Let’s Appreciate KESC

Let’s Appreciate KESC

Apart from all the criticism KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Company) usually face because of the never ending load shedding issues, this government organization is trying their best to play a positive role in the development of Pakistan with its limited resources, uncertain political and economical issues and heavy criticism. The recent example of KESC’s effort for the betterment of the country is LED light project.



The KESC has replaced 256, old and conventional lights at Mazar e Quaid inside the tomb and museum with the latest, green-technology based LED lamps. The lighting effect after this transition to the LED’s has magnified the grandeur of the national heritage by complimenting the beauty of the mausoleum and bringing out its previously understated effect. In the first phase, the conventional lamps of the Mazar’s ground floor chandelier, basement chandelier and the museum illumination have been converted to the LED’s.



The 8.32kW power consumption load of the conventional lighting has now commendably been reduced to 1.78 kW only, achieving a substantial saving of 79 per cent. The financial impact of the savings from the reduction in power consumption will be more than Rs0.4 million / annum in terms lower Energy Bills. The most important point to note is the fact that LED technology based lights have a far greater useful life, emit no radiation, and are based on the green energy concept with zero carbon foot print curbing the adverse affects of global warming and preserving the environment.



Moreover in the second phase which is in progress with KESC’s technical support and the partnership Quaid-i-Azam Mazar Management Board, the entire exterior lighting scheme of the mausoleum will be transformed into Energy Efficient LED new technology. Let’s encourage and support KESC for their effort for bringing significant ideas in improving the electricity issues of country.

Faiza Hai

An MBA student and freelance writer

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  • Taj Ahmad

    We, all should respect and protect our energy companies despite load shedding
    and pay their bill on time.
    Load shedding is a global issue and not just in Pakistan or India.
    Please guys, do not burn or damage properties of KESC or WAPDA.
    Thank you all.

  • Shahid

    excellent !!

  • yaqub

    lets first all pray that your IQ level rises.do you think what you have written is news worthy?.it would have been news worthy article if KESC.had prosecuted a member of the elite for stealing electricity.or perhaps installed another power station.maybe convert from imported furnace oil to indigenous coal . oh well what can one expect from a PPP jiala

  • http://twitter.com/aminarab amin

    I appreciate the people of pakistan for tolerating for SO LONG KESC NON SENSE.

  • Muhammad Rizwan

    I feel a poor management of KESC nowadays.High type of electricty theft by others.but no action from management.I am totaly disagree with the performance of KESC

  • Tanveer

    KESC going good its good but at least they should not punish people who are paying there bills and facing 2hrs load shedding thrice in a day, because of some culprits are getting power by illegal means and not paying even KESC staff is involved in this cheating.

  • adnan

    Dear K.E.S.C, please respect consumer rights

  • M.Saeed

    A conventional 40 watt tube-light costs about Rs. 50, where as a LED-tube of equal illuminating intensity costs, at present, about Rs. 5,500. An increase in cost of about 11,000%!!!
    Now, how are we going to finance such a huge sum and how long it will take to break-even the capital cost from the stated savings in power consumption???

  • Arsh

    how on earth these LED lights are “based on the green energy concept with zero carbon foot print curbing the adverse affects of global warming and preserving the environment”. This is no way possible when the LED lights are suppiled from the same transformer and energy from same power plants. Please dont try to write on topics that you have no idea about.


    Life is full of uncertainty — so is electricity in Karachi and in Delhi.

  • M.Saeed

    As a first step to reduce our electricity costs for lighting, we must start producing our own LED light fixtures A 3-watt LED light fixture equivalent in illuminating capacity to a 60 watts conventional bulb, costs about—Rs.750/=, while a tube-light replacement fixture in a strip of LED’s costs about Rs.5,500/= a piece. And, these are all China made products. There is no high technology involved that a nuclear-power cannot master.

  • Abid Hussain

    It is good start ,we should encourage people who are doing or trying to do any thing good.In my opinion if we promote solar energy in our residential units it would give some releif to KESC

  • waseem

    how much money did you get for writing this article?? .you should be appreciating people for tolerating kesc .

  • James

    Pakistani nation is the dumbest nation in the world . people are blind . deaf . hopefully u will be bombed soon . u are waste on the map

  • http://www.facebook.com/msovais Owais Siddiqui

    By the way…KESC is a Private organization now..

  • http://twitter.com/smehdiali syed mehdi ali

    WE really apprciate KESC the way they are handling the power crises in country. The good thing is that they are giving incentives to their values customers who are paying bills with no load shedding in their areas. Good work KESC keep it up…

  • http://twitter.com/xeeshanshafique zeeshan shafique

    now we would be paying the cost under variable charges :)