On 9th October 2012 a 14 year old school girl named Malala Yousafzai was shot in head and neck when she was on her way to school in Mingora (Swat). Two other girls named Kainat & Shazia got injured too. Miraculously Malala survived and was rushed to military hospital in Peshawar but few days later she was taken to U.K through air ambulance for treatment where she is regaining health now.  Malala became famous in 2009 for writing blogs for BBC against Taliban suppression. The attack on Malala was unexpected though but as expected TTP claimed the responsibility of attack. The attack was made exactly two days after Imran Khan’s peaceful march to end drone strikes in South Waziristan.


Ever since the attack happened, National & International media, Politicians, NGOs, Civil Society condemned the heinous crime and prayed for Malala’s health as well as bringing the culprits to justice. Already an iconic figure Malala since the attack has been turned into an icon of peace and bravery.


There is also another side of terrorism happening in same country.


Since October 2012 to November 2012, in only two months time around 540 civilians and 71 security forces personnel have been killed in as many as 9 suicide attacks and 107 bomb blasts. (Figures summarized from SATP portal). Moreover in two months 5 drone strikes were made in which 34 alleged militants were killed.


Here one question arises.


Are all citizens equal in Pakistan as stated in below article 25 of the constitution:


Equality of citizens.


(1) All citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law.
(2) There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex.


If all citizens are supposed to be equal then why a special treatment is happening with only one citizen where rest of the nation is helpless. The above mentioned fatalities were only based on terrorist attacks. There are hundreds of cases of rape, murder happening daily but Media, Politicians and NGOs don’t raise voice against them. One event has been made so significant and everyone is in the grip of Malala incident. This clearly shows biased behavior of Media, Politicians, NGOs, Civil Society, Me and You.


Here I have few more questions to ask:


Are the lives of rest of citizens not important?


Shouldn’t rest of citizens be treated with best medical facilities?


Do they have different blood?


Do they breathe different Oxygen and drink different Water?


What is happening here is that one event has been made so significant that rest of events and atrocities have become meaningless. In last two months whether you switch on TV/Radio or pick up a newspaper, everywhere you will find news covering Malala. Every one of them is in race to cover Malala as much as they can whereas rest of the events held no importance for them. International and Local lobbies are making mockery of us through media. They want us to think in limited way dependent upon them. They want us to see what they show only, they want us to listen what they say only and hence we keep on getting away from truth.


No doubt Malala is an iconic figure but she has been used for vested political and security interests by everyone. Politicians are in run to earn fame and good name and hence every thing in this country is being named as Malala. Malala day has been celebrated and Malala schools are being built but what about soldiers who got martyred in Salala, Siachen and thousands of security personnel and civilians who got killed due to terrorism? A single day hasn’t been assigned to commemorate their bravery and sacrifices. Malala’s father has been offered job in Pakistani High Commission in Britain but what about hundreds of other sons, father, mothers, wives who have lost their breadwinner? United Nations was quick to pass resolution for Malala day and to denounce the incident but what about innocent civilians who are getting killed and injured in drone attacks, what about civilians and soldiers who are getting killed by other terrorist attacks?


Our Media is in the race to have maximum TRP and revenue and hence their only focus is the issue through which they can have maximum revenue whether that issue holds any importance or not. NGOs always focus upon issues which provide them a chance to bag more donations. Hundreds of people burnt to death in Karachi factory fire but no NGO came forward to speak for their rights. On daily basis hundreds of girls get killed, raped or assaulted but you will never see them speaking for those and once an incident of even a lower scale but with more chances of getting fame happens they suddenly get up and come to streets. These are clearly double standards and world need to do away with them if they really treat and consider everyone equal.


Now let’s talk about Me and You. We are literate and wise people and we should develop our own opinion rather than blindly following what is being said or what is being shown. We have been blessed with eyes to see, ears to listen and mind to think and we should use each of them collectively and efficiently. Only then we will be able to get out of the grip of the conspirators.

Asad Ur Rehman

Not a Veena Malik's die-hard fan

  • bilalqureshi

    She’s fake … just a topi drama.. hate her… what about thousands of poor people slained in this so called WOT…

  • asad

    Dear Asad ur rahman, you are the one who represented the opinion of millions in pakistan, thanks for your courage . every girl is allowed to go to school in pakistan including swat and malakand agency , this is a great lie that there is no girls education in pakistan.

  • Ik

    Excellent blog, Mr Rehman.

  • naseer

    yes you are i am with you

  • naseer

    yes mate i am with you are absolutely right

  • naseer

    How media and our government can ignore other Pakistani there were also other two girls injured but media did not expose them as Malala

  • Ahmad Muhammad

    very well written by the author. totally agreed

  • khurram gulzar

    the national assembly does not represent the true sentiments of Pakistani nation. Many of us believe Malala’s father, an agent of America

    • M.Saeed

      —for that matter, who is not their agent?

  • Basit Ijaz

    Ordinary blog with ordinary reasoning.

  • Tehniat Waheed

    well said..!!!

  • Abbasi

    Mr Nasah from usa You are one of the puppets of America. All of you have to abuse Pakistan and its patriots to keep ur green card in ur pockets.

    • Raj Chouhan

      And you are the puppet of those who have decided to make Pakistan another Afghanistan and to take back you people to the stone age.

  • Saim Minhas

    Now make a BIG…1 statue of her and place it on top of the Islammabad Airport…! Huh…! which is already changed to Banzari Airport…! Total Bull Sh!t…!

  • Khosa

    Why only Malala, what about more than 100 Schools, many kids killed in US Drone, two other girls, so one…..

    it is pre-planned propaganda planned by US no more than this.

  • Muhammad Atif Agha

    Get more US aid in the name of Malala, whose father is the Mir Jaffir of Pakistan.


    The substitute title of this Malalalization blog should be — Malala Maligned — By (a bunch of insecure jealous) Misogynous Malodorous Mean Muslim Male Chauvinist pigs.

  • Nawaz

    Call me a conspiracy theorist but this is all continuation of an array of events that had been carefully planned and carried out by the West and its surrogates (TTP being one of them)) for as long as one can remember to achieve political and religious agenda i.e destabilization, balkanization, secularization and utter destruction of Pakistan. Part of the Obama pivot from Middle East to South and Southeast Asia.


  • A. Kamal

    I totally disagree with the writer. The argument is weak and
    the whole article is based on a parochial view of the events. I find it even
    amusing that the writer cut and pasted the article of the constitution
    regarding equality of citizens. Yes, according to the constitution of the country
    all citizens are equal, but what it has to do with the Malala case? Pakistan is
    in the state of war. This war is waged by the terrorists who reside within its
    borders. These terrorists are ruthless, callous, murderers of innocent civilians.
    It is very sad that so many people have lost their lives at the hands of these
    merciless killers. That is why many people do not say anything openly against
    these barbaric thugs, lest they do not become the target of their reprisal.
    Everyone knows that the government has completely failed in providing
    protection to civilians. It is truly very tragic that ordinary people who are
    going about their business become victims of terrorism. But, very few spoke against Taliban knowing that it could
    cost them their lives. But surely not a little girl of 12 or 13 years old
    defied the Taliban’s threat to go to school and on top of that openly asserted
    her right of education, and openly rejected Taliban’s decree of keeping girls
    away from schools. Malala spoke about the right to education for her and other
    girls of her age at many forums openly. Now this needs courage and strong
    mindedness. I wish more Pakistanis start speaking against these terrorists, but
    unfortunately even the famous politicians, Judges, government officials, and
    religious leaders often shy away from saying anything against terrorists for
    their own safety. No, Malala in not an ordinary girl, rather she is a heroin
    who put to shame many others who are much older than her to do the right thing
    without fear. Therefore, not every one who is shot by terrorist is equal. Those
    who stood against terrorists and spoke the truth by saying the wrong, wrong deserve our respect.

  • Umair Safdar

    Yes completely agree… its the media to blame for all the unrest in
    country which ever chanel you switch you will not see any positive news
    of pakistan, these anchors just come on tv to create rifts among the
    guests, every body knows that USA planed the 9/11 and invaded muslim
    countries, it is evident that osama bin ladan incident have alot of
    doubts in itself, now malala … these so called amman ki asha preachers
    hypocrite media wants us to think like they want…… they are destroying the ideology of Pakistan…
    Why media do not bark for all the girls who are being killed in drone attacks, why mouths of media are shut on the terorism of MQM in karachi…..
    Its just a shame

  • Anonymous

    All other killed were reluctant / coward police or army, or were civilian who think everything I a conspiracy. This girl spoke with no fear and was shot, that is why she is important, have yiu forgotten that bullshit fed to yiu in yiur childhiod, SHER KEE SU SALA ZINDIGI AND GEEDER ONE day.

  • Chaudhry Abdullah

    I totally agree. Overacting has exposed the reality of this drama

    • NASAH (USA)

      Let’s see how YOU ‘overact’ in your ‘drama’ — when a Talibani bullet grazes YOUR forehead — and that cherub Ehsanullah Ahsan claims the credit on the TV.

  • Asad Piracha

    Thanks everyone for your fruitful comments and discussion. Those who are terming it a childish and researchless approach, I honor their feelings and comments but please note as I have mentioned too that this piece isn’t against Malala. She is not to blame but those who are using her for their interests.

    Thank You.

    Asad Ur Rehman

  • usman

    I was ashamed to see comments under the news in Guardian about malala’s plans to settle in UK. many commentators mocked the fact that every Pakistani goes to UK to claim asylum. I thought malala had much higher stature & she could have served the cause of women empowerment better by staying in pakistan. Furthermore, questions are also being raised about her father being offered a job at the expense of pakIstani taxpayer’s money.

  • Yazeed

    Had there was this much attention paid to Aafia Siddiqui, I honestly doubt that this guy will be complaining this much.

  • Pakistani

    You have, quite unfortunately, failed to understand the essence of this blog. I, personally, have reached the point where I think that the whole incident was just a drama and that she was never shot. I have witnessed a victim of bullet injury to the temple and have first hand knowledge of how that person’s life develops after that, Malala on the other hand has recovered miraculously and unimaginably quick.

    There’s usually a deeper picture where deep interests vest, perhaps if you think about all the unnecessary hype and attention to this 1 incident where as the US drones execute thousands of our citizens every year and all victims are declared ‘Militants’ even by our own media and government, Victims that include women, children and even infants, mind you!!

  • Salman Shamsie

    You know dear, In pakistan they all are stupids, if they are wise enough, then Malala hadn’t need to write diaries. There ideas like “Malala Incident as Drama” is fruit always orbits around jealous and useless brains, has nothing to do in real and always think (nobody should make us fool). for them sometimes, i feel ashamed to be Pakistani.

  • reporter

    Seems there are too many fools given permission to write articles in Pak…

  • Acme Disys

    Absolutely true.. Agree with your point of view.. Its really shows biased behavior..

  • Ranjeet Pawar

    Sardar Sahib just read the report in any other News paper of the world except of Pakistan you will come to know the reality. Do not try to fool yourself and your ——–.

  • M.Saeed

    See the simple result here. This blog is the largest visited and commented site. It shows people’s concern about it. But, a careful observation would reveal that, there are highest number of negative comments and disapproval votes. Clearly, those who get itched are conspicuous and reacting, while others are simple silent majority of sympathisers.
    Now, who is getting upset and why?
    If it is any topi-drama, then who are its script writers and directors?
    If Malala is fake then how come all other terror-targets, including those so called innocent collateral-damage victims, are also not fake?


    Pakistanis — like the writer of the above enumerating post — are so used to be treated as pariahs of the civilized world for the past 65 years — that when the entire world rises to compliment the country and praises the heroic act of a 14 year old Pakistani girl for fighting and getting wounded for girl’s eduction — some Pathetic Pakistanis can’t even take a RARE accolade of the world with grace and dignity.

    What twisted diseased minds!

    • Ali Humayun

      The Entire World Did Not Complement The Country and Heroic Act of a 14 Years Old Girl. Rather The Entire World Wanted to Complement a Country and a 14 Years Old Girl for witch Malala and TTP played their roles as the are pawns in the hands of real evil powers. The writer me and every body here has 1 Question why Only Malalization when there have been more than a hundred causalities of children by drone attacks. Who even didn’t dared to go a school or a training camp. Even RAJNI KANT in the movie wouldn’t make such a stupid by luck conspiracy that he gets shot in the head and still survives and recovers back to 100%

  • Anonymous

    Appears the marketing departments for products, be they TTP or Malalization,are hard at pushing the largely imported products….either way, high cost products!


    Since you are such a Malaliesation expert — soon you will have to start preparing to write yet another blog titled “Bilourliesation” — and before that “Polioliesation”.

    You are right all these ‘liesasions’ are Western lies, the works of Western conspirators impersonating Talibans — boo hoo — not the work of honest to goodness ‘naamard’ Talibans.

    The truth is all of you need to get your ostrich heads opened up and peered into . One may find empty skulls or skulls with little Talibans lurking here and there in the dried up frontal lobe.

    • Asad Ur Rehman

      I am really sorry but you even were unable to get the sense of the article. This article at no point blames Malala but our Media and Government who has created hype with this issue and have forgotten the rest of troubles. As simple as it is. Simple point which I made in my blog has been reinforced by you over here. Bashir Bilour and Polio workers have been murdered but did any international and local media paid that much heed as they paid to Malala issue. Can you please search the factors and come up with a better response than to just criticize.


      Asad Ur Rehman


    “If Malala is fake then how come all other terror-targets, including
    those so called innocent collateral-damage victims, are also not fake?”

    Great observation Saeed sb!

    Killing of Mr. Bilour is fake — – death of 7 polio female workers is fake — this maligning article is fake and the writer of the marginal article is a fake coming from a
    fake conspiratorial city of a fake conspiratorial country called Fakeistan.

    • Asad Ur Rehman

      Dear NASAH (USA),

      I don’t know who you are, but if you really have some guts then comment with your original identity. At the moment you are fake.

      Moreover the damages you have mentioned points to a long debate. If you have time and which I surely think you have abundant then search over the internet at least about who created Taliban. Who was Osama bin Laden’s friend? This wave of terrorism was imposed us in 1979 which till date we are facing. Don’t only see one sided picture, revolve it and look at other side. I am not saying that we don’t have any involvement and part to play in it but major part is being played by the country from where you boasts to belong though I always doubt the identity.


      Asad Ur Rehman

  • khan

    When thouseds of Malays left swat during operation in swat where were the so called western back NGOs …..?


    You are exactly right — it always starts with ONE individual that catches the imagination of the world — who represents the trials and tribulations of the entire community.

    Another, Ann Frank and Holocaust. Now Damini for the rape victims.

    Malala’s supreme fault — she did not die by the bullet — so it is permissible to attack Malala as to why she did not die — not her attackers.

    In Pakistan the rivers flow in reverse.