Murder of a Savior

Murder of a Savior

For the last few days, the anti-polio activists are becoming the victims of violence and terrorism across the country. It’s so unfortunate that these concerned individuals and volunteers working to eradicate polio became the victims of this senseless and unforgivable act. We as a nation are indebted to all those who died during this polio eradication campaign.


Farzana, a 14 year girl who stood for a cause, and was voluntarily working for World Health Organization’s (WHO) anti-polio campaign was shot dead by unknown gunman few days back. This little girl was an activist; she did not only raise her voice but she put her passion in practical form which is reflected by her volunteerism towards the cause of polio eradication. The way government gave a blind eye to this incident and is silent over this heinous murder shows the
indifference on behalf of the so called ‘caretakers’ of this country.



This murder of a young innocent girl did ‘not affect the countrymen, the way whole country was moved by Malala’s incident. She was of the same age as the widely celebrated education activist Malala. Silence over one girl and uproar over the other, shows how callous, hypocrite and insensitive we are. Malala was given hype and we all know the reasons. She is a little child, used by political stunt and publicity. Is this indifference because Farzana never met Richard Holbrooke and she was not documented by BBC and her publicity and admiration will not benefit the political motives of the cruel elites?


Thousands of girls and activist die daily, but we even don’t know their names. And where is media? Her murder should be highlighted and given coverage so at least people should know about her and the struggle she was doing. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s coldness and indifference towards Farzana’s assassination and labeling it as “family dispute” and on the other side showering Malala and admiring her experience is really two-faced and dubious. The victims
should be treated equally, why neglecting few and make few gods and goddesses.


Now where are all the so called “women movements” and liberal fascists, was Farzana not the daughter of this nation? Does she deserve our prayers, wishes and sympathies which we laid down in Malala’s feet? For me these two young girls and courageous activists are equivalent, but why our logics and emotions are so double faced?

Farzana at such a young age volunteered for a cause, which is lingering on and on for years. She deserves our praise and tribute for her courage because of the struggle she was carrying on. She considered polio eradication as joint cause, and she battled it on behalf of all the countrymen.


As an ordinary citizen I feel guilty when I think of the families of all the victims of terrorism, as I would never be able to face them. I did ‘not raise their voice and never highlighted their plight. As a nation this is our responsibility to realize the sacrifices made by the victims of terrorism and especially young and innocent activist like Farzana, who died for a cause.

Mariam Shah

A blogger for The News/Geo blogs

  • M.Saeed

    Every failure has its roots in this Government of having “Development Plan of Mega-Failures” as its corner-stone.


    The murder of 7 women health workers trying to save Pakistani children from childhood paralysis of Polio — must have been a Western conspiracy to malign Pakistan.

    There is paralysis of of Pakistani common sense — for which nobody not even the West can come up with a vaccine as a prevention measure.


    Mariam Shah — you don’t have to malign one heroine so maliciously — to APPRECIATE another — both Farzana and Malala are victims of Talibani Terrorism — both are role models for Pakistani girls. One catches the attention of the news media the other does not — that’s all — that does not diminish the sacrifices of the EITHER.

    And what is that rightwingers illiterate stupid ignorant term “Liberalfascist” — it means you know nothing about either the Liberal or the Fascist.

  • Raj Chouhan

    Have you heard the phrase Writer Sahab ” DOOD KA JALA CHAAJ KO BHI PHOOK PHOOK KAR PEETA HAE”. That is why the world community has learnt a lesson otherwise you would also write the same words for Farzana also as you are writing for Malala ” Malala was given hype and we all know the reasons”. Your views reflects that Malala was attacked by TTP supported by your adversaries and was a drama but Farzan was attacked by your favorite Afghan Taliban supported by your agencies to give a blow to this anti polio drive so that your coming generations are born and brought up with Polio disease. You are a journalist or a loolywood script writer I have doubt?

  • Ahmed

    Who will comment on this this mullahs are out of mind why they killing innocent they forced volunteer nto vacinet their own child in middle of nite.

  • sophia jamil

    IF THE MURDERED LADY HEALTH WORKER WAS 14TH YEAR OLD SO HOW THEY CAN BRING HER TO THE FIELD LIKE ACCORDING TO THE POLICY OF WHO and govt of pakistan related to polio which is known has NEAP is clear that the volunteer should be above 18 years .

  • Farooq Hashmi

    Miss Shah, Every Farzana is a Malala, and every Malala is a Farzana. It’s the law of nature that in the long run virtue prevails over vice. Thus, eventually humanity will succeed and terrorism of the barbaric hirsute Mullas will bleed. It’s beyond doubt that many of the Mullas have clandestinely joined forces with the Taliban, hence their condemnation of terrorism is only lukewarm.The sporadic unearthing of the caches of weapons in the cellars of mosques lends support to the belief that Mullas are surreptitiously hand in glove with the Taliban.Many of the Mullahs carry germs of terrorism which can dramatically inflict them with the fierce malady of terrorism.It’s the national responsibility of every Pakistani citizen to keep a close eye on them so that the innocent human-beings are saved from their barbarism.

  • Sagheer

    NIce very nice because there is no equal Justice for each other. If a person have lot of money he could be taken every thing and justice, and if the person is poor he burnt in the fire of unjust.

  • Raj Chouhan

    Yes, you are right WRITER Sahiba, Malala incident was a Drama/Fake and Farzana case is real. What a mind set you people have? Neither you can digest Patting nor Bashing. But, in both the cases only and only Pakistan and Pakistani are losers.

  • Veena Reddy

    Her soul rest in peace .I salute Farzana.


    Sophia Jamil — you have raised an important question — who hired a
    14 year old underage girl to give Polio vaccination — what can be more
    crazier than this — there are no labor laws against child labor in
    lawless Pakistan — and then getting that child killed.

    Some vaccination heads need to roll. It is good that the CM of KP fired 4 EDOs, the district supervisors for POLIO vaccination accused of negligence. One of them should be jailed for recruiting an under age girl and getting her killed.

  • S Nasrullah

    There are scores of murderous rampages enacted in Schools in USA, killing scores of innocent kids and nobody blames “Talibani Terrorists” that Mr NASAH is obtusely obsessed with. Mr Raj Chouhan has reminded that a burnt child dreads the fire and the case of a traitorous Dr Shakeel Afridi is fresh in the minds of many that sleaze and sneaky activities are perjured under charitable campaigns.
    Pakistan is paying heavy price for its sham and spurious foreign and domestic policies that resulted when a coward Commando and the cunning coterie of Corrupt politicians succumbed to foreign dictat. The country is crumbling by extraneous pulls and pushes of groups of people acting as puppets on the string, prompted or poisoned by lobbies inimical to Pakistan.
    Far too many intellectuals in Pakistan are beginning to realize that when the cause of insurgency (WoT) is removed, FATA and Waziristan shall have radical climb-down in the lawlessness that has gripped Pakistan and bleeding it to death. Pakistan enjoyed a short, but sweet, period of peace and security on its Western Front before the vortex of WoT. The forces of Invasion shall have to vacate their aggression someday and the legacy of their berserk actions shall have lingering impact on the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan for long time to come.
    Nobody would ever excuse or exculpate loss of innocent lives. But the dead among the NGOs and the collateral deaths of innocent Tribes in Waziristan cannot be differentiated. It was brutal execution without legal verdict.