Karachi Violence: A Call for Immediate Action

Karachi Violence: A Call for Immediate Action

Continuous killing and looting in Karachi is enough to understand that PPP Government tends not to solve crisis, only to rearrange them.


In last four years PPP Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them. They run government like a Hollywood film premiere. Here are some their previous and current releases. Zulfiqar Mirza, Land Mafia, People Aman Party, Bhatta Mafia and Talibanlization.


Enough is enough after a heated debate in upper house, the ANP demanded immediate military operation in Karachi while the MQM demanded imposition of emergency in the city.


In 1992 when there was no issue in Karachi. Actually from 1991 to 1992 was one of the best periods for the people of Karachi. This was the only time in 90’s, when Karachi was peaceful. In 1992 ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif misleads the Army and launched unlawful military operation against the democratic government of Karachi and Sindh. Today, every political party agrees that Karachi is burning and it requires immediate military operation but we have not seen any action from Pakistan Government. Government does not need to mislead Pakistan Army to launch Army operation; fears and dangers of Taliban are everywhere in Karachi.



Few years ago MQM chief Altaf Hussain was the first political leader who raised his fears against the presence of Taliban in the city. But at that time many of us including high command of ANP rejected Altaf Hussain qualms. But today ANP is demanding immediate military operation in Karachi against the Taliban.

Taliban militants are actively generating funds in Karachi from Pashtun traders and transporters through extortion, donations and kidnapping. The militants have also threatened tribe members living in Karachi by seeking forced zakat (Islamic tithing) during Ramadan.Karachi’s big businesses and wealthy residents are fertile ground for financing Taliban militant groups, police officials and security analysts say.


Military operation in Karachi is the only solution for this nonstop target killing, Kidnapping and looting. Definitely there is an involvement of anti-Pakistan agencies in Karachi. We cannot expect from any Pakistani or Muslims to kill peoples of different faith and nationality on daily basis. MQM which is representing majority of people of Karachi in the assemblies is calling for military operation for a long time. What is stopping General Kyani or President Zardari?


Pakistan should be our priority not the election. We do not want election on the prize of Pakistan. We did this mistake in 1971. We should not repeat again. I request all political leaders to unite against Talibanlization. I am surprised to see Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz senator Mushahid ullah Khan said that his party does not support any operation in Karachi. He said in the recent senate

This juvenile behavior of our politicians is a part of the problem. Many times PTI showed their sympathies towards Taliban. They have done long march to show their kindness for Taliban. After the long march Imran Khan said “Taliban welcomes us in Waziristan”. Taliban are against the existence of Pakistan. Why are they welcoming you? How fool are we? There are enough evidences that they work for anti- Pakistan agencies. Their actions and statements are enough to understand their beliefs, how cruel and coward they were when they shot 13 year old girl, Malala.


I believe that we would irrevocably need to impose emergency in the city of Karachi.


You may delay but Taliban will not.

Dawar Naqvi

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • M. Iqbal

    You need to go back to school and complete your matriculation. Never have I read such a poorly written article filled with horrendous grammatical gaffes (I bet you will have to open up a dictionary to look up a few of these words). While you’re at it, I suggest looking up “illiterate” and “moron” as well

  • Dr. S

    MQM, NATO and Pak Army should launch joint operation against extremist. Unfortunately Talibans are protected by major politicians like IK, Shareef brothers and media groups leading by Hamid Mir like people. Do not listen anyone in this issue anymore. Joint ground operation is the only solution. I strongly believe Shareef brothers somehow connected in Karachi killing or simply when they were ousted by Musharraf there was no killing but as they start politics, Karachi starts bleeding. Think about it.

  • S Nasrullah

    If Karachi is a big mayhem, the Administration is a bedlam. PPP, under AAZ is the curse for the country. The deadly combination of AZ, AH and ANP have set the city of Lights ablaze. The senile old Qaim Ali Shah who should be lolling in his arm chair in some Old House is trying to run the govt in Sindh and a truant UK dole funded Asylum seeker Governor is there to stage manage the loot and the plunder. Like a Sphinx, a new Karachi will rise from its own ashes once the afflictions of the Triple A – Asif, Altaf and Awami National exit the corridors of power – totally vanquished and vaporized.

  • Mahmood Hasan

    Dawar, putting everything on Taliban shoulders you are not doing anything good at all. You are actually trying to absolve the root-cause of all the fuss ‘the MQM’ like your master Altaf always does. MQM / PPP are the ruling party for last 4+ years, target killing was started by MQM, extortionists are from MQM and in your column you are blaming taliban !! Man, be just if you really believe that one day you’ll have to see your lord then state the facts instead trying to distort it. Yes, military operation is needed in Karachi but it should be done against MQM, the real terrorist of Karachi.

  • Faisal khan

    Dawar sahib, from your noisy but immaterial blog – sounds like everything in Pakistan from top to bottom is being controlled by taliban !! If it is so, don’t you think being so few in numbers they deserve to be ruled in Karachi instead of opportunist MQM ?

  • Hasan Rizvi

    Writer looks like to have a Taliban-phobia :) I pity on him.

  • Fawad Rehman

    Great and powerful piece. Immediate and forceful action from
    LEAs is imminent. Talibanization are clear present danger for Pakistan’s
    national security. Whats taking so long to Zardari and Gen Kayani is million
    dollar question.

  • Hasan Rizvi

    @author of this blog: The picture you posted looks like these are followers of MQM, at least what you have written should be complementing what you posted in the picture..

  • http://www.facebook.com/saqib.mohiuddin Saqib Mohiuddin

    Excellent blog. Right on money. PPP and their administration has completely either failed or is the part of the current situation of Karachi. They are the ones who have been promoting the Lyari Gangs and did nothing and were in state of Denial on the existance of Taliban in Karachi.

  • Hamza

    Very well concluded by Mr. Dawar and i second your point – PPP only learned to buy time under the leadership of Mr. Zardari and that’s why they planted Zulfiqar Mirza and during Z. Mirza tenure he successfully distributed all evil and culprits in every pockets of Karachi and its outskirts and now we are cultivating the crop of Z.Mirza –
    Unfortunately the political parties ultimate target is to complete the tenure not to deliver for what they were elected
    These BESHARAM people chanted in JALSAS about achieving complete tenure and nothing about delivery
    Yes for delivery they got paid advertisement on Blackmailer TV Channels

  • Siama

    Well said.

    This juvenile behavior of our politicians is a part of the problem. Many
    times PTI showed their sympathies towards Taliban. They have done long
    march to show their kindness for Taliban. After the long march Imran
    Khan said “Taliban welcomes us in Waziristan”. Taliban are against the
    existence of Pakistan. Why are they welcoming you? How fool are we?

  • Jawad

    There is another major reasons for the violence nationwide & not only Karachi.
    Greed among ourselves led the system of this country into a corruption driven state.
    Corruption can easily integrate any unwanted element in the system of the state.
    Corrupt societies do not live long. Whole of the civilization is diminished or is over ruled by others. This is the fate & history since.
    To stop violence we have to first stop the corrupt nature within our self. The systems will become normal gradually and bad will end.

  • M. Iqbal

    yes it does matter. this is one of the top tier newspapers not a two rupee evening shumara. talking about peace isn’t going to do squat. people like you and that idiot S are going to present your own retarded, perverted ways of carrying out said “biased” justice. how about you share with us how you would like justice to be carried out?