Both Sides of Fence are Green for Nawaz Sharif

Both Sides of Fence are Green for Nawaz Sharif

Pakistani politicians are beyond common people’s imaginations; their words never match with their acts.  Most of the time they shift blame on opponents and rest of the time blame; of Pakistani problems; is shifted on International powers. Right wing parties can’t accept the fact that currently Pakistan is burning in the fire of hatred and someextremist groups are taking advantage out of it. Recently, Nawaz Sharif was interviewed by a private channel and his statements especially for Karachi were conflicting with his past actions he took against Karachi.



Nawaz Sharif bypassed 1992 Karachi operation (known as operation cleanup or code name Blue fox)   from his interview, which he launched against Karachi.  MQM claims to have lost 15000 workers in that operation which started to target 72 criminals (Big fish) in Sindh. Although, Nawaz Sharif when regained power in 1997 and visited MQM headquarter in Karachi, apologized for 1992 operation. He promised to compensate the families of those people who were killed in that operation. The act of apologizing and compensating was the acceptance of the wrongdoings in 1992.



He said that Karachi’s situation was much better in his tenure and there was no killing and extortion in the city, then why did he need to launch the operation on the city? He said that our relations with our allies were  jeopardized due to Hakim Saeed murder but the fact is different than his words. On August 13th 1997 he passed“Anti-Terrorism Act” which was opposed by all parties including their ally MQM. ATA was considering a free hand or license to law enforcement agencies to kill the citizens. ATA was openly opposed by the then judiciary and Chief Justice Sajjad Ali shah was not convinced on the need of establishing the special courts under ATA. The attack
on Supreme Court was carried First time in the history of Pakistan by a political party workers.



Human Rights of US State Department issued annual report of 1997; released on January 1998; criticized on the political and human rights in Pakistan. The report said that government has breached citizen privacy rights and political killings are common in Karachi. Judiciary is under political influence and there is limited freedom for assembly, movement and minorities specially Ahmadis. The report detailed about the extra judicial killings and said that criminal suspects found dead in Police custody and staged as police encounter.

Karachi remained on top in report for politically motivated extra judicial killings. Corruption in Police and their involvement in extra judicial killings were also highlighted. 2011 report showed Punjab Police topped in extra judicial killings. The human Right report also criticized on the Accountability Commission, that it is had been dominated by an “Accountability Cell” which is heading by a person close to then PM.  Under the commission Asif Ali Zardari, then husband of Benazir Bhutto was also charged in corruption cases.



Not to forget about “the Registration of Printing Press and Publication Ordinance, 1997″. The act was made to curb the freedom of press. The ordinance authorized the magistrate and low-level Police officers to intervene in the press and bar the newspapers without any judicial notice or process.



In October 1998 Sind Government was dismissed by a suddenly held press conference by then PM Nawaz Sharif. He accused MQM in the assassination of Hakeem Saeed and even named some members including sitting MPA. The question which should have been arose that how can a prime minister accuse a group of people in a murder case without any investigation and judicial process?



Governor rule was imposed in Sindh after two days of PM’s indictment, but Assembly was neither dissolved nor suspended. MQM distant it from government and it was a high chance that PPP could make government in Sind but the Sind government was dismissed and governor rule was imposed.



Today’s words of Mian Nawaz Sharif don’t match with his past actions. But this is not USA where Republican vice president candidate Paul Ryan lost his own state because of his lies during election 2012 campaign.

Farheen Rizvi

A masters in International Management from University of Maryland, a social worker and a blogger.

  • Najib Wardak

    i think the writer belong to mqm,if nawaz shareef has a not very good past then what aboutMQM who killed thousand of pashtoon and since killing them,what about zulfiqar batto who split pakistan in two parts and killed hundreds of pashtoon in liaqat bagh……you should answer my these questions……

  • khan

    I appreciate your editorial and 100% percent agree but one thing i would add in the end you should change your words and write that this is not USA this is Begharatistan. Whose shameless peoples voting again and again to their Shameless and so called leaders.

  • Muhammad Atif Agha

    Nawaz Sharif is the most corrupt and failed politican. In 2008 he was 20th richest man, and with the partnership with zardari, he became 5th richest man of Pakistan. Zardari is at 3rd. Details are on wikipedia.

  • Fawad Rehman

    Nawaz Sharif doesn’t have a good enough memory to be a successful

  • Anonymous

    Great writeup unveiling the truth – Politicians really need DARE TO BEAR the facts
    Weldone Farheen Rizvi

  • Muhammad Talha

    Mr. Quiad e Azam Sani (aka Nawaz Sharif) thinks that he can fob the people off with his plethora of lies. The huge edifice of wrongdoings that he constructed will soon be razed. Finding it extremely hard to counter the surge of PTI, he has nothing to do but to bumble on futile issues. There is a stark difference between the supporters and partisans of all three main-stream parties:

    PPP — Jiyalaas (They think that they always vote for Bhutto without even considering that whom their vote will bring into power — PITY)
    PML-N — Badmaash (Always inclined towards harassing and the always rushing in fudges to win cheers at the party conferences — SHAME)
    PTI — Joshelay (Teeming with passion and verve but are fragile. They need to empower themselves so as to confront the other two)

    For every evil there is a pitfall into which it will ultimately fall. For every oppressor there is a bludgeon which he will receive as a penalty for his felonies. We have a golden chance of ending the corrupt regimes for good. Wake up from your oblivion and don’t even allow these two oldies to even syncopate their gasps of horror. Let a frisson of alarm run down their spine so that they may know “Enough is Enough” —- Imran Khan Zindabaad —-

  • tashfeen

    nawaz sahreef and PML N have had 5 chances of government so far. 2 times PM and 3 times CM of punjab. if they couldnt deliver then , how can they deliver now?? if pakisatni people elect PML N again, this will be abig loss. they are all political gimics.
    sasti roti, laptop schemes, road to raiwind…….. and the list continues.

    • Farooq Hashmi

      ” If someone betrays you once,it’s his fault; if he betrays you twice, it’s your fault”, said someone. As you say,the Nawaz League betrayed the Pakistani people the third time,the fourth time and the fifth time. If they are looking for a betrayal by the Nawaz League for the six time, they are no other than masochists by nature.

  • Zeeshan Sheikh

    I live in karachi from past three generations. but I must say nawaz is better than the traitor, murderer, foreigner Altaf hussain.

    But I am gonna vote for Imran khan anyway.

    MQM is a terrorist organization.

  • Guest

    So does that imply that he needs to join hands with Nawaz Sharif? It is Nawaz Sharif who is the real culprit and is putting up a facade. It will be preposterous to believe a man of such ugly antecedents. As for Asif Ali Zardari and PPP, they are no where to be seen Imran Khan) and I couldn’t find PPP any where. The myth which PML-N keeps on perpetuating that ‘Voting for PTI is analogous to Voting for Zardari’ is nothing but baloney. The real contest is between PTI and PML-N. As for the sly and patient crow, he will just remain a spectator to all this, Don’t worry, :) — It’s time to set history and new parables of valour –

    • M.Saeed

      My dear Guest, although not very presentable example but I tend to remind here that, once in his outburst against Benazir Bhutto in one of his election meetings at Quetta, Nawaz Sharif had made a bragging promise to the crowd that, if selected, he would hang Benazir on the same tree under which he was addressing the crowd.

      What happened later, he forgot everything and many years later joined Benazir and signed the “Charter of Democracy” with her.
      So, in politics, nothing is permanent and game must go on.

  • Muhammad Talha

    So does that imply that he needs to join hands with Nawaz Sharif? It is
    Nawaz Sharif who is the real culprit and is putting up a facade. It will
    be preposterous to believe a man of such ugly antecedents. As for Asif
    Ali Zardari and PPP, they are no where to be seen. I’ve been to people from the lowest stratum (canvassing for Imran Khan) and I
    couldn’t find PPP any where. The myth which PML-N keeps on perpetuating
    that ‘Voting for PTI is analogous to Voting for Zardari’ is nothing but
    baloney. The real contest is between PTI and PML-N. As for the sly and
    patient crow, he will just remain a spectator to all this, Don’t worry, :) — It’s time to set history and new parables of valour –

    • M.Saeed

      Dear Talha, I am equally appalled for our perpetual failures. Mere wishing cannot give results that we need. Result oriented concerted efforts are needed for which we should never forget our hard learnt lessons from history. And, “divide-and-rule” is the most consistent lessons we are always ready to ignore in huirry.

  • M.Saeed

    Credit must be givenwhe5e due, without any reservation. Although not a very presentable premier, he took and implemented some very laudable decisions like Atomic blasts, in complete defiance to severe American opposition.

    Nawaz Sharif had started developing transportation infrastructure as his foremost priority. He knew it was one of the pillars of developing economy because it facilitates people to travel to and from work easily. It permits goods to move quickly from factories to markets, or retail shops, boosting productivity. It allows people to escape out to the open areas for the weekends or holidays, thus improving their quality of life and recharge energies to start another week with renewed vigour.

    Another milestone measure of Sharif was in making Pakistani Passport (like in any developed country), an honourable document that allowed people move in and out of the country without being harassed at the airports by various barriers of ferocious looking uniformed thugs of officials. He also introduced Green Channels for quicker exit of passengers after long journeys.

    It would be remembered that, even India copied the Nawaz model for economic development, making India open to foreign businesses.


    Saeed sb — do you think the Nawaz Sharif wolf may like to forge a coalition with the clever crow to keep the wolverine at bay?

    • M.Saeed

      Thanks NASAH Sb, I really enjoyed your analogy. Wolverine-crow is the perfect fit. Perhaps, we may morph it with a “Zar-Zuro” gluttony.

      Now, on the coalition of convenience, I would say, they are not shy of colluding with anyone, for all the wrong reasons.

  • Shazeb Khan

    Musharraf committed a mistake, he should have hanged Nawaz Sharif!

    • Farooq Hashmi

      “Musharraf committed a mistake,he should have hanged Nawaz Sharif!”,you gurgled out. Your wish for Nawaz Sharif’s execution by Musharraf sent a wave of chill down my spine.Your downright reprehensible wish is the tell-tale of your lack of insight for looking through the repercussions of the God-forsaken precedent set by dictator Zia by hanging the great statesman,Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.Naked savagery and wolfish acts of the two generals____ Zia and Musharraf_____have bred sentiments of a subterranean ambivalence for the Army, among the Pakistani public.People’s voice is the voice of God,and the voice of Pakistani people is that both Zia and Musharraf are the horrid criminals.Public at large believes that Musharraf and his then-cronies have BB shaheed’s blood on their hands.The lesson of history is that violence in politics is counter-productive.As to the warp and woof of Pakistan’s politics I’m an ideologue who believes that it’s the state’s obligation to provide the basic necessities to every citizen through the equal distribution of wealth.Even with all its lapses, I’m an ardent supporter of PPP,.However,I have absolutely,no ill-will against the person of Nawaz Sharif and his family, and wish them a long life. Mr.Shazeb Khan, political differences must never to be given a twist of enmity.

  • Faizan P. Hashmi

    Everything you say about Nawaz sharif is true agreed and locked, but i cant understand why are you comparing him with MQM. For the last ten years or more MQM is and was the part of Federal Government, my question is what good have MQM brought to Karachi leave Pakistan aside, that will be too much to ask

  • Lady-jen Pabutawan

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