Do you Wish to be an ‘Online Enterprenuer’?

Do you Wish to be an ‘Online Enterprenuer’?

How many of us realize that the oh-so-technologically advanced West has always been counting on Pakistani software and web developers for their future IT challenges? Where Pakistani Entrepreneurs have gained huge success in establishing state-of-art market places like, disappointingly there is still a glaring lack of attention towards domain and website brokerage industry.



It’s no longer news that the industry is worth a billion dollars now and the websites and domains are being traded through leading market places such as Flippa, etc.

Interestingly, it’s no different than the real estate business, and therefore thriving in the e-business world. Many turned from rags to riches overnight just because they had reserved an Internet property such as a .com, .net etc that later, for one or another reason, topped the demands list.

It is amazing how flipping websites have newly emerged to become one of the most profitable businesses where ready-made and established websites are sold quite similar to a million-dollar property. What is even more interesting is that without any major investment and even without the hassle to go to the office, an individual can sell websites, blogs and domains right from their very home. Hence, in recent years, it could be safely said that the website-for-sale industry can really lift up the economy and therefore employment of developing countries.

The future of mobile and internet industry can already determined by people’s inclinations and recent imports of cell phones and smart phones that have exceeded as much as Rs. 33 Billion.


Our next move should be to bring out the best of our national talent by educating the youngsters to invest their time and potential in more ways than one. The government and the IT ministry should also be ready to take the task of education our young generation with various online income generating options.

Shahzad Ahmed

An IT geek and blogger for The News/Geo blogs