreign players for that but just keep that threat in your mind. Then comes the final and last threat, the ICC. I will push for each and every vote and bill to go against you even if you try to jump in the strong Indian camp, which already has some strong backing from other board members as it is the biggest cricket economy of the world.


So you better get your act straight and visit us and play us cause we are the hosts and we decide when and who visits us in our country and plays us, you Bangaldeshis !!

Mansoor Ali Khan

A GEO News Anchor..

  • Muhammad Imran

    I disagree.

    if an opener has An avg close to 24 with a strike rate of 113(which he had in the 145 matches that he opened) then it means that on avg he gets out when there is 35 to 45 runs in 5 to 7 overs which is better than an avg of 33 with a strike rate of 73 odd meaning a person that gets out at 45 to 55 runs in 12 to 14 overs.I said an avg of 33 because most of the world openers have an avg of 31 to 33(leaving a few).And plus there is no entertainment for which people love the game of cricket and a game of cricket without entertainment and daring act like Shahid is nothing but watching cricket and get from bore to borer mode.

    Plus he bowls and has been in the top 10(until recently dropped few places but still in the top 20. And he started to take wickets late(or perhaps started regular bowling later in the career) which is why his wickets are 1 less than the matches he has played but believe me he will disappoint you and will surpass that.

    As a captain He nearly got to something that Imran khan did for the nation earlier(taking the world cup 2011) had it not been for the 4 to 5 drop catches of Sachin Tendulkar and the super slow batting of MIsbah which eventually proved to be the difference.

    He had been the top alrounder in the ODI for years until recently dropped to number 6. but bad performance in few matches doesn’t mean that someone that is going through bad times cannot bounce back.

  • Raj Chouhan

    Hats off to you Rahman Sahab for presenting the real picture of Pakistan with facts and figures. But I have doubt respected Rahman Sahab, you can awake a sleeping person but can’t who is already awake and has deliberately shut his eyes to avoid to see his ugly face in the mirror.

  • Anonymous

    grow up

  • Waseem Akram

    90,000 soldiers killed 3 million. Which means each soldier killed
    around 33 Bengalis besides raping begali women in 9 months when half of
    them were on the borders….. Are you kidding…… You need to read
    unbiased history…. My recommendation is to read “Dead Reckoning by
    Sarmila Bose” ……….. By the way what about the atrocities of
    bengalis against west pakistanis specially Beharis who were brutally
    murdered by Mukti Bahinis… I am really sorry to say Sister Zainab your
    Bengladesh founder Mujib-ur-Rehman was a racist who divided Pakistan
    on racial basis….. Where is all the wealth of Begladesh since last 40
    years, why are your people still deprived of basic necessities even
    after 40 years after the birth of Begladesh…. Begali women sell
    themselves for few dhirams in dubai and Begali resource is treated like
    animals in middle east. Shame on all the racists like your
    Mujib-ur-Rehman who divide muslims on racial basis…. It is your
    government and the Begalis who shall say sorry for dividing Pak on
    racial basis and on murdering non bengali population of east Pakistan
    specially beharis.

  • Noor (DHAKA)

    Indeed Pakistan is “safe” BUT only for the dreaded terrorists and their mentors from civil to khakis.

  • AH

    First of all matters pertaining to Bangladesh is not so important to be discussed in details. They were with Pakistan, Sk. Mujeeb played puddle with India & hatched out a plan to somehow get away from Pakistan. They succeed so its all over. Pakistan should never even think of regretting that event, what to talk about apology. Bangladesh should apologize for collaborating with India to hurt Pakistan. They preferred to make hole on the plate they were eating on, a peculiar Mir Jafer strategy.

  • mubasit

    Mr Rehman,the way you have tried to link all the terrorist attacks in the world with Pakistan,and saying Pakistan as a safe heaven for terrorism by connecting the terrorist attacks inside country,this clearly shows that you see only one side of the coin,and if you see both,then i’m sorry for the piece of mind you have

    let me start from the terrorism through out the world,,do you have any good comment regarding the terrorism spread by america,nato force in iraq,afghanistan and other parts of the world….if you can understand all this then let me tell you that Pakistan is also a part of this great game.
    let me forget about every detail of attacks you mentioned above and let me pick only one,the mumbai attack,it was clearly mentioned by the Pakistani govt to have a complete and freely investigation,many times it has been seen that evidence have been provided by the Pakistan but no intrest was shown by the india regarding the case,it seems to be quite easy for a ruling indian govt to manage such attacks in the state before elections,then speak against Pakistan,and the votes are yours,,,while on the other hand,india has been active in our province Balochistan,they have training camps in afghanistan where they train troops to spread terrorism in Pakistan,and this that terrorism which you call terrorism in Pakistan,,by the way,how much pain you have for the attacks in mumbai,but do you have a little bit pain for the innocent people who die in Pakistan,,indian spys are caught day after from the cities of Pakistan,are found with weapons,maps etc.
    Each terrorist attack(managed by india,israel,america and other anit-Pakistan forces)comes with a hope to de-establish Pakistan,they come in the form of taliban or some other,but have the same goal to take the logo of ‘A Nuclear State’ from the one and only muslim country.

    ‘Pakistan always blame India and Israel for the global terrorism, but
    there was not a single Indian or Israeli involved in killing innocent
    Pakistanis in those attacks, each and every attack was planned and
    organized by Pakistani Muslims.’,this shows how much information you have regarding all this,from attacks in peshawar to karachi,there was not a single terrorist attack on my land which did not have links with both the countries,and by the way,how much dedicated you are to both of the countries,by name….let me guess you,you are a muslim(how much sincere you are to jews and hindus who are against a muslim state),,,and israel and india are not involved in global terrorism?what comments do you have regarding innocent muslims of Palestine and Kashmir?

    Mr Rehman,when you read any terrorist attack in Pakistan,please kindly read the whole news that who was behind that attack.and dear “A Neuclear Pakistan” is not acceptable by Americans,Indians,Israelies and other anti-Islam forces,i knew that,but is also not acceptable by you people,i really didn’t knew that

    the discussion has the platform regarding cricket,so let me go back,you know rehman,when ever there’s a cricket match between Pakistan and bangladesh,
    we Pakistanis use to say after the match who so ever wins,one brother or the second one,its the same thing(for your own satisfaction go on the youtube and check it out),,but i think so Pakistanis are wrong,they still do not know how much you people hate Pakistan.and by the way,how much you people,and specially your leadership is mentally strong enough,i just came to knew when your prime minister’s statements came after the Asia Cup’s final match……here in Pakistan we had the views that i mentioned above and there in bangladesh,just losing a cricket match,you people went into the politics within no time.

    and in the last,’what happened with sri lanka’,let me remind you that it was your brother india behind that all mind set so that Pakistan may not be able to host the cricket world cup 2011.

    • Mohammed Rahman

      Brother I have not once tried to link ALL terrorism to be Pakistan’s fault I

      have simply tried to imply the fact that Pakistan is the top terrorist state in the whole world because of the high percentage terrorists being linked to Pakistan someway or another.

      Yes I am well aware of what america and NATO are doing they are in Iraq for oil and they are in Afghanistan so they can attack Pakistan if needs be.

      America’s agenda is to rid Pakistan of it’s nuclear weapons but have you thought why should Pakistan have nuclear weapon? in a country where nothing is stable don’t you think the nuclear weapons may fall into the wrong hands? that is what i was trying to imply by listing these attacks that Pakistan is unstable and thus the nuclear weapons of Pakistan may fall into the wrong hands. to be honest if any Islamic state should have nuclear weapons i believe it is Iran because their government actually cares for it’s people they fight for their people’s right so even if anything was to happen Iran would be capable of handling the situation. I say this because Pakistan gets drone flying over and killing civilians yet your government does nothing, I mean America even sent the seals to kill Bin Laden without your knowledge and no action was taken by the Pakistani government, but whereas with Iran, america are too scared to send in drones let alone kill civilians because they have seen how Iran reacts to drones in their aerospace.

      you have said Pakistan government fully co-operated with India after the Mumbai attacks, what is the point in co-operating after the attacks? will it bring back the son a mother has lost in this attack? or the parents of the child orphaned because of this attack? please remember prevention is better than cure. If Pakistan are not capable of combating terrorists you should let America and India take over so they can overlook the terrorists but you don’t want foreigners so i can’t see ant logical solution to this. You complain about RAW agents in Balochistan what about the ISI agents who have made training camps in the Sunder bans of Bangladesh? they are trying to weaken our relationship with India and use Bangladeshi’s to carry out your dirty work.

      there was not a single terrorist attack on my land which did not have links with both the countries- Please do not try to be a conspiracy theorist just stick to the facts, OK i will concede i have exaggerated but only a small percentage around 10% are carried out with involvement with these countries.

      Yes you are correct I am a Muslim (Bengali ethnicity) but how can you tell me to hate Jews and Hindus please remember our prophet used to live peacefully with the pagans his uncle (gaurdian) was also a non-believer. You say Jews and Hindus are against Islamic state wrong, please do not judge a whole religion on a small minority what if i said you are a terrorist purely because you are Muslim/Pakistani?

      Yes America, Israel, India and I am against Pakistan being a nuclear state if look at my statement about Iran again and that should answer your question.

      I am going to be honest with you when I go to Bangladesh I see most of the people support Bangladesh then Pakistan, simply because you are Muslim brothers. but the younger generation who come on to forums like this and see some of these comments it enrages them also the fact that the Pakistani government also refuses to apologize and they also say we have fabricated stories about 1971 angers them more, to be honest I live in the UK and I know that Pakistani people are like me we bleed the same, we cry and we feel the same, so i would like to apologize if anything I have said has offended you but this was not meant to be a attack upon the Pakistani race rather this was a attack upon your government and their ridiculous behavior nothing more.

      • BB

        Pl. do not call these terrorists “Brothers”. They do not deserve it. They are just …..beings.

    • Raj Chouhan

      In today’s world firing in the air and that also without any proof and basis does not serve any purpose and get defeated in all intellectual forms. Come out with facts and figures with authenticated proof like Mr. Rahman has done and ask your Govt to take them to UN like we did after Mumbai attacks due to which you were got exposed before the world including Islamic countries and your nurtured LeT was declared an international terrorists organisation and your beloved darling Hafeez Saeed a dreaded terrorists otherwise keep on firing in air all would go in vain and would become a source of entertainment for others. Thanks



  • Raj Chouhan

    Dear Rahman Sahab, I am a regular reader of this Blog since last 2-3 Years and understand very well the basic mind set of Pakistanis. Fortunately, I have come to know some of highly intellectuals personalities like M/s (Dr.) NASAH, Saeed, Hashmi , Nasrullah , Qalim , Taj etc through this blog. Though some time we do not agree with each other but I love them a lot and get opportunity to learn more from them. I know majority of Pakistanis are peace lovers and want to live in peace but…… it is big but. Any how, I would love to gain more from you also through this blog on different interesting topics. I assure you that it is a beautiful blog and you would also enjoy it.

  • M.Saeed

    Dear Raj ji,

    Thank you for a long long over due response, although out of place in Muslim context. I know Bangladeshi names having serious misplacements and it only displays one’s extent of real faith. A man is judged , first from his name and then from his signature, before even going into other details.

    I once had an experience of interacting with a senior Bangladeshi civil servant whose name was Shukre Khuda meaning thankful to Allah. He used to answer phone-calls saying, “Khuda speaking”!!!

    About this topic and my views, I would remind you about several earlier discussions on Bangladesh and my personal experiances that I had recorded in comments. Perhaps, I have the largest contribution on the subject that I don’t think necessary to reproduce here.

  • mubasit

    oh you american,i do not know from where u people come from,who you people are?killing people through out the world!those who have destroyed the peace of the whole world and please stop commenting on Pakistanis,it was a discusion between Pakistan and Bangladesh,but sorry,please remind me that americans are always there wherever we need to create a dispute

  • Mohammed Rahman

    you have said “east pakistan and west pakistan had issues ,just as all countries around world have issues”- note you have used the word all, so please tell me of let’s say five other countries where 3 million were killed, 400,000 raped and also denied power because of there ethnicity.
    “mujib admitted to being involved with india,his daughter has admitted it.” yes the whole world knows this and this is why I like India because they supported us at a time when we were weak and our ethnicity would have been wiped out if it was not for them to intervene and that is why to date Sheik Hasina does the best she can to co-operate with India, apart from helping us in liberation war Indian companies are now starting to invest in our economy and are also building factories and plant in Bangladesh which is a major boost for our growing economy that is why I support India rather than Pakistan, they have done so much for us.

    by the way don’t play the religion card because India has got more Muslims residing in the country than Pakistan.
    How have India exploited us? the only thing I know about is the water problems but this is scheduled to be sorted out.

  • Mohammed Rahman

    no-one was counting the bodies of course not but the UN has acknowledged that three million figure is more accurate than the figures provided by Pakistan.

  • Farooq Hashmi

    Scores of times German dignitaries have made official tour of Israel, and scores of times Israelis have extracted apologize from them for the genocide of poor unarmed innocent Jews by Hitler. One doth the blame, the other bears the shame! In the context of Bangladeshis,it’s appropriate to say that it takes two to make a quarrel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zee.princess1 Princess Zee

    we lost our land due to our former politician’s mistake ,
    Please read the history

  • Muneeb Raza

    Pakistan is not even considered safe by Ex Gen Prez Musharaff, mass leader Altaf Hussain Ex High Commissioner to US Haqquani, then how any outsider can feel safe in Pakistan. Hahahahaha it has become a country of Ghostssssssssss

  • Mohammed Rahman

    Then please brother tell me the meaning of my name in trough detail. Yes Bengali’s are very relaxed with religion many tend to be very liberal but this is because half of the Bengali ethnicity is not Muslim and we respect that, unlike in Pakistan where Hindu girls are kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam because you believe by converting one girl you will get many rewards from Allah, but you seem to forget that the dying words of our prophet was to co-exist in peace and harmony with anything that has a beating heart. Bangladesh tend to just let people get on with their thing as long as no one is bothered, Hindu’s parade through the streets during the festivals and no trouble is caused whereas in Pakistan Hindu girls sitting at home will be kidnapped, simply because of their religion, to be honest with you I would much rather have a lax approach to my religion than to be a radical. because lets be honest it is because of Pakistan’s harsh approach to religion that has made it a safe haven for terrorists.

    • Anonymous

      I fail to see the relevance of your response to mine. Tolerance of others doesn’t imply or require an absence of insight into your own identity as a Muslim. And as reiterated earlier, your moniker belies a just such a lack an insight, so much so as to stretch credulity regarding your bonfides.
      Besides, your beginning to sound like an Indian troll.

  • Mohammed Rahman

    Brother it seems that you are very fond of Sarmila Bose because this is the only person you could find supporting Pakistan, I would like to remind you that she did not witness the war, she wrote about it after, using witnesses and accounts, how do we know these are not fake accounts?
    Why not look at anthony Mascarenhas report on the war? he witnessed the war, the fact that he had to report his findings in London shows that Pakistan government would not allow him to publish the paper because he would expose their attrocties.
    why should the Mukti Bahinis apologize? is it because they wanted equality? You say they killed non-Bengalis this is incorrect they killed the traitors.
    You want to compare economies OK yes Pakistan has the higher value economy, but to be honest with you I would rather have a smaller economy than be classed as a failed state and be seen as the NO.1 terror threat by many countries. Lets look at this in further depth first of all Bangladesh is the world’s most densely populated country and also rising sea levels are consuming much of our land that is why there is a serious land scarcity problem in our country, often investors come into our country and this is why they leave without investing, whereas Pakistan receives a lot more money in aid than us, if you were truly such a great economy what is the need of aid?
    As i have said before our money is used to be re-invested into our economy if you look at the rate of growth you will find Bangladesh is achieving better than Pakistan.
    You say you have always wanted peace, remind me again what did the ISI do to the doctor who told America about Bin Laden’s location?
    Of course if your government kill three million, rape 400,000 and make a undisclosed number of people refugees and then has the audacity to not apologize something will happen, this is your governments fault, please note that before the Liberation war this was not a very big problem in Pakistan. I think this is karma getting back at you.

    • Waseem Akram

      Brother it seems that you are very fond of Sarmila Bose because this is the only person you could find supporting Pakistan, I would like to remind you that she did not witness the war, she wrote about it after, using witnesses and accounts, how do we know these are not fake accounts?

      And why shall i believe your version… That is why an impartial fact finding mission is needed….. And i am sure in the end Liberation of Bangladesh would be titled as an India supported covert operation…. Here is another book for you “Untold facts”. If you have courage to know your filthy racist origin which came as a result of a covert operation then read these books.There are many others but i would like you to do some research to find the truth.

      Why not look at anthony Mascarenhas report on the war? he witnessed the war, the fact that he had to report his findings in London shows that Pakistan government would not allow him to publish the paper because he would expose their attrocties.

      We are ready to punish those who have commit atrocities against Bengalis. But we also want a guarantee that those who started all this must also be punished. March 1- Assembly session was postponed and it was announced that there is a deadlock between political parties. As soon as the deadlock is over the power would be transferred to elected members. But Mujib started provoking people and from March 1 till March 25 the Bangali terrorists looted, harassed, killed and burnt non-bengali population of east Pakistan. Who is responsible for all that and who will bring those transgressors to be brought to justice. What about the atrocities of Bengladesh on Beharis.

      why should the Mukti Bahinis apologize? is it because they wanted
      equality? You say they killed non-Bengalis this is incorrect they killed the traitors.

      Mukti Bahinis must apologize because they killed and looted and burnt belongings of non-bengalis (witness – read the letters of US embassy in Dhaka to the president Nikson). More over most of the Mukti Bahinis were trained in India (read Untold facts and the confessions of Agartala conspiracy) and Mukti Bahinis started use of weapons first.

      You want to compare economies OK yes Pakistan has the higher value economy,
      One Benglai brother claims that Bengladesh has bigger economy and when i presented facts, the other says Pak has bigger economy. See this is the power of truth. And i am sure if a proper impartial fact finding mission probes Liberation of Bengladesh then Benglais would “at the least” be saying sorry to Pak for being racist.

      but to be honest with you I would rather have a smaller economy than be classed as a failed state and be seen as the NO.1 terror threat by many countries.

      the NO.1 terror threat by many countries. AHAHAHAH you are so naive….. What many countries…. Are you talking about those which sells weapons or those which spend billions on buying weapons. :-) We are those who sacrificed 40,000 in war against terrorism and we are the real heros and we will continue our fight until all terrorists are dead or they surrender.

      Failed state is one which has one of the highest number of poors and whose half of the children have stunted
      growth due to malnutrition – This is one and the only the great Bangladesh.

      whereas Pakistan receives a lot more money in aid than us, if you were truly such a great economy what is the need of aid?

      We get aid to fight terrorism? Our highways are used by NATO? What about Bangladesh which receives £250 million a year from Britain



      I am really sorry to say brother Rahman that you don’t read literature.

      I have not a single time said Bengladesh as a failed state even though on Global index Bengaldesh is listed as a “fragile state” I want you to be kind and humble when you do conversations and please reply with some logic in your talk.

      As i have said before our money is used to be re-invested into our
      economy if you look at the rate of growth you will find Bangladesh is achieving better than Pakistan.

      Insha-Allah Bengladesh will continue this progress. And i hope Pakistan will also gain momentum soon. The fact is that currently we are a bigger economy compared to Bengladesh and the brother Noor from Dhaka is a liar.

      Of course if your government kill three million, rape 400,000 and make a undisclosed number of people refugees and then has the audacity to not apologize something will happen

      Each soldier killing 33 benglais and raping 40 women. I suspect and we will definitely apologies but if the Bengladesh liberation is probed with impartial mission. I want this probe coz i am sure in the end Bengladesh would also be saying sorry to the victims of West Pakistan. Ask your government to carry out DNA test of Bengalis. If 400,000 are raped then half population of current Bengal would definitely be of West Pakistan origin :-) .

      I think this is karma getting back at you.

      This karma is racism actually. And yes we have this racism problem like we had it in East Pakistan. Racist divide people so shame on all the racists. That’s all i can say about this karma.

  • BB

    What a solid punch my dear brother to this dejected class of the world. Most hated, trust less, unsafe country on the earth which has become a curse for humanity.

  • BB

    You do not deserve even 2 Mts of land to rest you Punjabis…….and asking land???? Stupids

  • Raj Chouhan

    Beautiful twinkling colors of Mr. Jinnah’s two nation theory can very well be seen here. Hats off to you great Jinnah Sahab.

    • Farooq Hashmi

      It’s the law of nature that the inner characteristics of objects can never be changed no matter what measures are adopted, and this law holds good also for the relations between the nations of Pakistan and India. Since, the hatred of each other is deep-rooted in the very instinct of both the nations,any attempt to dispel it through the unnatural means as,” Amn ki Asha ” is the wild-goose chase. Well-a-way,all the unnatural plans to kill that natural hatred had to fall flat,and they did fall flat. The fact of the matter is that the inborn hatred that exists between the two countries,forms the base of the two-nation theory.The hatred noticed in the moves and the counter-moves,made by both the countries,keeps on strengthening one’s belief in the two-nation theory.Your cold-blooded enmity of Mr.Jinnah______father of the nation of eighteen crore people,Pakistan _______is in itself the proof of the two-nation theory.Friendship grows in the fertile soil of sincerity, not in the one stricken by the salinity of surreptitious rancor.

      • Kirpal Singh Dhillon

        No you are hundred percent wrong Farooq, we do not have any cold-blooded enmity of Mr. Jinnah but in fact we are highly thankful to him for taking away the rotten part himself away from us and for cutting his own body in two / three parts. Think if he had not obliged so whole of the United India would have become a rouge/failed state with fundamentalist bearded terrorists on the hot seat. Thank you Jinnah Sahab for allowing us to live in peace.

      • Raj Chouhan

        Dear Hashmi Sahab, does the hatred of Bangladeshis towards Pakistani which can very well be seen here was also the part of two nation theory? How does hatred among Indians and Pakistani have come in this blog which is purely related to the issues among Bangladeshis and Pakistanis? Truth is always bitter. And by the way what about 20 Crore Muslims residing very peacefully here in India which are no doubt more educated civilized and prosperous than the Muslims in other two of its sides. By going through the comments patiently in totallity one can easily smell the hatred among Bangladeshis to Pakistanis whichput the stamp that the two nation teory was nothinmg but a fake theory. Where is two nation theory Hashmi ji ? It was nothing but just a sentimental emotional slogan given by some arrogant and egoist personalities just to justify their arrogant step and that also to their own ever emotional/sentimental Awam. Just Peace. Regards

  • Waseem Akram

    This is required for all of us. Bengalis shall try to know the truth that Bengladesh is a result of a covert operation

    Mukti bahinis trained in India – Read confessions about Agartala conspiracy

    Mukti bahinis started use of weapons and aggression first against population.

    And Bengladesh’s founder Mujib was a racist criminal – who divided Bengal based on color and language. He was criminal coz he provoked people.

    And Bengaldesh has deliberately deprived the Beharis from basic necessities – another proof that the Bengladesh is a racist country collectively.

    And that the development which the Bengalis were claimed to deprived by West Pak and which was promised after liberation is not achieved after 40 years as Bengladesh is still one of the poorest countries in world with half of the children stunned to growth because of malnutrition.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ramneet.bedi Ramneet Bedi

    Only in your dreams. Unfortunately everything is related to your cricket team. I think the commentator’s Pakistan remarks has not gone well with you BUT REALITY BITES !!! (even harder in case of Pakistan). Wake up before you die your own death :-)

  • Mirza Baig

    It is you think that your comments were clean and well justified which moderator did not approve. Might be you had written your as usual conspiracy theory which in today’s world is taken as fairy tail stories. Come with facts and figures duly acknowledged and endorsed by the international community hope it might get the place here.

  • Mirza Baig

    Please stop making comments on Bharti Muslims, just see the fate of Muslims residing there in Pakistan and of those who migrated there Mr. Hashmi. Take care of yourselves. It is your frustration of failures and misadventures taken by few of our own which can very well be judged in your comments.

  • Umair

    If Sindhi starts claiming Sindhi Language as their National Language, if a leader from Baluchistan start argument just for the sake of RULE, what would you do as a leader? Probably not shake hands with those who killed muslims during the partition! Lets face the fact that India never wanted its either sides of border to be vulnerable and steps were to be taken to get rid of this dilemma. Pro-Indian governments started to make people of B’desh be Pro-Indian. My dear mate, Pakistan would never want Sindh to get apart, or any other province then why B’desh knowing the geographical importance and threats imposed to India. Pakistan has always supported B’desh, Shakib AL Hasan, Nasir Hossain and few other stars that your country has produced should thank Pakistan for what PCB has done for BCB. You must have seen those old indian movies when a poor person gets rich he always forgets those who assisted him in bad times. Anyways, by not coming Pakistan you have done nothing good in eyes of every Pakistani! Dont talk about security please.. or stop calling yourself a Muslim. Muslims have been intrigued and nations like yours will never understand, instead will support India because thats the place where you get your PRIME MINISTER elected. First make your team strong enough and then have guts to ignore a tour.

  • Mahiyan

    How dare u f*cking pakisthanis to command us? U r the f*ucking ones who tried to snatch our mother tongue. We have nothing to offer u accep hetred..

  • Nazeem

    Forget about Bangladesh, Baluchistan is next in line. It is imminent. We are
    always worried about Kashmiris, Palistinis, Burmese Muslims but never see what
    the Hell is going on in our Pakistan. Thousands Muslims have
    been killed in different parts of Pakistan just in last few years. Where is two nation theory which is being discussed and favored forcefully by many of our brothers in this coloum with Indians??? For how long we would keep on beating our ” fatta dhole”. We can raise
    fingers at others only when all is well here. How you can convince kashmiris
    that they would be better with us instead of with India. This is why the whole
    world including Islamic countries gives no any importance to our hue and
    cry on Kashmir. We have lost our respect and trust in the world. How hypocrite we are.

  • Raj Chouhan

    Still Indian Muslims are more educated prosperous than living in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Indian Muslims do not require police protection to offer Namaz in Mosques and are freely and fearlessly following their religion in India. In India for getting a job in Public sector a candidate is selected on merits and not on the basis of religion/region/language. In India no body stops any one to compete others in education and in jobs, if you are capable you will get it if not than keep on enhancing your population without concentrating on giving a healthy life to your family.
    Last year a report in the magazine “India today” was published in which it was reported that just in last few years more than ten thousand Pakistani Muslim have migrated to India from Pakistan and some have settled legally and some illegally, numbers of Hindus migrated from Pakistan are much much higher, just last year their number was more than 800. BUT not a single Indian Muslim family has migrated to Pakistan from here in last 10 Yrs. Even tennis star Sania Mirza preferred to retain Indian citizenship after her marriage to Pakistani cricket player who is always found roaming in India in 11 out of 12 months of a year. Number of Muslim families migrated to India from Bangladesh are in millions since 1971. as per Indian 2001 census more than 2 crore Bangladeshis (Muslims) have settled here illegally in our Eastern States and are never ready to go back to their country. Famous Pakistani cricket players, musicians, singers are dyeing hard to get Indian citizenship or Visa to settle here to improve their life.
    This proves very much that the position of Indian Muslims is thousand times better then those living in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

  • Raj Chouhan

    Have you ever heard any Indian Muslim migrating to Pakistan??? In my workshop these days I have around 23 regular Muslim employees out of total strength of 38. You would be surprised to know that one of them is working with us from more than last 40 yrs and is given respect like of my father by my all family members , my wife always touches his feet whenever she meets him. We have family relations not only with my all Muslim employees but with many other Indian Muslims and with one of their relative who has just migrated and has settled here from Multan, Pakistan. We know very well about Indian Muslims and our Indian Muslims know very well about the fate and future of Muslims and their future generations who are and would be residing in Pakistan. This is just your imaginations regarding Indian Muslims because from your internal soul you know very much that Pakistani Muslims have lost a lot instead of gaining any thing by dividing United India. Forget about us Indians just read the comments here itself in this column of other Muslims of the world about Pakistan.
    Regarding SRK statement just please take out some time and read what he stated in the magazine “OUTLOOK” and listen his clarification on this controversy raised only by Pakistanis which would /should be an eye opener for you. .

  • http://twitter.com/vikihaq waqarul haque

    what do u have to say about the report as dhaka the dangerous city in the world…………get out of Pakistani Blogs…….we are not ur servants ………………..go and learn manners first ……………. dont like this blog , stop commenting on it

  • http://twitter.com/vikihaq waqarul haque

    Mirza Baig ………….. let us dream , cause we know the dreams will come true

  • http://twitter.com/vikihaq waqarul haque

    dont make me comment on ur history ……………as Khaleda nd Hasina are fighting ……………. the same was happning between ZA bhutto and Mujibur Rahman

  • http://twitter.com/vikihaq waqarul haque

    No imam sahab……………they want us to beg ……………they can never move forward……………….. ifthey had they wldnt write this

  • Arif Ahamed

    Top level presidential level security for foreigner players is not possible in a place where local minister and VVIP person’s are killed usually by terrorist groups.My dear, please arrange security first for your own people and then think about others.We love our cricketers and we can not let them go to live hell. Actually, we are not interested enough to make same mistake twice. There have some people or nations in the world who can never be trusted.We were never interested to be a part of an unpredictable nation.

    Please don’t use Islam while arguing something political,result is never good for human,Pakistan itself has already proved it by dividing into many groups by the name of Islam.

    About 300 000 women were raped by Pakistani Military in Bangladesh in 1971.

    Bangladeshi freedom fighter’s might have killed all the surrendered Pakistani Military(about 90 000) in 1971 but Bangladeshi freedom fighter’s allowed them to return home.
    Last question for you, is it permitted in Islam that any Muslim fighter
    can reap any woman in war field (may be the woman is Hindu or Muslim)
    during war time?
    Waiting for your kind answer…….

  • Arif Ahamed

    Our Bangladeshi people living or working in many countries in the world but it is not meant that we are going to make any two,three,four or more nation theory with other country. We are not interested to make link with any unpredictable country where ministers and VIP’s are killed usually by so called Islamic Terrorist Group.

    We are happy being our own,we access only 1,47,570 Square KM land with huge peaceful population and high GDP growth.

    Our currency is now more valuable than many other Asian country’s currency.

    We are continuously practicing democracy for more than 20 years.

    Our military troop under UN mission is staying in many countries to maintain world+local peace and we are ready to help any country sending our military troop under UN mission to maintain their local peace.We are also ready to help any south Asian Muslim country if they ask for help.

    We are on our own and we hate to make any nation our nation’s part.We are ready to return foreign nationals staying in our country from the time of 1971.