Gaza vs Pakistan

Gaza vs Pakistan

In recent times I have observed a new kind of mindless debate and accusation growing in the social media where many have accused the media of not giving enough space or preferential treatment to Gaza or the atrocities that are being committed there by the Israeli forces. Being an anchor, I normally get to have a close look at how different stories are placed in order in the rundown. Since the day Israeli forces have started this operation in Gaza, this story has mostly been part of the headlines and the bulletins on at least my channel. I know that after reading this blog I will be accused by many of simply defending my channel but the reason for writing this blog is not to defend my channel but to let the readers understand what is called ‘news placement’.

Gaza being a city with a Muslim population has an automatic affiliation with the people of Pakistan but when so much is happening in my own country and when so many are suffering due to terrorism, poverty, corruption and illiteracy; I am sorry but I will first definitely feel the pain for my own people. It is a natural phenomenon that when a bomb blast takes place, a family member will always try to locate one of his own and then look at others who have suffered even though both are victims of the same incident. Gaza has seen bloodshed which is not just painful and depressing but it has also been an agonizing journey for many who live there who have to suffer this after every few months or years but is the case for Karachi, Peshawar or Quetta any different? People in Gaza at least even know who the aggressor is but my people don’t even have an idea who is killing them. For the last decade or so my country still suffers from this question if people who are killing us are Muslims or not? Terrorists who are killing me or you are foreign funded or locally funded? Do we need to talk to these terrorists or do we need to start an operation? Was Malala a pawn in the great game to start an operation against these terrorists or was she targeted just because she wanted to give the strongest reply to these terrorists through education? Where people of Gaza know who to retaliate against; my country fights for its survival with its body bleeding and the eyes still searching for the person asking who did this to me? For me my country and my people will always take preference because my fight continues with the mind and not a physically present entity.

If you still want to see any proof of how ‘news placement’ takes place and how it is always affected by close proximity of the incident; I suggest you should keep an eye on Al-Jazeera and Arabic channels and newspapers also and see if bomb blasts and terrorists ‘activities that take place in my cities are preferred over the killings in Gaza? I am sure it wont because people of that particular area/region are more affiliated with Gaza. Media in both the regions is doing its job by trying to report the cruelty of the oppressor and baseless debates like these about giving preferences to news is just going to defog the aim rather than highlighting it.

Mansoor Ali Khan

A GEO News Anchor..

  • Shahzad Hassan

    Mansoor i agree with you but the thing is that while you are playing the news from Bollywood and Hollywood at that time you don’t remember Karachi and Quetta . I thing Gaza is more impotent then a Katrina’s dance . What do you say??

  • S Nasrullah

    Since Charity begins at home, your point is well taken, Mr Mansoor. The Arabs have lost their lands, their honor and their resilience. Where is that superficial Pan-Arabism gone? The collective might of the Arab world tasted defeat in 1956 and 1966 wars. Israel has since occupied large chunks of Arab territories and are building its new colonies everywhere, as a long term policy, to make the lives of Palestinians a living hell. There was a point when the Dove Administration in Israel showed its willingness to trade land for Peace. The negotiations procrastinated and eventually, trashed. The brazen and the blighted Administration of hawkish Netanyahu have only one agenda to expel the Palestinians from their lands and establish Greater Israel – the mainstay of the Armageddon theory. Egyptian govt hastily brokered a Cease Fire to end the gory bloodshed in which the unarmed Palestinians were the target of brutal bombardment. The cursed and the cruel era of Hosnie Mubarak is gone and the emancipated Egyptians share the tragedy that afflicts their brethren in Palestine. Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Algeria, Morocco and Saudi Arabia could not lift their dainty finger to question the barbarity perpetrated by the spoilt brat of the Middle East.
    Pakistan is ruled by the agents of the West and is itself embroiled in a vicious circle of death and destruction caused by inimical policies adopted by the rulers to fuel the bonfire and help the enemy designs to wipe out the existence of Pakistan. You need to extinguish fire of your own burning home before you look out to help neighbors or friends.

  • azeem abbas

    Nice Article! But what about so much news coverage about death of Bal Thakery? Death of Rajesh khanna, Death of Yash chopra, Wedding of Saif and kareena? The question is still same. Our news channel give coverage to those kinds of things more as compared to the real and burning issues and problem? What do u say about this Mr. Mansoor?

  • Sbm Saber

    You don’t need to hide the fact that some news are prepaid, and you, news anchors highly paid people I’ve seen some of you in luxurious cars, who the hell are you guys to define the priorities of middle-class people what they are eager to know, is that your media? Teaching us about news placement, How do you know that People are interested to know whereabouts of supreme court’s decisions and all that?

    • Mansoor Ali Khan

      “Highly paid”?? I hope you can define that. cause I live in a rented house, my children study in beacon house and my wife also teaches there so that we can cut costs for education. If you think this constitutes as “highly paid” then yeah I guess I am highly paid. I have traveled on buses and horse carts in my child hood, does that make me filthy rich guy or what? Dont want to prove my wealth statements here but discussing news preferences doesnt require someone to be poor or wealthy. Weird argument, all I can say.

      As far as Supreme court decisions are concerned, you have no idea how it affects the general public. Ask those who raised their voice for movement for judiciary and you will realize,

      • Farooq Hashmi

        Mr. Khan, Some people are mean by nature. However hard they may try, they cannot keep the vileness of their inner-selves from oozing out through their integuments. In fact,such people are tramps,and know no civility, and to expect of them the observance of the decorum of the Blog Forum is against reason,hence you became the target of the venomous personal remark,”highly paid” and the anchors charged with possessing “luxurious cars.” Under the umbrella of the freedom of expression,such self-deluded impostors relentlessly keep on mouthing provocative invective against others.Their act of passing personal remarks manifests not only the meanness of their nature and jealousy,but also the shallowness of their knowledge of the issues.Very often, I too, become a target of their vile nature. An ape is an ape and a varlet is a varlet,though they be clad in silk and scarlet.

  • nauman gilani

    Media should behave like a responsible citizen….what about that fake video of swat?? media kept on barking without any evidance…same case with mala.what it shows that our media is paid.You people r causing a great damage to islam..which u have to answere on the day of judgement..moreover how can u think that our society is connected with bollywood..yes it was but now things r changing rapidly.and people follow media whatever u show they will adopt.I disagree with u that what u shows is because of people’s interest.

  • Tooba

    As a muslim Ummah aren’t we supposed to feel the pain for every muslim regardless of the national boundries? Pakistan is indeed in a dreadful situation but it has means to control and handle this, Gaza on the other hand is vulnerable to attacks without any kind of defence mechanism. i am surprised to see that an educated person like you has this kind of opinion. either it is Pakistan or any Muslim country, the sufferers are the muslims, and highlighting one while ignoring the other because you think that they aren’t as important is down right hypocrisy nothing else…

    • Reformer

      There is no such thing as muslim ummah. Stop using these terms. ” Muslims killing Muslims” as if it would not be so bad if Muslims were killing non Muslims. your so called ummah is the most Jahil, violent, corrupt, backward in the modern history of human kind … So shut up and think if you still have any brain cell left in your religious skull.

    • Sajjad

      Pakistan has been in Pain for years, have you heard anything from ummah on this subject. Arabs give a damn about pakistanis and call us with different titles and yet we care. weird!

  • Ebi

    News placement!! it is better understood by our article itself, that is intended to mislead us further. According to you we should be selfish when it comes to our interests and this is what the west wants us to do. partiality has brought us to where we are now, remember my friend unity is the only solution.

  • Daniyal A Razzak

    then i think BAL THAKRAY also relates to your channels family thats why he was preferred over gaza killings..

  • khalid

    im copying u shahzad hassan…Mansoor i agree with you but the thing is that while you are playing
    the news from Bollywood and Hollywood at that time you don’t remember
    Karachi and Quetta . I thing Gaza is more impotent then a Katrina’s

  • khalid

    but it is duty of media personnel to educate or give direction to society. agar naach dikhao gay to naach hi dekhen gay or agar MESSAGE dikhao gay to wohi dekhen gay bhai… TRP ko goli maaro

  • Reformer

    Surprise! Media is here to make money and not for your Islah …

  • mohib

    Sorry bro, but i think there is no difference between us and any muslim suffering in the world. We are one ummah and we should feel the pain of any muslim regardless of his nationality. There is a difference in the incidents happening in pakistan and gaza. In pakistan, our own muslim rulers are responsible for all this. What is happening in karachi? who is responsible for that..?? but in gaza, it is not the fight of hamas and al-fatah. it is a fight between Haq and Baatil. And even nobody should say this a war.. It is genocide. Our survival is concealed in our unity. Muslim ummah should unite and every muslim ruler should strongly condemned this act. You secular guys are extremely worried about this point that gaza is so much highlighted on media.. but if media implodes the malala issuue or sometimes give unnecessary coverage to issues like Shoib sania marriage or the death of Rajesh Khanna, then you guys never say that this is not the issue which is so much highlighted.

    • Raj Chouhan

      Mohib ji you says “We are one ummah and we should feel the pain of any muslim regardless of his nationality”. Why you should feel the pain of any Muslim only why not of every human being? Here is the problem lies when we keep our religion above the humanity. When we go to blood bank do we ask the blood bank to give the blood of a Muslim or a Hindu or a Jews??? The day you people would start keeping the humanity above religion every thing would be sorted out.