Crescent Moon of Rabi-ul-Awwal

Crescent Moon of Rabi-ul-Awwal

According to Islamic lunar calendar, every month starts with sighting of crescent moon and ends with the next fresh crescent, seen glowing in sky. Hands are raised and Prayers of blessings are whispered as a token of warm welcome to the month. Month after month, arrive and leave while people are busy in performing their routine affairs until a very spectacular, immaculate and rejoicing month is approached and the crescent moon of Rabiul Awwal start shining.

The Rabiul Awwal has very prominent and special status among the followers of islam. The mixed feeling of immense respect, happiness and thanks giving can be not only feel in the hearts, but could also be seen on the faces. This is the month when many centuries ago, the brightest and highest beacon light in mankind history was kindled to finally end the darkness of ignorance and to spread the knowledge. In this same month, some 1400 years ago, End of deeply rooted slavery system begun. People were stopped from no more burying their newborn girls in the name of tribal tradition. The woman, not only was provided with every legal and social right to survive as human being, but also highest esteem was conferred to her role for being a mother, wife or daughter. A woman in any of her role became significant source for her guardian to get into the Eden gardens after taking good care of her and being respectful to her.



The same Rabiul Awwal, brought and flourished the true essence of Peace in such an atrocious society which was habitual of witnessing killings and wars, generation after generation, for very petty reasons. Above all, This Holy month has the Honor of Welcoming The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) to this world.

Whenever I come to know about any writing regarding Prophet (Pbuh), mentioning, that there might be violation of human rights as a result of implementation of His teachings, I not only feel myself mentally disturbed but also vehemently feel sorry for the writer for remaining unaware of the great personal character and contribution of Prophet (pbuh) towards the mankind. Regardless of one’s cast and religion, He (pbuh) was exceptionally friendly and helpful for the needy and weak person of the society.

The Noble Prophet (saw) was particularly kind to slaves. He used to say, “They are your brothers; give them to eat what you eat, and give them to wear what you wear.” He always gave them freedom but they could never free themselves from his kindness and generosity. Bilal, slave of african origin, always found himself so close to Prophet (pbuh) and himself honored to live in bondage to Him.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was also very kind and affectionate towards women. Women were very badly treated in those times. The Noble Prophet (saw) gave them honor and dignity at par with men in the community. Allah’s Messenger (saw) established women’s rights through his sayings and commandments, which improved their position and status. Allah’s Messenger (saw) said, “Whoever has two or three daughters or sisters and treats them well will go to Paradise.”

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was kind to every living creature and this kindness knew no limits. He was very kind to animals as well. Arabs, like all ignorant and illiterate people, were very unkind to their animals. It was very common in Arabia to put a collar round the neck of a camel, but this practice was stopped on the Prophet’s orders.

People used to cut pieces of flesh from living animals and cook and eat them. This common practice was forbidden. Animal fights were also made unlawful. Another custom was to tie up an animal and practice arrow shooting on it. This was also prohibited.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) was very kind to his relatives and asked his followers to treat their parents and relatives with kindness. A man asked Allah’s Messenger, “Who is most deserving of friendly care from me?” He replied, “Your mother.” He asked who came next and Prophet Muhammad (saw) replied, “Your mother.” He asked who came next and he again replied, “Your mother.” He again asked who came next and he replied, “Your father.” And last of all, he replied, “Your nearest relatives.” This is one of the principles put forward by Prophet (pbuh) as a foundation for the whole structure of human relationships.


Today, in whole world, there are millions of orphans seeking for shelter, food and education. Remember, Allah’s Messenger (saw) said, “The best house among the Muslims is one where an orphan is well treated, and the worst house among the Muslims is one where an orphan is badly treated.”

Prophet Muhammad (saw) treated everybody, friend or foe, with kindness and taught his companions to do likewise. It is reported by Abu Basra Ghifari (ra) that when he was a non-believer he came to Madinah and stayed as a guest of the Messenger of Allah (saw). He drank milk from all his goats at night but the Prophet (saw) did not say a word. That night Prophet (Pbuh) and all his family slept hungry.



In fact, he treated all people with kindness under all circumstances and never showed any ill-will towards anyone or mistreated anyone. It is obvious, that the world today is desperately in need of such exceptionally human friendly teachings and its implementation.

Rashid Qutub

A contributor to The News/Geo blogs

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