A Journey from Zero to Zenith

A Journey from Zero to Zenith


He was told that politics was not his cup of tea. He turned it down. He expressed his stolid trust in the Pakistani nation. With a vision of liberating the Pakistani nation from a corrupt coterie he entered politics and contested his first elections in 1997 against Mian Nawaz Sharif. Unable to bag a single seat, his newborn Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf was bulldozed in the elections. To many that was the end of PTI’s story. He banked on his idealism and decided to fight yet again!



Then came 2002 Elections! He managed to grab one seat of National Assembly from Mianwali. He was mocked and sardonic comments were passed at him. His party was dubbed as ‘Tanga Party’. He was lampooned in the talk shows. He was termed as a ‘failed demagogue’, but he didn’t give in. His idealism didn’t abate.



Then came 14th of November, 2007! He was detained by IJT in Punjab University. The invidious act gave rise to the most lethal and an unprecedented protest at Punjab University against his apprehension. According to him the youth had to stand up against the ones destroying the country. He further added that the youth has been awoken from its long oblivion. The winds of change had started hissing!



Then we saw elections 2008 and the 11th hour ‘change of tactics’ by some political parties. He was rendered helpless and failed to contest the elections. He was still underrated and all other parties still satirized his party. He was taken for a child in politics and that he could never pose a threat to any of the political giants luxuriating in their respective fandom. So everyone sidelined him and he, all alone, kept on promulgating his ideas. However, the sly and sarcastic smiles from the adversaries were enough to kill the spirits. And so the story continued……..till!



We reached 30th October 2011. The subtle nuances of Lahore’s atmosphere were hard to catch on that very day. Somewhat unnerved, but instilled with a new confidence, he along with every member of his party was eager to witness a change, a tangible change! They all were trying to smother the fidgets for the reputation was at stake. The kings of the time had been challenged. Vultures were ready to pounce upon the cadaver in case of a failure. They had no choice but to succeed!



‘ALLAH nay insaan kay haath main sirf niyat aur koshish dee hai; kamiyabi wo daita hai’ (ALLAH has only vested the humans with the power of intending and endeavoring. Success hinges on his will). He had reiterated this line in all his preceding processions, and it certainly came true on October, the 30th. On this very day, the politics of Imran Khan turned into the politics of Tehreek e Insaaf. Imran’s idealism had paid off for him.



This struggle stretching over a period of 15 years is the eminence that Imran holds. Now he’s feasting a well earned cult-following. Walk through any city and people are seen asking that ‘Whom are you going to vote for this time around?’ with a very palpable
anticipation and expectation of hearing ‘Imran Khan’. This is what his idealism has done to the masses!



Gossips have it that his assertion of attaining a two-third majority is nothing but a tom foolery. Even many of his supporters were taken
aback by his statement. The way I put it is ‘realism vs idealism’, which definitely has been his benchmark. Yes, idealism can surely
vanquish realism. With nearly 30 million new voters being added to the electoral lists and nearly the same number being expunged, his chances have become even brighter. People may not be with him because he is good. People are with him because they are highly disappointed in the other two parties.



The trust and the hopes of people rest on his shoulders now. Imran’s failure will definitely lead us to a point of no return. People are seen enduring the brutalities of the current government just with the hope that Imran will usher in a new future; the harbinger of real change! May we see the very Pakistan that Quaid e Azam had envisaged, Ameen!


Muhammad Talha

A Final year student of Electrical Engineering at UET, Lahore

  • Anonymous

    Suma Aameen!

  • shoaib

    Dear Talha don’t wast your time in defending imran. he is now again from zenith to zero.


    The proof of the pudding is in eating the pudding of even ONE bye-election win — not in banging the pot on a soapbox.

  • Caveman

    Wonderful article. Nothing but the facts in a very articulate way. Indeed the time of change has come.

  • Dr Ifitikhar

    We want Change….We Want Change….Togather We can give a better tomrrow to Our Children…Lets get rid of corrupt rulers

  • S Nasrullah

    It takes time for a fancy to mature into a fact. One has to go through the grind mill to achieve clarity of thought, singleness of passion and the skates to success. Patience and perseverance paid in the end.
    Imran Khan is no longer an unknown quantity. He is hope and aspiration personified. There is a wave of angst and apprehension in the corridors of power and those complacent leaders who live in delusion of unbeatable postures. The youth of Pakistan, the Hope of Pakistan, the Future of Pakistan are with Imran Khan. Your old shall dream, day dreams, but our young ones shall see visions in all its vitality.

  • Babar

    Mr Talha,

    Okay okay, I get it you like him or his party, quiet frankly I only read till the third para and understood which direction your article was headed. Having faith in him or his party, no sir can’t do that. His tsunami was a brainchild of the establishment please don’t be naive. I will give you one small example till about not so long ago he was on the charter of democracy bandwagon, then it was what qazi sn said. He never had any policies till about now. Okay that’s also debatable. How about all the washed up politicians who had a falling out with there leaders or party joining him in hopes of seeing absolute power again. They will and are running him like a puppet. I am willing to agree with you that Imran might be different the people he is surrounded by or will run the country god forbid that ever happens. And no I am not saying the others are saints either. But please, for the love of god stop talking about this tsunami crap.

  • Awais

    Great read buddy. I am following you from quite long , impresssive.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent article

  • Jawed Khan

    Imran Khan is the last hope for Pakistan. May Almighty Allah make him successful in his goals. (Amen)

  • BK

    May Allah be with you IK and I hope to see you as our next PM. I hope for once I will have someone represent me and my country on international platform that I won’t be ashamed of.

    My fellow Pakistanis pleas use your vote wisely and elect someone new (and honest). Please don’t bring old faces back and if there is rigging in the election then don’t hesitate to come out on the streets. This election is really important for our nation. We should not have another 5 years of Zardari/PPP/Nawaz. Our beloved nation can’t afford that anymore.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shehzad.ghani Shehzad K. Ghani

    It is shocking that one of Dawn or the News finally published which is not anti Imran Khan. Finally something with a semblance of balance!

  • Ali

    Not a bad drama Mr Talha !!! I am sure you are also expecting a free ride in Tareen’s plane. My dear friend stop day dreaming.

    • Prophecy

      Dear,even accepting all the allegations against IK ,these seem mole before the ruling and oppositive leaders ,if so ,then whats harm in giving a chance .Many a stubborn natured people resist any change ,those who are opposing the change ,I am afraid are one of them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mirza.m.raza.5 Mirza Muhammad Raza

      yes it is true this is our final hope. We have to get rid of this traditional and Corrupt politics and we can not further afford the same thoughts with old faces.. our neighbors are going very fast in education and technology and building the new foundation of Economy. we need fresh oxygen to squeezed the very limited thinking and mind setup.
      May Allah bestowed upon us a educated and sincere leader ship(Ameen)

  • Ruqaiya Lokhand

    Moving words! I hope this idealism vs realism works!
    And, may we see Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan.. Ameen!

  • sunny

    Imran khan has not capable to ran their career as politician because he has hump of filth his back despite that’that he has built the hospital but it’s doesn’t mean that he get the accession of the prime minister plank.As many Pakistani know that he strenuous and Diaspora of the Israel lobby and if we looking back his previous decision which he has done for instant compile the most corrupted people on his party WHY????? if he is so loyal to the nation then why they included these plunder guys into his party the same people who running their politics several decade but fail to perform then what kind of lantern he has to turn on these donkey’s into the horse’s .


    “May we see the very Pakistan that Quaid e Azam had envisaged, Ameen!”

    My dear Talha — Quaid-e Azam did not envisage a Pro Taliban Pakistan.

  • salman

    Its time for a change. We cannot expect time tested failure politicians like Sharif’s and Zardari’s to deliver. Imran is the ray of hope, despite all the baseless propaganda aimed at tarnishing his well earned place in politics, he is doing well and he is going to WIN….All our support for IMRAN

  • Patriot

    We wish that PTI wins next election & IK became the President but unfortunately the criminal politics of this country will not allow an innocent man like IK to win the election, both ppp & pml-n will try harder to stop IK , but we pray that may Allah help IK in his positive goals for this country.Ameen Best of Luck Imran Khan, Best of Luck “Youth of Pakistan” I hope every single sensible individual will vote for PTI

  • Ali

    Nice Blog

  • Muhammad Jaffar



    Hashmi sb — for the Imran groupies on this blog — Imran Khan is somewhere between Al Mehdi and Pir Pagara — he has a plan – called Nine Nine Nine — 9 days to clean the country of corruption — 9 weeks to stop militancy — and Nine Months to give birth to Maulana Jinnah’s Pakistan.

    • Gohar

      NASAH, people like you need to stay away from Pak (pure) so not to impure my pakistan. Please stay there wherever you are. Shame on all the people like you who have no agenda but to support the crooks for 5 more years of corruption, drones and complete mayhem..

  • Waseem Awan

    great work Talha :)

  • xyz

    i tried alot to contact our honorable politicitions to get any help for my brother, who is suffering from blood cancer.but thay are all(including imran khan) busy with their own activities.

    busy in distributing laptops, conducting JALSA JALOOS, to get votes.

    but they cannot hear a sound of a sister,

  • xyz

    guys help me , spread my msg so they can hear me

  • Sikandar

    Hahahahah…..just emotional wordings….the journey is still at zero…..nothing achieved yet…..you guys are just hopeful and optimistic that something would happen but it doesn’t seem so…..Anyhow keep hoping for change…..

  • Farooq Hashmi

    “Moulana Gohar”, thank you for the piece of ” sermon” whereon my casual eyes fell today.The act of dragging the spiritual matter of religion into the mundane affair of politics is a typical of ” Moulana-like sanctimony”______and you are a “moulana.”Moulana”,by the way,do you know the literal meaning of the word,’ sanctimony’?