From 2D to 3D- The Battle for Lahore

From 2D to 3D- The Battle for Lahore

With the next general elections due shortly, we will witness the most lethal and sanguinary of all political battles in Lahore. Lahore- A bastion of PML-N, challenged by PTI, has now become the epicenter of all the political activities in the upper Punjab. The scenario was never what it is now! In the general elections of 2008 PML-N had bagged 11 out of 13 national assembly seats in Lahore. It was 17% of their total seats all over Pakistan. Then suddenly we saw that the sands of time started pouring against them. This dates back to 30th October.


PTI mesmerized the whole of Pakistan by its grand show in Lahore on 30th October, 2011. People had thronged to Minar e Pakistan just to support Imran Khan. His every single word was cheered and highly applauded. The crowd of thousands reverberated with every single uttering of his. People entrusted him to be their savior; the Messiah who would liberate them from the jaws of cupidity, mendacity and depravity. The entire Lahore knew just one thing; just one incantation i-e “Vote for Imran, Vote for Change”. This is from where the actual journey of PTI began and the think-tanks of PML-N had to do some grueling brainstorming.


PTI, after its surge in Punjab, has posed a serious threat to PML-N. Though the leadership of PML-N claims to be unaffected by the newly emerged PTI, but actually their nerves are jangling, for they are being thoroughly challenged. PTI has chalked-out a comprehensive strategy for trouncing PML-N in Lahore and PML-N are well-aware of the situation and are trying to keep things smooth at their end.


With youth blindly adoring Imran and his penetration deep into the strata, it will not be untenable to presume that the tide of PTI can prove to be a nemesis for the rocks of PML-N. Even though Imran’s surgeons have amputated the arms of the patients of PML-N, but still they are a force to reckon with.


A common refrain among different circles is that Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi will contest the elections against Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif from NA-123. If it so happens then it will, indubitably, be the mother of all election encounters. NA-123 has always been of prime importance in the election history of Pakistan. Many leaders have always had a pronounced inclination towards contesting elections in this constituency.


The results from Lahore will be crucial. If Lahore falls for PML-N then it will be a major setback for them and a huge boon for PTI. A change always brews up in Lahore, shapes up into a whirlpool, and then spreads all over Punjab. So Lahoris, get the front-row tickets, for you are about to experience ‘Political Battle in 3D’!

Muhammad Talha

A Final year student of Electrical Engineering at UET, Lahore

  • Ezio Auditore

    Time for Norther Punjab to rise and kick out the NOoraZ from the region; once and for all!! ;(


    “If Lahore falls for PML-N then it will be a major setback for them and a huge boon for PTI”.

    My dear Talha — If Lahore ‘falls for’ PML-N then WHY it will be a major setback for PML(N) and a huge boon for PTI — it will be a major setback for PTI and huge boon for PML(N).

    Lahore is like a “Mashooqa” whoever it falls for, wins — “tum milay mil gaiee benaaye hayat/tum gaye saree kainat guyee.

    • Muhammad Talha

      With all due respect, I’m of a different opinion in this regard. In order to completely oust someone you ought to take out the main-hold, and PML-N has always loved to exercise their prerogatives from Lahore. Since both PTI and PML-N have their head offices in Lahore so it will be a veritable contest, and if I’m to opine then you know the answer bearing the name of the winner, :) .

    • Muhammad Talha

      And segregate ‘fall’ from ‘for’ in this particular context in lieu of taking it as one unit, :) .

    • Muhammad Talha

      Since ‘fall for’ (collectively) may have given an altogether different perspective so Apologies for the inadvertent mistake, :)

    • umair usman

      are you stupid?

  • S Nasrullah

    If Karachi is the Commercial Capital of Pakistan, Lahore is the Cultural Capital. With its reputed educational institutions, its spirited and colorful population, Lahore dictates the political scenario. Now that the youth of Pakistan have rallied round the PTI flag and the Shareef Brothers in a quandary with SC ruling in the Asghar Khan case, only the brigand PPP could come to Shareef Bros rescue by delaying or defying the SC ruling, as their record of stalling SC decisions of the past consistently reflect. People of Lahore admired NS for his bold defiance against tremendous US pressure not to test its Nuclear arsenal, but since then a horde of events and the response of NS to those events have climbed down his popularity graph.
    The popular wind in favor of Imran Khan and his PTI is bound to skittle out lot of loosely grounded myths and the list of fallen icons of the past could be amazing – throughout Pakistan.