Why is it Risky to Invest in Pakistan?

Why is it Risky to Invest in Pakistan?

1.      Is that a crime that, someone in Pakistan generates Rs. 2 Billion annual revenue, pays taxes worth  Rs. 20 Million per year and if his factory faces an accident, does that mean he should be implicated under section 302 (premeditated murder).


2.      Is that a crime that, Someone who has provided direct employment to 1200 workers, meaning a 1200 families and indirect employment to around 12000 others . If his factory faces some sort of disaster, does that mean his gatekeeper, accountant, senior staff, and the owners be sent to jail???


3.      Does anyone benefit from the fact that the owners are in jail (except for the police)? With the owners in jail what will happen to the compensation that was supposed to given to the heirs of the deceased workers? And what about those 900 workers who survived the disaster?


4.      Is that a crime that the owners who are well educated engineers and doctors who have lost their workers and worth millions assets and this incident in their factory have made them the criminals, if all these losses weren’t enough that


a)  The bank accounts of the owners are frozen?

b)  The owners are stripped of their basic rights?

c)  Their factory be sealed and not even allowing them to visit the factory?

d)  The owners to be labeled as criminals and sent off to jail?


5.      What an image have we presented to the world, that if a factory in Pakistan faces a disaster, the factory will be sealed and the owners will be sent to jail? What about the export orders given to this factory. Who will fulfill the commitment to the respective buyers? Will the buyers remain silent over non-completion of their orders? Will this give an incentive to foreign businessmen to come and invest in Pakistan and foreign companies?


6.      What will happen to the vendors of this factory?


-  The payments that the vendors were supposed to collect from the factory owners? Does sending the owners in jail mean that the vendors will receive their payments? All know such money revolves among workers at number of levels.


7.      Was it due to media frenzy that the owners were regarded as criminals? Don’t we know that in today’s world what sorts of people are made anchor/host?


a)  Don’t we know what type of people are made anchor/host?

b)  The type which blackmail others from their power?


8.      Our police didn’t think twice before filing a case under section 302 which suggests that the owners deliberately torched their factory. Before doing so the owners would transfer their 500 million rupees to an offshore account and they would shift their family somewhere abroad, then would they be successful in carrying out such a task. But no these businessmen did no such thing, in spite of this, a case was filed under section 302 and 322 against them. Why was this so???


9.      To hide the true facts of this huge disaster and holding the owners as solely responsible is a huge challenge for the FIA.



a)  Despite the nearest fire station just 2km away from the factory, the first fire brigade reached there one hour after the fire erupted while second one arrived two hours late.


b)  Should the carelessness of the fire brigade also be considered a fault of the owners?


Hydrants which were closed since the previous day due to nonpayment of the electricity bill resulted in an acute water shortage for the fire tenders but only the owners were held responsible?, is it fair to rest the entire blame of this disaster on the factory owners or should the state be responsible for these shortcomings?



10.  Without a doubt these 259 deaths resulted in a major tragedy and there is no substitute present for a human life but today hundreds of people die as a result of target killing and yet we see no government official resigning. Who is responsible for all these deaths? The Government, Police or the legal system?



11.  For every crime there is a motive, what the police and other authorities failed to describe was the purpose that the owners wished to achieve by deliberately torching their factory?


Ansar Mehdi

A General Manager in an export oriented firm

  • truepakistani

    My friend has lost all his savings in karachi by land grabbers and extortionist.Pakistan is a lawless country. I would advice all foreigners and overseas and local Pakistanis not to do any investment in Pakistan until pakistan army give gurantees.

  • jhtt1958

    Pakistan still is not a failed state but you are right if the things go like they are then the picture will be different.

  • Omer

    this article is senseless. It is employers responsibility to provide a safe work environment and to ensure there are fire exits and fire extinguishers at the premises.

  • khan

    The factory owners were a face of cruel capitalism and they are responsible for killing workers. The concerned govt departments were also part of accumulating wealth. Who is responsible for not following SOPs….obviously factory owners….why they did not install fire hydrants and fire exits…..If u provide job does that allow them to take their lives. Fire system costing some million rupees could have saved lives and prevented loss of ffactory devastation…..Paki industrialsts are so cruel..shame on you , you profess to b muslims….u r worst than animals…

  • khan

    If it was SA 8000 certified genuinely, as u profess, then why there was no fire hydrant and other allied safety mechanisms… Paki chaoters of Such SAs are proved uselesss and a cover up for exports iunto EU zone..