Funny Phrases used in IT Industry

Funny Phrases used in IT Industry

I started my career in Information Technology, and from the very first day I knew that this would be my bread and better in years to come.


My career spans from development to consulting, worked as very first employee in a startup to the 10000’s employee corporate. I have found that over the year, IT industry has built up its own phrases and vocabulary.


The best part of the IT industry is that People from different socio, economical background join this field, and that’s help the IT phrases to get more enriched.


What I have done in this write up is to list down as many phrases and vocabulary we use in local IT Industry. (Please don’t mind if you find any phrases as annoying, believe me I myself take out some phrases which doesn’t qualify my censorship)


Bacche laga kar kaam karwana (to do the work with junior resources)




It’s often comes from the management, formulate a team with junior professionals to complete certain task.


Cheepi laga kar chalana (to fix a bug with temporary solution)




To fix the bug or error for a while so that the client or user can run through the application without any error, this is a different matter
that this solution might crashed the whole application.


Chalta kaam karna (to complete the task with less effort, leads to error prone work)




To complete the work with less effort or halfheartedly which might leads to error/bug prone application.


Environment/system/application ko khara karna (to build the environment/ system/application)



To build the environment / system/application in running condition


Environment/system/application ka beth jana (environment/ system/application crashed out)




Environment / system/application crashed


Urdhti hoi lena (finding problem for a task which isn’t related to you, but you commit to do task)




Finding problem with the task which wasn’t assigned to him /her, but committed to do it and now regretting the decision.


Chalti hoi gari mein hath dena (Interfering in other’s work, giving useless suggestions)
To give the useless suggestion in others work or task.


Udham /Kancha kaam karna (to complete the work with best effort)




To complete work with the best practices and efforts

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  • Ahmar Qureshi

    Hahaha! :-D Shakir! You Rock Man! All those “Slang” terms particularly from the Metropolis of Lights The City Of Karachi! :-) Yar Aik Dum Huto Bacho! :-) Thank you!

  • Salman Ahmad

    Shakir bhai, aik term bhool gaye…. Code Phatna.. :-D

  • farhan ahmed

    Lolz…. great indeed… i guess you forgot the one or it has not qualified your censorship rules…. “Bhai kaam payela hoa hay”

  • M.Saeed

    Thook-thumri lagana (mending with mouth sliva on thumb as gum) often used to reprimand shabby workers going for quick-fixes.

  • Minhaj

    one missed!! BARI koshish keri lakin Rikshay main beth he nahi raha client !!!

  • Hammad Arshad

    Great! one

  • Faisal Khan

    Missed a few of them like
    Code/Application/System Phat gaya (Unexpected Bug occurred, System Crashed),
    Choran/Manjan Bechna (Although not related to IT in general, but usually associated with Pre-Sales Consultants),