Is Teacher a Slave?

Is Teacher a Slave?

It’s ironic how despite being one of the most respected professions, it is often looked down upon. Forget about what people underscoring its importance as a profession, instead think about how a teacher is treated in its own sphere most of the time.


Let’s have a quick look at the eccentric teaching criteria, one that resembles more with a slave’s than a teacher’s; and judge how ‘misery’ is  a teacher’s middle name!




1) Employers best pick -Teacher who Asks for the Least Sum: Yes, a teacher should ideally be worth lower than even a hairdresser on a footpath. By the way, this is one good tip to be employers first and only pick. Be incompetent, know you deserve the least and ask for a clerk’s salary, why wont you be hired!


2) Make teaching your last job: True that! Every other thing is important but teaching in the classroom. If you’re willing to get into all the extra curricular activities; organizing events, training students for a competition, or just anything, than you are the apple of management’s eye. If you’re Just a teacher, who just teaches good in the class, huh, what good are you! Next please!


3) What’s your take on filling the copy? :  The primary job of a teacher is to get students to fill their copies. After all, that’s the evidence of your hardwork with students. What can’t be seen, can’t be taught! After all we have to ‘satisfy parents’ that their child Has done something! Yeah right, instead, tell parents to shake up their kid’s brains to see if something has gone into it, rather than viewing a lousy piece of paper as an evidence of the kids understanding.


4) Can you maintain pin-drop silence in their class: No? Oh, you’re a bad bad teacher, actually not a teacher at all. A teacher is supposed to have an experience as a warden in a boy’s hostel to learn ‘class-control’. Yes, you need to learn the art of taming ruthless, rowdy, aimless and disrespectful kids to silence. How else will you teach? …umm..sorry..what did you say…?why is it your headache?…because you’re a damn teacher!


5) Can you please and charm students: Sure, if you have capability of pleasing and ‘satisfying’ kids their parents, you’re the one! If you cant, sorry we can’t afford ‘customers dissatisfaction’! Next! (P.s- PR companies are usually run by ex-school owners.)


6) Your timings are 5 hours but how much extra can you give: We are a nation in love with extras! Extra pounds, extra money, extra hours! Your loyalty, concern and sincerity to the school is judged on how much extra can you give to it. Or are you a selfish teacher who comes dot 8 and leaves dot 2?


7) Are you attuned to say ‘Yes’?- This is the foremost sign of a good employee. A No automatically means your signing for treason. You’ll be scorned at, looked down upon, and treated more like a traitor who has betrayed his own home.


8)How many periods can you take: Less? Why?…you have to read up for lectures? Why do you have to…lazy, unproductive employee! Why does he have to read up before the class! Silly! Another reason? Checking copies…? What? That’s your homework to carry piles of correction home and bring them all red. Remember, the more donkey you can be, the more worth you have.


9) A good planner is a sign of good teaching: Your planner is your copy to fill. The more filled it is, the better you’re planned. You have to change markers for headings, write as much as you can, and submit it every weak on time, otherwise the ‘management’ would be surely pissed of with you.


10) A teacher does NO mistake: When you enter into teaching, remember to de-humanize yourself. There’s no place for errors in this field. One error and the enemy’s bullet can kill you. If I’m exaggerating then at least the scolds, public insults, and humiliation you’ll face for being so incapable and incompetent would kill your self-respect and eventually you.


So, people if you fit this criteria, welcome to teaching!

Madeeha Ishtiaque

The content writer & person-in-charge of the The News/Geo International Blog. She monitors the social media activity on The News. Follow her on twitter @charmed0000

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  • DM

    Very well done!!
    And this torture even increases in the private sector.

  • Aizad Siddique Khan

    a true picture of a fact that is generally ignored…..

  • Raza

    Gr8 blog.I guess the author has the experience to work in the city school or beacon house school system

  • fazal baloch

    Teaching has never been our primary choice as a profession. First we leave no stone unturned to get a somewhat lucrative job and after failing to do so we switch to teaching; the profession we ourselves look down upon. Thus we begin to play havoc with the future of the nation.

  • miya

    nice observations!

  • Sophia

    Yes its true that people who fail to get jobs anywhere they end up teaching just to pass time moreover our society also treats teaching as the most lame profession .

  • Hassan Wali

    Well, I appreciate your sympathy with teachers and pray that may they meet their
    deserving worth. Oh but wait, what did I say “Deserving worth”?, No No No I
    really don’t mean that and I apologize from those awesome teachers who are
    doing everything just except “justice” with their nobel profession… It
    actually has sadden me while writing above lines but, who cares for the future
    product of the enslaved educational system? :(

  • Asam

    A teacher must be like this i think. it is necessary to meet with the up coming challenges. in the past we didn’t look into this matter so the result is here we can see.

  • Rashid Ali

    Just like a labour is last in the organizational hierarchy a teacher is last in teaching organization.
    And, as labour the only person who, when work, company and higher management gets their salary teacher teaches in the class and all others (principal, head teacher, accountant, HR, owner) get their money.
    Now, how management, accounts, heads prove that they are working? They do it by becoming dictators otherwise they have no-reason of their jobs and highest salaries they earn.
    Therefore, a labour and teacher are same; both actually work that gets money to the organization and are paid the least.


    There is lot of respect for teachers in India and Pakistan — it is one of the hardest — yet most poorly paid job — interestingly the situation is not any different in the United States as well.

  • sidra

    200 perecnt correct!! i am a teacher and i go through these circumstances..i sometimes pity on myself bt nothing can be done as it was MY choice

  • Junior Hydari

    thumbs up for the true portrayal of a teacher associated with privately run teaching factories alias schools