Power Line Communication

Power Line Communication

The revolution of digital communication is changing its dimension and using new means of data transmission. Popularity of Wireless and WI-FI devices are on full swing but it does not replace completely the role of traditional wires that are still in use for data transmission to long-distance areas and with more speed.


It’s no longer a secret or mystery but has now become a reality that you can now watch TV and get Internet facility through a single wire alongside Electricity, just like a “Three in One” Package. This state-of-art technology is called “Power Line Communication” in which Electric Wire takes out carrier waves of different frequencies, which may be of data of different types of apparatus such as Electricity, TV Channel, Internet or any other device.


In Pakistan, so far, its application is on very small scale. Currently WAPDA is transmitting Load Shedding Schedule on large Transmission Lines only.  In many countries this system is also being used for auto meter reading. In this process there is no need of manual door-to-door meter reading. Electric meters (digital) installed in homes automatically send meter reading on a specified date of the month to the nearest Grid Station This system has been tested and verified successfully for both unilateral and bilateral communication with positive results.


This system can also be used inside houses or shopping markets to control different devices through a networking system. In some advance countries the electric instruments manufacturing companies are designing typical modems to connect appliances and devices with a centralized networking system for its commercial usage.


I can foresee a new dimension of home appliances if this technology becomes common on commercial level. In that scenario, the shape and function of home appliances will be different of what they are looking today. After the popularity and overwhelming response for digital communication in Pakistan now it’s the right time to work out seriously to introduce this technology so that like other advance countries this technology can be a key source of provision of electricity, telecommunication, full duplex high-speed data and multimedia content and Internet at minimum cost and maximum performance.

Syed Shahzad Alam

A content developer at Jang Group of Companies. He can be contacted at [email protected]