Is Kasaab Still Alive?

Is Kasaab Still Alive?

The jail officials hanged him and the medical officers declared him dead but the fact is that Kasaab is not dead. He is alive and with full spirit, he is busy working on his agenda somewhere near us. I am saying this because for me Kasaab is not the name of some Pakistani but it is the mindset which not just exists but spreading fast as well.


As an author put it that we were told by the western media outlets and a number of other people that the bearded lot is the real threat to the mankind and humanity but what we see in Pakistan, it is the social media addict westernised youth which seems to be the real threat. These people, graduated from some of the best universities in Pakistan have made up their mind that if a name of Pakistani comes up in an act of terrorism, it can only be a conspiracy against Pakistan hatched by, as usual, America, Israel or India. Just today after Kasaab was hanged, another educated young guy working in a well known advertisement agency updated his Facebook status in which he ‘declared’ that ‘Kasaab’ was nothing but an Indian drama. I said ‘declared’ because while you have so many evidences that came up supporting the argument that he was a Pakistani, you don’t have a single reason to deny it but still he stood by his opinion just because a certain mindset doesn’t allow a person to admit that his fellow countryman can be involved in an act of cross-border terrorism.


I’ve seen people posting pictures and articles saying that Malala incident was nothing but an excuse for the operation in North Waziristan. Then there were those who keep asking media why it never raised the issue of Dr. Afia Siddiqui with the same spirit. First of all, I fail to understand that even if it was a drama; doesn’t an act of terrorism, for whatsoever the purpose, need to be condemned? Why these people forget that it was the media, which first took up the issue of ‘Pakistani prisoner in Afghanistan’. I still remember the front page of Daily Jang, Karachi that carried this news. But perhaps the ‘Kasaab’ mentality shakes heir beliefsr that not everything in this country is a conspiracy. For me, these posts show only one thing that the supporters of ‘Malala conspiracy theory’ think that Taliban can never go against Pakistan’s interests.

The same old, new crop, during the recent Israeli attack on Gaza, dedicated almost all of their space on Facebook to the innocent Palestinians. There is nothing wrong in showing solidarity with them but then I saw the posts appealing the Government of Pakistan to immediately send its troops and all arms, missiles and whatsoever to help the innocent citizens, obviously by attacking Israelis. Excuse me! who are we to interfere in the matters of two states? If the USA comments on the situation in Balochistan, its an attack on our sovereignty. If India (As believed) is engaged in terrorism in the tribal belt or Balochistan through its consulates in Afghanistan, its cross-border terrorism but if we do so, it is justified. Doesn’t it prove that we, the Pakistanis believe in cross-border terrorism in our interest and that was what Kasaab did in Mumbai.

I was the one to show anger over Indian media projection of Balasaheb thackerey as a heroic personality but then making fun of his religion is something strongly unacceptable for me. But for this young lot, it is ‘cool’ to make fun of other religions and what if a follower of other religion does the same to ours. Obviously they are the first one to call him names and a fatwa for his murder will be issued from ‘Facebook madarassah’ immediately. It’s not just an assumption but a truth and I’ve seen it myself.



I don’t know how the attitude of the generation, raised amid anti-India media and hate based curriculum; can be brought to a neutral level when there is no hope of state giving any attention towards it. These people with the ‘Kasaab’ mindset are the easiest targets of the groups operating almost everywhere in the country who brainwash (if needed) them and send them on the ‘holy cause’ and on their back are the thousands of social media experts ‘Kasaabs’ waiting to save Pakistan from the international conspiracies.

  • M.Saeed

    I have been writing on these pages that, I have never ever seen a name or a surname of Kasab in Pakistan. Even if slaughtering cattle for meat was his family business, it should have been spelled as “Qasaab”. and not Kasab or Kasaab.

    Secondly, Pakistan Government had refused to accept the diplomatic communication about his execution taken by Indian High Commission for delivery to our Foreign Office, or to accept the dead body after execution. Therefore Indian Government had to Fax the letter.

    The highest level of secrecy kept by the Indian Government before execution and the hurried manner of burying the body within the jail premises, aptly reminds the disposal of Osma’s body.

    It would be remembered that, recently there was a break-through in holding a joint investigation of Mumbai Carnage by Indian and Pakistani teams. Therefore, sudden execution of the only living operative at the most critical juncture that could have solved the mystery, has thwarted the effort, which in itself speak enough of the hast shown in closing the gates of any meaningful joint investigation.

    • Kamal Khan

      You made a great point. Regardless, Kasab did it or not, he was a Pakistani or not. India should have allowed Pakistani teams to interview him. They completely refused. Such behavior did not help India. It makes no difference to Pakistan.
      Pakistan should also HANG all those Indians in Pakistani jails who are convicted of terrorism. Why they are sitting idle. Send these Sikh and Hindu terrorists to hell ASAP. PERIOD

    • Sameer

      Why do not you put one bomb each on Lahore and Islamabad and kill your Pakis in thousand and put blame on India, may be you get some sympathy of World and can get some bashing for India from them.

    • Shakeel Ahmad

      Appears to me a PADA LIKHA bankrupt. Good source of entertainment in these tough days. Keep it up my dear FROG.

  • Fahad Mirza

    Excuse me! who are we to interfere in the matters of two states?

    which two states ??? there is only one pelestine…. there is no small place for israel and israelis on this planet…. they will go here n there till there last war with muslims…..
    and as a muslim, there is no border between iran, iraq, pakistan, saudi arabia and other muslim countries……….histroy is full with islamic unity and wars …. but sadly to say we all forgot them ………..we all die like iraq, afghans, burma, bosnia, pelestine…… ” jab merna he hey to shaheed hoker jao” its time to send our troops to help pelestine.

    “I am leaving some jews alive for the next comming people, so that they can understand why i was killing them” Hitler

    • Nawfil

      I support your comment, I am highly disappointed by the term “interfere in two states”, Muslim Ummah is a one state, someone should tell this to the “Complexed,Hyped, Wanne Be, Spoiled, Immature, Liberal” author of this content.

      • Shahida Khan

        ‘Muslim Ummah is a one state’. Then ask your ‘Muslim Brother’ Muhammad Morsi to send his troops to fight against the Israelis. That way you too can present your services to him as a member of the reserved force and can fight whosoever you wish to. What is stopping him or your other “Muslim brothers’ living in 46 Muslim countries from Indonesia to Algeria to go fight and become shuhada? This is the time for you. Please apply for the Egyptian visa and find out what your worth is in the eyes of your “Mulsim brothers’. Lag pata jayegi apni auqat! Kabhi apne mulk se bahar ja kar dekho pata chalega tumhare ‘Muslim brothers’ tumhe kya samajhte hain.

    • Abdul Hameed

      1000% agreed with you.

  • miya

    Kudos for self criticism which is very rare in today’s world.

    • Nayyar Mashkoor

      yeah ! “Self criticism” for the sake of “Self criticism”

      • miya

        Nope! ‘Self criticism’ for the sake of Self improvement’.
        Try it and u will get results surely!

        • Nayyar Mashkoor

          With a true heart… let me put some words..

          Assuming you will listen I might add there are several occasions that required criticism… like how much have people criticized events like Samjhota express for that matter… you will see media accross the subcontinent Muted… Was that something worthy of being forgotten??

          I am not sure if you belong to Pakistan or India so that I may a better example of what I am trying to say… The reason I don’t take this… “The Killer is a Muslim and Bonus he is a Pakistani so lets gather up and criticise people” approach is pressurizing killing and demoralizing only Pakistanis.. obviously there are problems at our side as well but very different from what the outside world sees … very different ! Problems like “Lets not hang the Indian Bomber hanging is a cruel act” now this stops justice and this is worthy for self criticism.

        • Nayyar Mashkoor

          By the way just to make things clear… I would agree with “‘Self criticism’ for the sake of Self improvement’” that’s the way to go…

          but don’t agree the above mentioned article serves this purpose…

  • Nayyar Mashkoor

    Funny “I am different” sort of article… ROFL on the term “anti-India media”, Joke of the day.

  • Somi

    good westernized mind… keep it up, we don’t need western propaganda against Pakistan, we have our own ppl around like this

  • harleen kaur

    So the spelling of surname is basis of your opinion ? In your opinion if they had spelt ‘Kasab’ as ‘Qasab’ that would have helped you to overcome your dishonesty ? Pakistan was formally invited to join investigations right in the beginning but it refused after intially agreeing to it as it would have left you with no room to fabricate conspiracy theories. FBI and Scotland yard was there as their own citizens were killed what prevented Pakistan to join ? Once a criminal after due course of legal excercise has been awarded death penality than he can be hanged anytime. Where is the question of secrecy ? I dont know what you mean by ‘joint investigation” by India and Pakistan but I want to ask you were you sleeping for 4 years ? If you are so keen to solve the mystery, all the masterminds are sitting in Pakistan, you can interrogate them. Read about trial of this case in Pakistan and please count and tell me how many times the judge has been transferred. What is stopping you from providing voice samples of couple of people that India has asked in this case ? Are you aware that after Mumbai terror attacks UNSC has declared LeT a terror outfit ? Or you claim that there is no such organization in Pakistan with this name ?
    Do not make a mockery of yourselves by planting these outlandish conspiracy theories. You probelm is dishonesty and an overactive imagination.
    In the end , thankyou for not telling us that no one died in Nov 2008 attacks in Mumbai it was all filmed in some studio and no Pakistani was called to count the dead bodies on 166 people !! So how does India claim that 166 people died ?

    • miya

      Its wise to ignore conspiracy theorists than arguing with them.

    • Shahida Khan

      No point wasting your time. They are not going to understand. They suffer from intellectual bankruptcy.

  • shahzad

    PLease keep your funded poison inside you, you people are only funded. consider yourself thinkers. may ALlah give you hadayat

  • ishtiaq

    Dear Asif, I agree with most of things you mentioned. I would just like to differ slightly on the issue of Palestine and Muslim.As a Muslim-If we believe in Islam as a totality-we have some responsibilities and certain obligations.We are an ummah,part of a Muslim ummah.One may argue while Arabs are sitting back and watching everything silently who the hell are we to mourn about this conflict.Brother every individual is answerable to his deeds respective of which ethnic group or country he belongs to.If it makes you happy if you prospers while Muslims of Rankine are being slaughters cold bloodily ,i would only request you to kindly rethink one more time.Waslam.

  • miya

    How true, ‘He’ striked Rawalpindi just last night .

  • Amir

    You are one pathetic writer and have no background whatsoever of the events and ground realities.

  • Ahmad

    “Excuse me! who are we to interfere in the matters of two states?” You call Israel a state and ‘declare’ your self Muslim. you paid agent, shame on you….

    • Guest

      You agree or not it doesn’t matter as it is a state albeit illegally. What I fail to understand is why don’t you all go to Palestine yourselves and become shuhada. Why are you hellbent on destroying the rest of the population with you? Please collect all the like minded people with you and apply for Egyptian or Jordanian visa. You will know your worth only then. Till then keep living in your pond, you frog.

    • Shahida Khan

      You agree or not it doesn’t matter as it is a state albeit an illegal one. What I fail to understand is why don’t you all go to Palestine yourselves and become shuhada. Why are you hellbent on destroying the rest of the population with you? Please collect all the like minded people with you and apply for Egyptian or Jordanian visa. You will know your worth only then. Till then keep living in your pond, you frog.

  • Guest

    An Indian or a Pakistani Blood or for that matter for any humane being is not different…Kasab was a poor boy, poverty drove him to do all this, he says was “brainwashed” and “driven to kill in the name of god”. Not that we are justifying what wrong people are doing…but in both our countries there are people who go with a proper meal, or proper shelter and get access to no education at all… hence the options in front of him to survive in extream poverty he has to take up meaning less jobs, may be small time crime as well… and then one day the Bigger players … Use these poor people by promising them money and good living for the purpose of terror…and the brainwash them to kill others…It is not Kasab was not aware what he was doing is wrong but look at the circumstances that drove him to take such extream step that even he was ready to sacrifice his own life and probably the meaningless life that he was living in return of the promise of good money and a better life for his family… which also probably was never fulfilled by the masterminds of the Mumbai terror attacks …

    Kasab himself has said “I belonged to a poor family. My father was a food vendor while my brother was a labourer in Lahore. It was in 2005 that I decided to quit home after quarrelling with my father who could not provide me new clothes because of poverty.”

    When prosecutors asked him if he had any remorse for his actions, Kasab said he had given it some thought beforehand. He said his trainers had assured him that these things have to be done if Kasab has to be a big man and get rewarded in heaven.

    The Lashkar reportedly offered to pay his family Rs.150,000 for his participation in the Mumbai attack — on the assumption he would become a “shaheed” (martyr).

    His neighbour Haji Mohammad Aslam told Reuters: “He comes from a very humble but noble, honest family. His father was a street vendor selling snacks on a cart. Kasab did not send any money home and his family is still as poor as they were before he left. He was probably trapped by some religious group.”

    Hence the real culprits have never been caught who are still planning to kill us Indian, Pakistanis and for that matter anybody …and use these poor boys and exploit the poor families for there cause to spread terror and capture power.. ultimately they are doing this so that the people of both countries fear them and they can be more powerful…

    The biggest failure hence is with is us…our Governments ( both India and Pakistan) and the Politicians in ability to provide us with education, decent standard of living and health care. Scams are every where public money is lost everyday…but people suffer for ever and terrorist master minds take advantage of our state…Basic Education would mean more jobs… better living but does our governments want that.. it would also mean more accountability…are our politicians accountable at alll ? would they want it..?

    Our ability or for that matter our inability to deal with terrorism is basically the cause of bad governance and wrong ideology… Our elected governments have to take more responsibilities to eradicate poverty, provide better living standards, provide food and basic education, provide healthcare … only then will the root cause of terrorism go…..

    Ashish’s sister and brother−in−law were held hostage and killed while having dinner at the Oberoi hotel, one of the targets of the terrorists.

    This is what Ashish said

    “Why should I rejoice Kasab’s death? I will rejoice when little innocent children will stop being taught to kill in the name of god and religion,” Ashish tweeted.

    “I will not teach my children to rejoice anyone’s death − be it Kasab. They will learn to be non−vindictive, non−fanatical and will love all. I’m not saying that I defend the consequence he faced.”

    “In these four years of awaiting and looking upon Kasab’s sentence, I can bet lakhs of new Kasab’s were born. Problem lies there. Rejoice when that stops,” he added.

    Major Unnikrishnan was killed in action while fighting terrorists inside the Taj Mahal Hotel during the November 2008 Mumbai attacks. His father said, “My son just did his duty of saving lives of people. Execution of Kasab’s death sentence is just the end of one chapter, terrorism will continue. I don’t see it as revenge or victory. The only advantage of hanging Kasab is a lot of taxpayers’ money would be saved.”

    Remembering Sandeep, whom he last spoke to before he left for the rescue operation at the Taj on November 26, 2008, Unnikrishnan said: “Sandeep was everything to us. To me he was more of a friend. We lost everything in the 26/11 attacks and nothing can compensate this loss. We have not celebrated any festivals after losing our son and are living an aimless life. We are just living on our son’s memories.”

    He also said that now the governments of India and Pakistan should work to counter terrorism. This can be done only by changing the mindsets of the people who have been brainwashed by the masterminds of terrorism. The real culprits behind 26/11 are yet to be caught and punished, he said. “Terrorists will not learn any lessons from Kasab’s case. They are trained to kill people. My son was trained to save lives.Our destiny was to suffer and we are living with it,” said Unnikrishnan.

    Still today the perpetrators of terrorism are roaming free and should be brought to justice, we as citizens of our countries have a responsibility that we protect our people and ensure that the Government has the accountability to bring these perpetrators of terrorism to justice….

    We have a common enemy and that is the “Enemy of the People” , let leave behind our differences and work towards a better future for our people so that we are able to be a better nation tomorrow where People have the freedom to Live and Enjoy life…

    We are still not Free even though we are Independent have our governments failed us then ??

    Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;

    Where knowledge is free;

    Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;

    Where words come out from the depth of truth;

    Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;

    Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;

    Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action –

    Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake…

  • Zia

    Good article Aasif and commendable on the face of
    current hostile, agitated and somewhat disillusioned public opinion. I do not
    know to what extent your opinions hold ground but they sure allow
    some self-reflection and criticism.

    However If I put myself in their shoes, bombarded everyday with graphic media footage, sensational irresponsible reporting, lack of opportunities for youth to participate in social and economic life, worsening power crisis and uncertainties, how will my brain function? If you put me without power in 40 C or freezing temp for a
    prolonged period of time, without access to water, and unable to move from
    point A to B without fear of being kidnapped/robbed, even the most educated
    person will lose his senses, logic and ability to reason. I empathize with
    current wave of Pakistani public opinion. Denouncing it will only create

  • Shan

    Do you live in fantasy land. Must be a slow news day

  • Usman

    The thing is we do not consider israel a state…. it is an ouccupied terriotory……. why dosent the media get that right….. Pakistan does not recognize Israel as a state, so therefore it can help Palestine countering the zionist terrorism.. YOU should follow western media a little less!!!!

  • Aryan

    You are completely hippocrates & i doubt god will bless you

  • Sameer

    Can you please quote the date of TIO in which you read this Hollywood oh I m sorry Lolywood story on Kasab. Better you start writing stories for your dead Lolywood industry may be both of you can get a breath of life.

  • Nayyar Mashkoor

    Alhamdulilah I have been there and got my answer In a very clear way… they treated me like one of them…

    I normally tried to have a small conversation before each namaz… I met Saudi’s, Iraqis, Bengalis, Sudanese and few whom I don’t know they all greeted with a smile and got happy to know I am from Pakistan asked me about Pakistan these days… If you have love for them they will have love for you.. and its not just Saudi’s this is true for most of everyone.

    Don’t keep this much hatred within you… you would be the only one to suffer !

    • Rameez

      Can you marry a Saudi girl? You have been there but i am here from the last many years. Do Saudis treat us like them ? Even they do not put us at par with Arabs. Please do not ……..

  • Raj Chouhan

    Where are my dear NASAH, Qalim, Taj, Hashmi etc brothers. No comments from them on this important and emotional issue.

  • Raj Chouhan

    Saeed Sahab I have gone through few of Pakistan papers and viewed many of your talk shows of important channels BUT every of them were crystal clear (Nazam Sethi+Farooq Raja) and accepted the Mumbai blasts were planned by the establishments of Pakistan just to derail the peace process going on between India and Pakistan like Musharaff did in Kargil at the time of Sharif and Vajpai . And this is the fact . Any how still we can forget the past and should move forward on the positive side keeping aside this foolish conspiracy theories.

  • Abdul Hameed

    This is armed movement which forces other party for dialogue with respect and equality otherwise no one cares about you.

  • mumtaz

    film hindi

  • Rabia Khan

    SO true! I Agree he is still alive!

  • Yasir Hafeez

    the real anti-Pakistani media ! can you not see the videos of kasab or Qasab ! was he taking like a Pakistani. ! He used word Bhagwan ! The geo reported that he was a pakistani lived in Depal-pur, but i know personally, there was no person with such a name or face in depalpur ever. !
    what are you writing and talking about Pakistani Pakistani Pakistani !

  • Ali Kayani

    People who are talking against the author of this article are mad, they are expecting pro pakistani content on jang and geo news group, I hated musharaf but I must say what he did with this media group was right.

    To the author… If india(as believed)!!! Wow supaahhh mate lol!! You’re such a gimp.

    I know talibans are not our friends, so are mullahs and other extremists, believe me I supported lal masjid operation, I don’t like saudis… But I’ll die for palestine. Your love for your neighbour tells alot.

    How much they pay you? I will pay you double if you take this rubbish off!

  • Ahmed Mukhtar

    The columnist by himself is brainwashed by Western mindset and western media..
    The columnist lacks Faith and Humanity as well as Muslim brotherhood.

    “Allah will aid a servant of His so long as the servant aids his brother.” – Sahih Muslim

    to fight is given to those (i.e. believers against those disbelievers),
    who are fighting them, (and) because they (believers) have been wronged,
    and surely Allah is Able to give them (believers) victory.” [(22): 39)]

    It was narrated from al-Miqdaam ibn Ma’di
    Yakrib (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah
    (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

    “Verily I have been given the Qur’aan and something similar to it along with it.
    But soon there will be a time when a man will be reclining on his couch
    with a full stomach, and he will say, ‘You should adhere to this Qur’aan: what you

    find that it says is permissible, take it as permissible, and what you find it says is
    forbidden, take it as forbidden.’ But indeed, whatever the Messenger of
    Allaah forbids is like what Allaah forbids.”

    Islam lends a sort of commonality amongst Muslims across the globe irrespective of sectarian, ethnic and political differences. Secondly, over the years, the issue
    has been framed in such a narrative that all Pakistanis feel an instinctive empathy towards Palestine. Thirdly, human suffering anywhere has the power to move fellow humans and particularly of those who share a common ethnicity or religion with us.

  • Naresh Kumar Mathur

    human development entails that after 20 years, our children should be more educated, more healthy, more prosperous and more happy than what we are today. Can killings in the name of religion ensure that?

  • saira

    israel is not a state sir Palestine is a state and israel is not… and USA interfering in Baluchistan is not right too because if USA wants to interfere they have to stop their drones first they are killing our people and also questioning us they have no right and in same way israel has no right to attack Gaza like india has no right on kashmir

  • Mohammad Arif

    Hahaha….anti India Media? Pakistanis see all the Indian channels, especially serials – saas bahoo ke jhagde (Fighting of Saas Bahoo)”. During this period, wives don’t want their husbands to show their faces. Where are you friend. You are talking about 20 – 30 years back. And these intelligent writing is nothing but a garbage. Don’t you understand modern mindset of people? They need bread, house, good life. If a few people are doing conspiracy, you can not blame a nation? In India also, there are naxlites and other terrorists. To whom they blame. This is bullshit. America is the biggest terrorist, the axis of terrorism. See the history. Grow up boy. We want peace, peace, peace.

  • Abdul Hafeez

    It was nice to read and waste of time. but if you consider yourself as Muslim there is clear indication that every Muslim should jihad over the cruelty of any person but if we cannot comment jihad we can say words or we can express it as its obligation to us. we strongly disagree with the people like kasab and other people doing terrorist activities and we strongly disagree with the extremist people that killing people although there are certain solutions for every problem.
    An other thing you say about bal Thackeray, i am sure no one on social site make fun of him in a sense of religious perspective but we opposed him as his disrespect for our country. there are many people in India those are respected by Pakistani you must think why Pakistan dislike him, is surely bcz of his disrespectful comments for Pakistan.
    we as muslin respect all religions, media and people around world. we are against terrorist and cruelty in world. we want peace.

  • M.Saeed

    Raj Ji, thank you for your sarcastic comments and I can very well understand your reaction, which is quite natural. But, my listed questions still remain unanswered which are no any conspiracy.

    Like any reasonable person in search of truth, let me humbly remind you that, when it comes to international espionage and strategic actions in a state of war, you and me are unknowingly made tools to add fuel to the fighting fire. If you remember I have quoted in several posts, the horrible incident of killing half a million innocent Iraqi children under war initiative on pretext of “sanctions” that was shamelessly accepted by the then US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright as “acceptable collateral damage in protecting the interests of the US citizen”. Is it not enough for a proof about the limits to which they can go in such a war? Or, was that also my conspiracy?

    Conspiracy can only expose when it is vindicated by the investigated facts and all that I have mentioned in my various posts is, my own inquisitional bog in need of quash and mud-slinging is no any respectable reply to it.

    On another side, I have quoted here extensively from the Indian press, but not a single reply has been received. Is it not enough of proof about lopsided comprehensions of the matter? Even some of the replies are from the first time visitors exclusively registering on this site to react on Ajmal (Qasaab?).

    I once again remind you that, in one of my earliest posts about Mumbai killings, I had raised an objection about writing the name of arrested terrorist as “Ajmal Kasab” which I had suggested to correct because in Urdu, Ajmal means “outstandingly beautiful” and Kasab with these spellings means “a meticulous feat”. In combination, it means “an outstandingly perfect feat of performance”, which is an amazing feat of ignorance on the part of media and law enforcing agencies of India. Even if the terrorist gave his name as such, best thing would have been to change the spellings to Qasaab, which means “Butcher”. That would have given the most appropriate meaning, consistent with the crime of killings, offsetting the humiliating meaning it now carries. To me it is a grave mistake of intelligence.

    I wr

    • Raj Chouhan

      Respected Saeed ji, I have great regards for you, I understand you are a very learned, mature and decent man. Sir, I had witnessed the horrible incident of Mumbai with my naked eyes which I can never forget in my whole life , only son of my senior mechanic Sarfraz was killed in hotel Taj due to which he became mentally retarded and died after 3 Yrs. If any of my comments had hurt you I sincerely regret for it. Who is ever did that it was a blatant damage of humanity. Yes, I agree, it was a grave mistake of intelligence for which many of heads had to role in India. Any how, every one has right to express his views and I respect of yours. REGARDS