New Chinese Leadership and its Foreign Policy

New Chinese Leadership and its Foreign Policy

We in Pakistan claim China as our ‘all weather’ friend but ask anybody in the streets of Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi, who rules this friendly country and you’ll turn up a blank. Even the media is only giving a cursory treatment to the change of guard in China. This is strange indeed because the new Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping has been in the waiting for the last five years. Xi will become the President of the PeoplesRepublic of China next March. He and fellow Politburo standing committee member Li Keqiang, who is also the prime minister designate are in their late fifties and are set to replace a greying leadership. Xi has an impressive CV. He comes from an established background. He is referred to by the western press as a ‘princeling’ i.e. his father was a pioneering member of the Chinese Communist Party, fought alongside Mao and subsequently occupiedsenior party positions. Xi is chemical engineer by training and holds a doctorate in Chinese political thought. His wife is a glamorous opera singer and his daughter studies in Harvard.



Apart from this little is known about his domestic and foreign policy preferences. During the past five years vice president Xi visited over 50 countries. Surprisingly neither he nor vice premier Li visited India or Pakistan. Xi did not meet former Indian external affairs minister S M Krishna during his several visits to Beijing. He did meet former PresidentPratibhaPatil during her Beijing visit in 2010. There were initial discussions by Indian and Chineseforeign ministries on a planned visit to India by Xi but this could not be finalised and the visit never took place. However, Xi visited Bangladesh, and also hosted a dinner for Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari in Beijing last June.



China watchers believe the new leadership would stick to its traditional preference for policy continuity and would refrain from making major changes. It is unlikely that would be a revision in the relationship with India and Pakistan. The trade relationsbetween India and China is likely to improve and while the Chinese would not push the border disputes with India they are not likely to forget these completely either and they would continue to monitor India’s growing military might including the development of new Agni missiles that can reach deep targets in its mainland.



The speech of the new secretary general at the conclusion of the 18th session of the Central party Session at the Great Peoples Hall focussed on domestic issues like fighting corruption and improving the life of the common people. The only part remotely concerning foreign relations was neutral and friendly. Xi concluded the speech by saying “Friends from the press, China needs to learn more about the world, and the world also needs to learn more about China. I hope you will continue to make more efforts and contributions to deepening the mutual understanding between China and the countries of the world.”



No mention about Taiwan, the dispute with Japan or the US Pacific Policy to contain China. You can draw your own conclusions

Tughral Yamin

A Ph.D. scholar and a teacher at the National Defence University Islamabad

  • Ahsan

    well, common public will still remain unaware cuz simply the chinese names and their pronunciations are quite difficult….otherwise people do consider the chinese as Pakistan’s best friends!!


    Beware of China — the old Han kingdom — in the garb of the new communist imperialism.

    There are 14 countries on the borders of China from Japan to Vietnam to Burma, Nepal, India, Pakistan Kyrgyzstan, to Russia to Outer Mongolia. China wants almost all of them to cede a part of their real estate to China — besides claiming all of the sea between Philippines Vietnam and Myanmar as China Sea.

    China is Pakistan friend because Pakistan meekly ceded a vital part of Kashmir to the Chinese — because enemy of my enemy is my friend. Because Pakistan will rather eat the grassy Chow-min than Bihari Shish Kebab (will they ever do that?) — and because the Chinese are not Hindus.

  • Faisal

    I simply don’t get the point of the article..I thought it was going to be about how China Pakistan relations might change after the Leadership change in China etc etc…but it pretty much says everything will remain the same etc etc…I mean what non sense. If you don’t have anything informative to write than simply don’t waste people’s time reading this trash by labeling meaningless non sense so attractively.

  • realityalwaysrule

    Hope new Chinese leader ship not feed by USA Europe and take back all disputed lands from india and take serious concern of Indian huge expenditures on defense bombs missiles navy air force army etc.

  • M.Saeed

    NASAH Sb.,There is a big difference between neighbours who “share the same shadow” (Humsaya) and the neighbour who is “serpent-in-the-armpit” (Aasteen ka saanp)—and you know all this much better than any.

  • M.Saeed

    Now, this is real amusing! Two camels eating from the same trough facing east and west! Do they eat through tails?


    “How come communism stays in China, while it failed in Russia?
    I believe it was due to the cultural heritage of the Chinese, and the depth and continuity of their traditions.”

    Cultural heritage of the Chinese and the depth of the continuity of their traditions — have nothing to do with China’s rise — who could have more heritage and ‘continuity’ of traditions more than India and look where India is compared to China

    Communism stays in China — simply because it was a disaster in Russia — the Chinese learnt the lesson that pure communism is a dead end — but if you hybridize Russia with Japan — you can have both — eat the cake and keep it too.

    What China has not learnt from Russia’s FALL is — too much militarism will definitely sink you one day. As it did to Russia and it is doing it to the United States.

    China has to quit its bad greedy habit of asking the bordering countries to cede part of their territory – or else — has to quit treating its ‘provinces’ that have nothing in common with the Chines — as its Han Empress’s dowries — like Tibet, Sinkiang or Mongolia.

    Prosperity without democracy – without freedoms of expression — and choice — is like a thrown boomerang — full of hazard for a totalitarian state — sooner or later it is coming back to hit the regimented system — gives no guarantees for the one-party system about its permanence.


    An illustrious friend of my illustrious friend is my illustrious friend too:)

  • Anonymous

    War is not a solution of any problem. Secondly we (Pakistan) is promoting “Aman ki Asha” with India so how can we propose another mean to resolve their problem. Thirdly We are still unable to find out our ways to resolve certain very important issues like Kashmir, Sircreek, Construction of dams on our river etc with India. Fourthly we as Pakistanis are still unable to sort out any solution to dealt with internal problems like Terrorism, educational problems, poverty, corruption etc.

    For China: Pakistan has not much importance to revive, re-assign, devise or formulate any new foreign policy to address Europe, USA or other international community. China has a fast growing economy, Pakistan is not considered as even a small market for their products. Main markets include 52 states of USA, complete Europe, Gulf and Middle Eastern countries similarly India and Bangladesh. Now think why Bangladesh and why not Pakistan. The answer is very simple our own factories are shifting their businesses to Bangladesh due to less labor cost, Bangladesh government policies for foreign investment, less corruption, facilities for foreigners, less terrorism, less corruption at government and as well as local level, no load shedding and many more which are now have become a part of our daily life.

    Think and comment to educate us please.

    • Indrajit Chudasama

      good one. china is showing interest in Pakistan because they wants to be powerfull in asian region . china aware with the capacity of inda and pakistan . if they(inda and pakistan) come to gather they will ruled world.

      • Pak May

        This is quite interesting! Funnily enough I have thought on the same lines too. I do agree that if (a considerably in-ignorable big IF) Pakistan and India could ever come near and work as good neighbours or friends the world would surely have something big to deal with. But most of the Pakistanis believe that since Pakistan came into being India has been having evil designs about it. Which may be right, looking at all the wars that we have fought. Besides (though Pakistani governments have failed miserably to uphold it) Kashmire is there. Both the sides say Kashmire is their, and then Siachan, Sircreek etc are there too. These disputes, it seems, will never let the two countries work together – like friends.

        • Anonymous

          It is possible that both countries can work in close collaboration. History has already witnessed the disasters of world war – I and II, but new world emerged after table resolutions. Whole Europe become a single entity keeping their identities. Yes to rule third world countries, they need us to keep engage with each other. That is why China and India has become a source of discomfort for them. We can move ahead provided try to resolve issues on table with an aim to resolve them, secondly we need to bring nations close to each other rather than governments. SAARC platform can benefit this region to achieve positive goals. Similarly we need to change our thinking. Now we need to educate our people, provide them health facilities, to become economical strong nation. We need to spend a lot on the people of Pakistan rather than on weapons on a plea to safe guard from external threats probably due to this approach we now have to use these weapons to control internal threat rather than external threats. May Allah Bless Pakistan and Islam.

      • Anonymous

        China is already a powerful country. Yes every powerful country make allies that is what China is doing like India made Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka. SE Asia is a quite lucrative place full of human resource and natural resources. Yes we need to respect each others freedom, identity and should help nations to move ahead to compete rest of the world, and if not then atleast help each other to survive with grace.

  • Anonymous

    Pakistanis love to wait and dream.And the result is frustration,decline.

  • Sakura Asahi

    Just what you can expect from our Pakistani journalists! Drawing their own stupid conclusions! I wish we had a neutral and optimistic media rather than these stupid people who write stupid articles just b/c they have nothing better to do! Making their living off these stupid articles!! I really detest journalists like these!