Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight!

Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight!

Say no to roti and rice, yes to salads and soups for six pack abs, toned body and lean look! Isn’t this all we hear when we go for a “lose weight regime?”


Never in the class of obese, I indulged in different diets to get rid of the stubborn fat at problem parts despite being thin! Frankly, a woman is never satisfied with her fitness. That’s why a husband is never believed, no matter how many times the poor soul admits to his wife that she is looking thinner than before. Well, his history of lies also counts. Problems aside, I abused my body with extreme diets till I found the perfect fitness bible, “Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight” by Indian celebrity nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar.


Raised to fame by helping Kareena Kapoor to achieve size zero, Rujuta wrote the book to share the secrets. I read it quite late after it was released as I thought this to be an opportunity to make cash using a celebrity endorsement. However, I am glad a friend of mine recommended reading it.


Written in simple English with Mumbai slang here and there immediately grabs the attention of the reader. Unlike how we struggle to lose weight, the author strongly urges her readers to eat often in order to lose.  The book provides an insightful to healthy lifestyle, bursting the myths of extreme and fad diets including detox,  atkins, south beach and the list goes on. The rule of thumb is to eat the right food in the right quantity at right time. Drawing attention to fitness and health, RD slams the “lose weight fever”, daringly stating


“Where is the bravery in losing weight? People with diarrhea lose weight. So do people with jaundice, malaria, TB, not to mention cancer and AIDS.”


Through a smooth transition of chapters, Rujuta’s candid and conversational tone convinces the readers to turn the page till the end. The beginning comes as a surprise when it tells to dump the weighing scale reasoning its incapability to differentiate between lean mass and fat mass. Of course, it brings sigh of relief when you have trusted the machine long enough to tell the naked truth.


A major chunk is dedicated to classification of food, all that we have studied in school but never applied in our lives. The style enables the reader to quickly grasp the concepts and apply them. Even cheating method is given at the end of the chapter for occasional indulges in sweets, red meat etc.


Specifically keeping desis as target audience, the author highlights the importance of desi foods with concrete scientific evidences. Paratha, rice, roti and even desi ghee are not to be denounced anymore but surely to get back on the table after reading the book.


Real life examples are the highest-flying elements of this work. The author’s humorous conversations with her clients reveal how desperate people can get to lose weight. For instance Ami, a client of RD, went for only protein shake diet. When the dietician asked her to eat wholesome, preferably every two hours, she was genuinely upset, telling


I will look like my daughter’s stuffed toy after this, I want to look like a Barbie


The gist of the book lies in the chapter of four principles of eating. For implementation, samples of her clients’ diets and activities are given, later showing how they are modified. Presenting samples as guidance, a standard diet chart is avoided as she believes lifestyle, season and activity affect the plan.


She lays great stress on exercising and considers it equally important to right diet, even covering significance of various exercises briefly in the end.


Overall, the book is a must read for everyone whether thin or fat to keep oneself healthy. Unlike shortcuts for weight loss, it provides a smooth journey to achieve fitness. Besides who wants to avoid a book that tells you to eat six to eight times a day and even then look lean, healthy and energetic. It surely serves the appetite of a big foodie like me.


Humaira Mahmood

An intern at the online editorial desk of The News

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    Proof of the weight gain PUDDING is always in the eating — books or no books — exercise or no exercise.


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    As far as the sloppy sleepy Singh government is concerned what can I say — “zamana buRay ghaur se sunn raha thaa/hameeN so gaye daastaan kahtay kahtay”

    What a waste of a most valuable ‘asset’ through sheer stupidity — that only a careless lazy stupid Indian is capable of doing — and then with such a crazy explanation — as they say — “oozre gunaah bud tur uz gunaah”.


    The claim that a provincial government can hang such a valuable federal prisoner charged with 75 killings that are still under investigation — on the death row — without the knowledge of the Federal government — shows either the interior minister Shinde is a liar — or India under Singh is fast turning into a banana republic with kangaroo courts.

    Raj Chauhan sahib — let me summarize the secret of losing weight — cut the portion of what you eat to half — increase the proteins, decrease carbohydrate except the complex carbohydrate like fruits and greens + 10 minutes exercise 3 times a week.

    • Ram Lakhani

      It was matter of Political weight/status….not flesh…!!!


    “In another interesting match, A.R.Malik is the main script writer and director of the Memogate Scandal”

    No wonder! True to his harebrained schemes.

  • Ram Lakhani

    You forget to mention the rise of a child to become Saint…
    Killer should be put electric chair….FINISH…
    Problem is that innocents died cannot be brought back…
    Paid Media got something sensational…dont feel hurt caused to families by repeating news daily for months