Future Impossible Tense

Future Impossible Tense

I rate this cartoon as the best of 2012 that I watched in Social Media. A corruption free Pakistan is the dream of every Pakistani but when we talk about its end then many questions rouse in this regard. The roots of corruption are not limited to government institutions but its kingdom is wide spread to almost every corner of society.  We can say to some extent that society has been besmeared with corruption by all means.



Once senior news analyst and columnist Hassan Nisar said if Pakistanis wanted to be purified and corruption free then they would have to take bath with acid. I have experienced to watch out its odd shapes and methods of corruption prevailing in society from my school life to university level and in professional career. I am not pessimist or disappointed but I also see the ground realities and know norms of my society.



Corrupt people in big government organizations, particularly those who enjoy political back are expert in inventing new scientific methods of corruption and looting innocent people and they remain free and safe. I agree to the content of cartoon that a corruption free Pakistan is a future impossible tense. In cartoon, student’s reply is grammatically wrong but as a ground reality, it looks true. In a laughing manner, cartoonist has mentioned an unfortunate but a true picture of World’s 33rd most corrupt country.


Syed Shahzad Alam

A content developer at Jang Group of Companies. He can be contacted at Shahzad.ja[email protected]

  • S Nasrullah

    What a meaningful cartoon with sardonic wisdom!!. Ms Jinnah had retorted to Gen Ayub Khan that honesty and integrity are like snow on the mountain tops that melt with the first rays of the sun and cascade down into streams and rivers downhill. Leaders should be the role models for the nation. All democratic and developed countries have one common feature: ‘Law is honored by and applies equally to all”. Nobody is above Law. No exceptions. No deviations. It is only in Banana Republics that : ” All people are equal, but some are more equal than others”. And if the experienced journalist Hassan Nisar advises the nation to take acid bath to rid of the rampant corruption, he may believe that diamond cuts diamond and that the more serious the malady, stronger the dose of medicine.

  • azeem abbas

    Great nd true!