14th January-The Re-awakening the Masses

14th January-The Re-awakening the Masses

Taking into account the increasing hardships of the people – the different columnists, political analysts, anchorpersons and even the economists have been talking about the possibility of a revolution in Pakistan and also on who would be behind it during last several years.



Consequently, many political leaders also started claiming that they would bring revolution in the country.  But, surprisingly, whenever the wave of any revolution emerged in the country, the same media men and the political leaders preferred supporting the prevailing system and termed such a wave as a conspiracy by the establishment against the democracy. Everyone has been witnessing the same again when Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri held a very successfully public gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan on December 23rd 2012 and also made an announcement for a Long March for the revolutionary change in the electoral process. This contradiction naturally raises a question where these people are in favor of a revolutionary change in the country for benefiting the common men, or they are the beneficiaries of the existing system?



The most interesting aspect of this is that all the critics of the proposed Long March want Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and MQM`s leadership to let the present system to continue and that if they really want to bring any change, they should achieve their agenda by coming into the electoral process. The question is, if the prevailing system is so effective, then why do the people of Pakistan have been facing so severe problems for several decades? Why did Pakistan get split into two parts? Why does our country have no value in the international world? If the present had been so fruitful, why do we have to face the Martial laws and the Army interventions in the politics?



Are corruption, feudalism, injustice, terrorism, inflation, heavy debts, improper law & order situation and the crisis of electricity, water, fuel not sufficient to prove that this system needs be discarded as soon as possible?  How would the common men have any positive expectation from such a Parliament that does not let the legislation, which can benefit the common people, take place?



it is the matter of land reforms, discriminatory taxation, agriculture taxation, making more small units, delegation of administrative authorities to them, deweaponization of the country and facilitating the middle & lower middle class people to come into power, all the beneficiaries of this system get together against the people friendly legislation.  The worst aspect of the prevailing system came to light in 2007 when the movement for restoration of democracy started.



It was claimed not only by the lawyers` community, but also by the judges themselves that the judiciary had been enslaved for the last 60 years despite the presence of the “democratically” elected assemblies. Then, the judiciary had to get its freedom back not by approaching system-generated Institutions, but by way of coming on the roads for mobilizing people. If the system had been good enough, had the deposed judges gone beyond it? Not only the affected party, but also almost all the political and religious parties were with hands in hands on the roads against the democratic government. Should they not have preferred getting their demand met in the Parliament that came into existence by way of the electoral process?



It is also on record that all the Army Generals who sacked the democratic governments and took over the reign of the country, were also justifying their unconstitutional acts arguing that they wanted to help the poor people. The similar case is with the media as well. It also claims to have got its freedom restored after several decades. Would the media persons like to name the constitutionally set up body from which they got their freedom back? So, why is so that when it was the matter of their own freedom, all these people completely ignored the existing means defined by the Constitution, but when it is the matter the of political, social and the economic freedom of the common people they are imposing limitations?? Is it fair? Are they in favor of the peopleor the system that has sucked blood of the people?



In addition to all these, Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and MQM leadership have been struggling to make the people friendly changes in the system, but the defenders did not let it come true. Now, the level of dissatisfaction of the people has arrived at the point, where meaningful changes have to be made for them. So, if the Long March critics are still of the view that present system can solve the people`s problems, they will have to come up with the concrete solution of their problems from within their system before 14th of January. Otherwise, 14th of January would prove to be as the last of the day of the rotten and corrupt system of the elite class people and a day of re-awakening of the masses!

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  • M.Saeed

    How can he reawaken those who have lost the sight?

    Now, we have a terribly confusing situation! There are two Manasseh s promising almost the same results. They are both trying to ride and surf on the high-waves of Masses’ Tsunami. Is it not a case of two swords in a single sheath?
    Will it not divide the vote-bank of the Tsunami Khan?
    Is it not an act without a mind?
    Just imagine even for argument sake, an influx of 4 million people, almost 20% of the entire population of Pakistan, into a comparatively small town of 450,000 residents. How are they going to survive without snatching, robbing and looting? How are they going to face the inclemently harsh weather? Where will they go for normal calls of nature?
    Even, the needs of transport for such a big crowd is unimaginable. With an average capacity of 50 passengers in a public transport, 80,000 buses would be needed. From where will they get fuel with only 112 diesel filling stations in Islamabad, with each having a queue of over 700 buses at a time?

    There clearly is no planning at all and everything has been left to the people’s own devices. That means complete chaos of unimaginable proportion.

    • LoveMyCountry

      Mr Saeed, you have not made any effort to find how did they plan for such a massive event. This is only organisation in Pakistan who plans everything before taking any step and prays to Allah Almighty for safety and success. All of their rallies had been peaceful in the past. imagine hundreds of thousands of people gather and not public property/life is damaged or lost.

  • Muhammad Atif Agha

    I am voter of PTI, but my good wishes are for Tahir ul Qadri because his speech has all those positive points which are must for Pakistan for the time being.

  • Arain

    Are you kidding me? Seriously?
    The only system better than democracy is the sharia system. And guess what? This liar does not support that. Instead he only wants to delay the elections so that Zardari may still chew on our flesh.
    Besides, it’s clear enough that is foreign funded and supported.

    • LoveMyCountry

      foregin funded and supported?? do you have an evidence or this is just speculation?? tell me one thing how much do you know about this organisation that has branches in 90 countries. Its members contribute/send their donations on regular basis. it does not need foreign aid. On the other side, all of the corrupt cabinet including Zardari & its puppies with exception get foreign aids. Their pockets are filled with US$$$$ by Washington. Hence, these money hungry cowards steal from poors of Pakistan. They deprive the same people who voted them of the basic necessities…………think before blaming an honest an honorable who left his comfort of his own bed and went out in the cold for the general public with prevailing threats of terrorism by the government cowards.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ali302 Ali Humayun

    Just One Question. I herd that Advertising Budget for Long March and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri is over 6 Billion Rs/- that is one hell of an amount. I am sure there are many other noble avenues for such humongous donations. Rather than just spending on advertising. I am not against Long March but over 6 billion for its advertising… hmm something fishy is going on here… We’ll see :P

  • azeem abbas

    Dear Writer! U seems to be still immature! Who is Qadri? From where he came just now? Where was he before? Who are heavily funding him? Who is backing him? Moreover he is a big liar and munafiq person. If he is patriotic and loyal then he should stay with the poor peoples of pakistan and struggle for the change instead of enjoying life in abroad. Nest time kindly do some research before writing such stupid and poor Blog. Nonsense.

    • LoveMyCountry

      it’s really amazing all the media in Pakistan had abandoned Qadri in the past. All of sudden, every single media is discussing Qadri. is it for their own rating or they really faring with the current situation in Pakistan. Time is coming when poors of my country will breath easy and could afford basic necessities of life easily, corrupt rulers of this country will meet same fate as Husni Mubarak………Let us pray to our Lord we get rid of all the corrupt, selfish, masogynist,Fasiq, Munafiq ruling cabinet.

      • S Nasrullah

        @LoveMyCountry: I have been reading your comments with great deal of interest and I fully endorse them. In the beginning, I had my doubts if Mr Qadri could pull through the gamut of a mammoth Long March under complete breakdown of Law and Order. But what transpired in those four fateful days should open up people’s perceptions about right and wrong and about empty slogans and purposeful projections. The Champions of the psuedo-democracy had joined forces to denounce Mr Qadri’s campaign as unconstitutional and were forced to rue the day and submissively sign on the dotted lines dictated by Dr Qadri. IF, only IF the honest leaders of Opposition Parties, who were genuinely concerned about the oppressed poor and the helpless countrymen, had joined forces with the Long March, there were indications from Intelligence reports that AAZ and his coterie of kleptomaniacs had plans to flee the country at a moment’s notice. It would have been a good riddance to a bad rubbish and people of Pakistan would have heaved a sigh of relief to be rid of the highwaymen for good and then elect qualified people to lead the country to the path of Peace, Progress and Prosperity. PPP had the gullible leaders of both side of the divide, tied to knots with the clever and cunning slogan of “Let’s not derail democracy”. What democracy? A judgment of the SC to arrest Raja Rental can paralyze life in Karachi where the main artery is blocked and barricaded by the ruffians and the LEA stand with folded arms silently witnessing the disruption to the civic amenities and let the criminals have the field day with complete impunity. Spare me the bewildering cacophony of pseudo-democracy.

  • Farouq

    People just want to believe anything spoken against Shiekh-ul-Islam. Long March hoga hoga hoga….:) (It’s funny some people were mentioning Dr. Tahir ul Qadri will never stick to his words and will call off long march.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/aga.majid.5 Aga Majid

    I supported Imran Khan, but, not any more. He puts his tail between his legs, whenever, he faces pressure, e.g. CJ case & Qadri’s march. Moral cowardice does not make good leaders, living examples are Nawaz Shariff (Kargil War) and Asif Zardari (Afghan War). Allama Qadri with all his flaws has at least awakened the masses to discuss and debate. He has lit a candle, instead of cursing the darkness. Have you done so lately? Instead of cynicism, criticism, and passive aggression in posting nonsense and garbage. Get a life! Allah will not change our circumstances, if we do not change them ourselves. Righteous leaders are recognized by Righteous people. We need to examine ourselves first, before, pointing a finger at others, because, the other three are pointing at ourselves. BTW, Hindus of Vishwa Hindu Parishad are waiting in the wings for the day, when we destroy Pakistan through auto-implosion.


    The two pictures of Qadri and Imran side by side with Qadri pointing one finger to Imran’s two fingers — reminds me of silent “Munazra” between Kalidasa the wood-cutter and Brahmin priest of the Raja’s court — Qadri the priest is saying to Imran I will gouge your one eye to which Imran is replying I will burst both of your eyes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=524040905 Sohaib Rasul Qadri

    i dont understand, just before the elections uncle Tahir ul Qadri is here in pakistan and with a Canadian Nationality WOW!! well i used to listen to his religious speeches and still listen to them… but the thing is some “Jialas” of Tehreekay Minhajul Quran has blocked all the ways at “Thoker Niaz Baig”… it took the me 2:45hours to reach my home just cauz of these idiotic things..

    and guess what if you take a Uturn from there they will start hitting ur car with “dandaaz” YES!!! and some of them are also holding GUNS…

    Now Mr. Tahir ul Qadri should be asked if you are to take some ppl to Islamabad (for the country so desperately love now, cauz u didnt give a shit about it 3 to 4 yeas ago ) why do put some idiots there to block all the ways…???

    I was with my mother and my sisters when ur ppl started hitting my car… is this how u expect us to come with u to islamabad… no way sir… u can go back to Canada and hell…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ali302 Ali Humayun

    Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. I welcome the change. I liked today’s speech of TUQ, and I hope its not a delusion this time.
    But investors always invest for making profit. What profit would that be, is a great question and still remains unanswered.

  • azeem abbas

    He is there just for his personal and selfish interest. Where was he before? Why he came just before election time? etc etc

  • Rana Muhammad Ashiq

    Time is now approaching fast when the people will start voting on the basis of agenda and performance of the political parties. Dictatorship whether it be of miltary generals in the name of establishing law and order situation or of some reformers in the name of social and economic justice or of religious leaders for bringing islamic reforms is not acceptable any more. Establishing Justice, improving law and order situation or bringing Islamic reforms should come through strenthening democratic system in the country and not through creating pressure groups. Opportunists now should realize that they cannot succede in their vicious designs to jeopardize the democratic system in the name of change be it through long march or electoral reforms. If Tahir Qadri or Imran Khan want a real change then they should participate in the forthcoming elections and prove their authority to be the champion of change. Change cannot be brought over night through wishful thinking or just raising emotional slogans. If Tahir Qadri consider himself a thinker/reformer, then he should behave like the thinkers/ reformers and should convince the nation on the basis of his ideology and not on the basis of theats or timelines.