And the Long March Ends

And the Long March Ends

It turned out to be painful wait, thrilling of course, yet  painful.   Freezing Islamabad,  awashed by winter rains and millions of people- men , women, and little  children. Even those new-borns barely familiar with their  mother’s fragrance were out there for a cause. A cause to topple the present, corrupt  government.   Many heart went out for them; media though initially savoring the new,  political theatrics, also began whining out for powers to have mercy on them.


And before any causality occurred or at least reported, government sent their deputation for a peaceful resolution where  the two groups could meet halfway and perhaps they did.  And finally after four days of extremity and hardships often compared by their mentor with the lashkar-e-Imam Hussain, a fair share of demands laid out by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri were accepted.


On another thought, one that seemed to haunt the media was: where  the whole world melted thinking those women and children suffering the extremity of weather and a tiresome journey from Lahore to Islamabad, why the hearts in the containers remained  stone


The question once again is, Is the leader’s or his family’s life of such a paramount importance that as long as he is secure the lives of the followers, the workers  could be trampled and ruined. Simply putting,  why don’t the leaders and the workers stand in the same league to fight off who ever they are up against. Why the leaders and their families are always in containers or abroad  or  least religiously guarded, while the lives of their followers  appear worthless against them. What if a child in that congregation of people had died out of pneumonia, who would be  responsible for it? Perhaps none, not even those sitting inside the warm containers or those seated on saddles. These days, the worthlessness of the  lives of people could be duly understood by how they have to sit out for days, under the bare skies, suffering the harshness of weather and sometimes, even with the dead bodies of their loved ones, before the privileged could bother to poke out of their cozy shells and have a dialogue with them.


It also shows the spell-blinded innocent people tuning on the beats on the piper and it also shows how miserable they feel against the current situations that they are willing to put up with so much and for what..


For those interested in the outcomes, below is a nutshell view:


According to the declaration, the National Assembly shall be dissolved at any time before March 16, 2013 (due date), so that the elections may take place within 90 days. One month will be given for scrutiny of nomination papers for the purpose of per-clearance of the candidates under article 62 and 63 of the constitution.


The treasury benches in complete consensus with Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) will propose names of two honest and impartial persons for appointment as Caretaker Prime Minister.


Issue of composition of the Election Commission of Pakistan will be discussed at the next meeting on Sunday, January 27, 2013, 12 noon at the Minhaj-ul-Quran Secretariat.


For me, I’m not much interested in the outcomes for all it seems, is that, a non-political  institution has been granted a vital role in the key decision-making in the upcoming decisions. And it  doesn’t seem anything to do with the altering the miserable, present fate of our nation. Not at least so much that we should prefer risking the already despondent life of the people. The hard and according a few pessimists like us, an impossible task still is to find uncorrupted and sincere politicians for the key positions, which according to our knowledge aren’t even conceived yet.



Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

  • azeem abbas

    Absolutely True! Mr Qadri went out for revolution? So where is the revolution? He called goverenment as a Yazeed, and in the end he did agreement with yazeed’s? He just served his personal interests like others. Its a very shamfull what he did just to get a cheap popularity? He just let the peoples and specially the childrens to suffer in rain and cold weather and he was just sitting in the warm container and enjoyed all this drama? He is a unsuccessfull person as usual. A big shame for him, a big liar, a big munafiq, a big big big Looser.

  • S Nasrullah

    Madeeha isthiaque: It is surprising that you should venture to write on the subject with such travesty of truth. Where in the world would the Spartan Leaders and the electrified Public share the same hardships on equal footing. Wars are fought by the soldiers, while the Generals make strategies to win. During the entire four days of sit-in at Islamabad, despite discomfort and disquiet, the event was never marred with violence or even destruction of public property. Such Peaceful and purposeful rally of thousands is a rarity. It shows the commitment to the cause and the adherence to the clarion call of the Leader.

    Before the Long March even started, Political Parties and their leaders heaped their venomous insinuations upon Dr Qadri; questioning his antecedents, nationality, the sincerity, the impossibility of sustaining the Long March with inadequate logistic support. They ridiculed his enthusiasm and in the end, they shamefacedly made a bee line to sign the Long March Declaration that he dictated and which was countersigned by the Prime Minister of the country – a man on the borrowed lease of time into the Premier slot. The OUTSIDER who was accused of adopting Unconstitutional means was finally acclaimed to have helped them strengthen the Democracy in Pakistan. Surely, not only the Ruling Coalition, but the pygmy Opposition Parties of all hues and color that had steeled their resolve not to barter with Minhaj-ul_Quran protest and proclamations, throwing their weight in favor of the regime. But the shrewd PPP snooped on them to bargain with Dr Qadri, leaving them in the cold and the desolation of their deceptive and dodgy notions of Constitutional righteousness and false fixations. The Long March Declaration has launched Mr Qadri, as a Central figure, a man of the moment, whose stamp of approval would install the next Caretaker PM and his interim Cabinet to supervise the Elections.

    While Imran Khan refused to join the protest, declaring it unconstitutional method to derail the democracy, himself demanded the resignation and removal of AZ, the President, from the political scene. Is he so naive as not to know that even while the present Administration under Raja Rental would be dismantled, the President continues to serve until the next Joint Session of the new Assemblies elect another President. Eventually, it is the nobler fate to be Envied than to be pitied. The free Press confirmed that majority of the Participants staging the sit-in were Young people of both genders and this shows that the youth of Pakistan are enlightened enough to know that Opportunities are Never Lost; someone will take the ones you miss.

  • Farhat

    Those objecting that Sheikh-ul-Islam called the government Yazeedi and signed an agreement with them…
    You guys never learn don’t you ? See you still have not studied the Battle of Karbala completely!
    In the battle of Karbala Imam Hussain (A.S.) also gave a chance to the people during His khutbah to accept His demands. Hurr changed his mind and joined the Hussaini army. This khutbah and call upon the yazidi lashkar was to avoid chaos and bloodshed. The battle of Karbala ended differently because that was Allah’s will. The same way SHAYKH UL ISLAM FOLLOWED THE SUNNAH OF IMAM HUSSAIN (A.S) And gave the government ultimatum and called upon them to fulfill his demands so bloodshed could be avoided.Alhamdulillah the government came and have agreed to the main objectives and aims of this Long March : TO ENSURE ONLY ELIGIBLE CANDIDATES CAN CONTEST IN THE UPCOMING ELECTION SO THAT SINCERE, HONEST AND COMPETENT LEADERSHIP WILL LEAD THE NATION

  • Anonymous

    Revolution, Revolution Revolution…..and …. Revolution, everybody talking about Revolution, MQM, Imran Khan and now Mr. Qadri. they are playing with the sufferings, hardships of peoples awarded by the anti-peoples policies of the governments of corrupt politicians. What is that Revolution without a clear vision of goals, destination, ideology, system and reforms to bring the peoples from the present miserable plight of hunger, joblessness, dis-honor, hopelessness, economic collapse injustice and bring the Nation on the path of prosperity, peace, honor, brotherhood, progress and advancement in all fields and social justice. Innocent peoples always give scarification on the hopes that changes will reduce their sufferings, hardships but further humiliated by these corrupt, cheater/looter politicians. Peoples can only bears and face the losses of property and lives and humiliation under the present prevailing system. The continued inflation imposed by government policies (whenever government need money they print currency without having adequate gold reserves in State Bank) For example, whenever government do not have adequate amount for government servant salaries and ongoing projects, they print additional currency notes because NO SERVANT(Government and Private) would agreed to receive reduced or half salary, so governments prints double or as much currency notes without having hard currency (gold) in State Bank reserves. In 1950s and 1960s servants equal to government scale one (peons, policeman, solder were getting equal to hard currency one tola gold (12.5 g) per month. Clarical staff about two tala gold and officers about three to five tola gold. Due to the continued inflation imposed by the governments since 1972, peoples compelled to work six to ten monthe now on the same wages/salaries they got in 1950s/60s that is the main reason of your peoples moral and charactor collapse. In addition every corrupt politician, religious leaders enhancing gaps between peoples by diverting public attentions towards different fack causes of their poverty, suffering and hardships. Territorial and ethnic leaders says that your rights are exploited by that region or province such as Baluchi and Pakhtoon leader blame that the Punjab is occupied all resources of yours or Sindhi leader blame to Punjabi and Karachits (Mahajirs) are the main cause of Sindhi poor peoples etc. Religious leader who totally depends on donations (Khairat) blame all the peoples are sinner etc. Hence all the issues/disasters to peoples generate on the foundation of economic collapse.

    The demand to bring the honost peoples as per Article-62 and 63 of constitution is approved by the government whereas in context of Article-8 under fundamental rights and Principle of Policy Article 63 and 64 is remained effective? Under Article-8, all the enforced present and future laws and regulation of fundamental and Human rights are void in the plea that Police can maintain law and order. Who will bring the honost representatives and how? Police is the foundation stones/bricks of all the structure. All the honesty from a scale-1 government servant upto the Secretary are inducted on a character certificate by Police. Honesty of all the contesting candidates is verified by Police. All the Judiciary business depend. processed and applied by Police. The first goal of the PPP governments always remains is to politicize the Police. All the anti-peoples policies of poverty, hunger, joblessness, corruption are imposed by Police and Inflation. In these circumstance under this system how the Honest peoples be found?

    To first step to eradicate the corruption replace the present corrupt police by the honest people through Union Councils locally. As a principle induction locally and posting of Police person should be the area from where that appointed and live.

    Article-8 should be amended to control the uncontrolled Police and law enforcement agencies and make them to respect the peoples fundamental and human rights.

    No further impose inflation by Printing currency notes without State Bank reserves.

    Under these foundation step all the government structure and system can be restructured and changed. By shouting screaming peoples suffering of Hunger, ailments, injustice, poverty, helplessness as their political slogans will Never bring any change..

  • Muhammad Ihsan

    Story of Pakistani Politics…

    People are the last and least priority

  • Thomas

    Pakistanis are illiterate. You people elect the criminals and thieves in power. Your country is full of criminals in Parliament.

  • Mahmood

    Dear Mr. Saedd, Ok, lets suppose you are right. Just answer me 1 Question only? Either the demands of Qadri against this corrupt government were right or wrong? You are attacking on his personality only, you are not looking at the cause what he had for the nation of Pakistan. You, me and every Pakistani are just fedup with this corrupt Zardari Government. We want to get rid these corrupt politicians. Qadri demanded electoral reforms. Which means only honest persons can participate in elections as MNA/MPA candidates. Might be these all efforts will not be fruitful. But, if this brings 10% changes, this will be very useful for all of us and for Pakistan.

    • M.Saeed

      Dear Mr. Mahmood:

      I fully agree with the demands made by Qadri but disagree
      with the manner the Long March ended.

      On the final day, Qadri had unequivocally stated that,
      before the day ended, the PM would cease to be the PM and the President would
      cease to be the President. But what happened, the deadline passed, nothing
      happened and there was a face-saving agreement the following day, which many
      are openly challenging that it would just remain a piece of paper.

      What is the sanctity of signatures on a piece of plain paper
      by such ruthless ruffians?

      Don’t you remember the fate of famous Algiers Accord
      negotiated by Jimmy Carter and authorized by the President Reagan in his inaugural
      speech on 19th Nov., 1981? Within hours after signing, the US hostages
      were freed by the Iranian Government and within minutes after their release,
      the agreement was torn into pieces.

      What was written in the agreement made it obligatory to the
      US Government, not to intervene ever, in any of Iranian affairs, political, military,
      civilian or commercial? What is the ground reality today? No any secret.

  • Nadeem Akram

    Long march ends ….Mukmuka begins

  • Farooq Hashmi

    Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri was a flash in the pan.The Supreme Court had thrown out Dr.Qadri’s ‘quo warranto’ petition against the constitution of the Election Commission,on its plea that he had no ‘locus standi’ as he was not a citizen of Pakistan. Naturally, he had been dismayed at the Supreme Court’s decision and in sheer indignation he had repatriated to his home-country,Canada the last week of the last month.He and his side-kicks have disappeared like the proverbial horns from a donkey’s head.His hot-headed “aide- de-camps” are not seen in TV talk shows,any more. Probably,Dr.Qadri had come to Pakistan at the behest of some “hidden hand” to fish in the troubled waters. An office-bearer of that ” hidden hand’s” political party,the ill-famed Ahmad Raza Qasuri was often seen hanging around with Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri.

    • S Nasrullah

      Mr Farooq Hashmi: You seem to jump to the conclusion on the spur of the moment, without checking facts. The SC judgment was purely technical and no reflection on the merit of the Quo warranto case. The government and Dr Qadri had the final laugh when they decided to bring in changes to the Electoral mode in the light of the discussions they have had on the subject and since then ECP have made necessary adjustments in their scrutiny and eligibility criteria.

      Dr Qadri left Pakistan for Canada for his Medical Check-up and is due back on March 11, 2013. I stand solidly behind Imran Khan and I wish him the Very Best in the coming Elections, but at the same time, I am not oblivious of the fact that over 50000 Pakistanis stood with unflinching loyalty for the man who brought down a proud government to sign on the dotted lines of Long March Declaration drafted by Dr Qadri.

      Despite what that Madcap Malik (Interior Minister) apprehended that a multitudinous crowd travelling in public or private transports would be sitting ducks for Taliban suicidal attacks, nothing ensued. How wrong that bonehead was, is no secret. The very fact that the Presidency stirred with alacrity to form a Committee to meet Dr Qadri forthwith and negotiate with him for amicable solution was a major breakthrough converging the divergent views and bridging the chasm.