The Lacuna

The Lacuna

Gloominess in my room, smells an upcoming doom
Tears of blood in my pupils are seen without zoom
The tick tick sound of the clock and fear of separation
Are signs and symptoms of my demise coming soon


Earthquakes may come, may the world halt
I was maimed by nature without any fault
People are cherishing by cheating the mankind
I was honest, even then subjected to assault!


Her tears are pearls, I don’t want to buy
She cant face the world because she is shy
hearts of people have become sclerosed
They cant feel the love so I cry


The food become salve when swallowed by her hand
Her memoirs of love make this world joy-land
Baroque beauty and the fatigue vanishing image
Her these attributes make my body glands


This sting of separation is Lacuna of my life
Hecklers never allowed her to become my wife
They scorched my skin dismantled my heart
By not using a pen of kindness but a ruthless knife

Abbis Haider Jaffri

A contributor to The News/Geo blogs

  • Sarah Asghar

    nice poem..and good review by Farooq hashmi..
    over all a good piece of rhyme..!!..
    protagonist is dejected and is resisting the realities of society…