Are Anchors the New Actors?

Are Anchors the New Actors?

Although it has become an old school wacky pot-boiler that anchors today have nothing but to pour baseless criticism over the known ones.



Sometimes in the so-called progressing society, it’s difficult to keep an account of series of talk shows with number of anchors coming up with what they think is happening around in the country. Also, too difficult to believe the justification embedded into the stories portrayed, how are they been able to stand firm while pulling the legs and bullying the government and oppositions?


Let’s not name names but let’s keep our eyes wide open and comprehend the iota of logics in having non-governmental and at some time law-less parties transform and mold our mindsets. Currently, too unfortunate to have been provided with number of programs that invokes roaring of politicians towards each other. For the general public it may be a mattered a lot to have been provided with reality shows (scripted?) that appeals them. But for greater minds, from both common people and the dignities, this kind of programme is meant to increase their show ratings. We can’t encompass the entertainment factor which engulf no intelligence, rationale or justification either. Honestly, we are touching new lows by having two dignities shouting over each-other with a referee anchor all packed up with manipulative script (prepared by him or them) in a talk-show that aims at opening the eyes of the society.


For instance, in a recent kala bagh dam matter where Lahore High Courtprovided judgment to the government to pull their socks and begin working on the project. Some talk shows didn’t feel reluctant pushing the matter further and showered their criticism over the working on ruling political party. Moreover, in order to strengthen their war of words and so called freedom of speech, anchors gathered the members of PML-N and together bullied the matter. It’s difficult to out-line the intention behind the wretched episode, whether it’s pre-election shots or the genuine criticisms.


To me, it’s our own choice to not be played in the hands of media — anchors. If political parties themselves decide the members of their respective parties to be watched in the talk-shows that are free from the evils of entertainment and entertainment, would be better, those members who are elected ones, well-read and patient who can present a brighter picture of their political parties across the country.


Pakistani TV Channels are packed with ingredients that constitute a wholesome entertainment to raise their ratings, but in this competing zone the content is nearly non-existent in terms of the code of conduct. Not every country rich with media facilities enjoy the humor which is lowering below the belt. For instance, when in Britain, illegally phones were hacked by tabloid newspapers they were needed to pay the price for it.

Today, in Pakistan, TV channels and shows are emerging in like house on fire. Good to see Pakistan progressing but simultaneously hard to keep them accountable of the contents included by them.

Although the other side of the picture looks brighter, anchors shedding light upon the mounting demands and the grave problems of the country. Keeping the elected ones accounted for the activities they have been involved in and which were not always in the better interest of the nation. But we always find it difficult to make the anchors accountable for invoking heated up conversation, fights and arguments which for sure are not in the greater interest of the nation too. There is no harm in seeing voices rising higher over the genuine issues; we for sure adore the exponential growth in print and electronic media but who will draw a line, is something to think about!


Much needed honesty goes missing on electronic media, system must be overhauled. Sitting in your living room and talking anything about anyone is totally different than being a representative of a
particular party on a TV channel. Ethics must not be forgotten by both the guests and the anchors. Motives behind enticing the spectators with baseless discussions and doing the same thing all over again in all shows certainly gives the viewer feeling of Déjà vu.

In the nut shell, unmistakably reminiscent of each other, firing and bullying one another is portraying a lower picture of our society. Many do believe that there are no differences left between the anchors and the actors as anchors too are being paid to play certain role. It’s pity that politicians too play in the hands of entertainment and pour out things which doesn’t require further scripting.

Fairly speaking, having a legal action against illegalities on the use of derogatory comments and taunts without any proof must be taken seriously. Today, we are packed with populated shows that are running swiftly to raise the bar of ratings for their shows and the content goes missing in them.

Hassan Naqvi

A journalist based in Lahore and can be followed on twitter @hassannaqvi5

  • Taj Ahmad

    Well written article by writer Hassan Naqvi, media should always consider
    Country’s interest first and find out corruption in the country and exposed it
    on T.V. news hour to Pakistani people.

    • Arshad

      I wrote some remarks, which are not reflecting here…. why?

  • Anonymous

    And how about an ‘Are Pakistani journalists or bloggers illiterate?’ article? Or a ‘Why do our journalists feel the need to write in English when they very obviously can’t’ one? Please write in Urdu if you can’t write in English! Its nothing to be ashamed of!!

    • Wajahat

      Check your own language first… why dont you comment in Urdu when you actually cant write English properly

      • Anonymous

        Please correct it for me. No, I’m seriously not being confrontational. I would really appreciate it if you could help me improve my language.

  • Sara Rana

    Really awesome ,,,and true facts,,well Done

  • Wajahat

    great piece keep it up!

  • M.Saeed

    What ethics are there to be forgotten between politicians and their drum-beaters?
    What really are their motives behind baseless discussions and on such live TV shows ?
    Unfortunately, we are a people with a very short memory-retention chip. We like to see a show again and again with a fruitless aim to apprehend and register the aimless contents of such discussions shows, struggling to our wit’s end but without success because, nothing is consistent in content to make lasting impression. Still, we are always keen to look for truth in media because, only a media reference can make our talk authentic in our private discussions, no matter how far it might be from reality.

  • Umair Safdar

    Yes right anchors are the paid person who always promote one party and degrade other of his choice and unfortunately majority of the anchors and journalists are trying to wipe Pakistan’s ideology by foolish kind of arguments regarding our founders which is creating confusion in youth minds as already today’s youth has nothing to do with countries ideology and Islamic values even then it is quite disturbing. people like kashif abassi, imtiaz alam, mehar bukhari, mubashar lukman, marvi sermad, GEO tv, Duniya and ary are busy in insulting paksitan over the media… no one speaks about Kashmir or any positive aspect of our country …….. shame on media puppets.

  • Sadequain Akber

    Modern definition of a BLACK MAILER is an Anchor.