A Confused Pakistani

A Confused Pakistani

This Eid when I got free from prayers, I performed the same ritual which I have done so for so many years since I have left abroad. Take a drive. Since living close to the beach knowing that everyone back home would be still asleep . I prefer stopping by there to enjoy the view of the Gulf. I prefer going to this particular mosque near my house as I get to see so many of my Pakistanis over there. Hence sometimes I feel like going back . But going back to what or let me say for what? These mornings give me a lot to ponder. And the only thing I can think of on this day was of Pakistan.



I have grown up seeing the pictures of our Quaid mostly in western attire. I have seen the leader who gave the first constitution for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan i.e. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto adorning the same. Also, I have seen that the moderate leaders not only gave us Pakistan but also gave this nation an image of stability. Let it be our Nuclear Arsenal , let it be our spearheading of OIC etc. etc. People might abuse Gen Musharraf now a day’s especially on media. But have they not forgotten that he gave us this media in the same place. Also, let us not forget Benazir Bhutto for giving this nation what we call it female symbolism in this male chauvinistic society where she dared to become the first Muslim woman Prime Minister of Pakistan and of the Muslim world.



But then I look at Gen. Ayub regime. Which lost us half the country failing to accept the mandate of the majority in East Pakistan. I look at Gen. Yahya under whose regime Muslim Bengali men were massacred and their women raped. I look at Gen Zia who whilst liberating Afghanistan ended up handing over Pakistan to Islamic Extremists and then Gen Musharraf who due to lack of his brinkmanship ended up gifting us the “War of Error”- sorry I meant “War Against Terror”. I always believed a decade ago that when US attacked Afghanistan. We should stay away from this rot. The first stint there gave us AK 47 and Heroine Culture. The second stint has given us Talibanization and Suicide bombing. Though many say today that Suicide bombing stem out of Drone Strikes. But I remember growing with the Taliban phenomenon since 1995.



What worries me more today is the polarity and lack of balance emerging in our society. Whereas we claim to be an Islamic Republic but all what is happening around culturally is questionable. Though I am not the fundamentalist but then moderation should have limits and then at the other side the other extreme is emerging where Schools are blown, Cinema’s burned down, Shrines destroyed and Minorities targeted sometimes under guise of blasphemy law and sometime just as a symbol of our strength.
The society looks equally divided . Some out of fear and some out of rationale. Then I ask myself that if my Pakistan was to be a total Islamic Republic than why the white depicting the minorities in our flag? Why my founder never wore a beard? And why the right wing Islamists never sided for Pakistan before partition. Did we loose our way when agreeing on the 1973 constitution where under duress of saving a nation ; we went too much tilted towards a hard line document or were we slowly hijacked over decades by Right wing Islamists first in the name of liberation of Kashmir and Afghanistan, than saving in the name of Islam and now saving in the name of morality.



To my utter dismay the murderer of Salman Taseer becomes a hero and also a rich man with rumors of PKR 50 as his account balance. The question raised. Was the act was in defense of religion or for the same of money.



As I thought of it. I wondered if I ever would be able to go back to the Quaid’s Pakistan. Worst as I wrote this piece . Taliban presence which was always kept under wraps in Karachi become clear and the threats become louder. Our armed forces look fighting an never ending battle against these due to the polarized society where factions of support to these extremists exist.



Today, we looked more of a confused nation where debates ensue Religion First or Country First. As I drove back to meet my family for Eid. I prayed to Allah that sanity prevails and we have the answer to this quintessential question of how to tame our people that our nation has been formed by Quaid-e-Azam and if we want to live there. There is only one opinion and that is – Pakistan First.

Danish Kazi

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • Arsalan

    You are really confused and I pity you really. Please note that as a Muslim you are first and ‘Muslim’ and then everything else. When you are born, your country doesn’t recognize you as a Pakistani but you hear the azaan in your ears as a first.

    I am sick and tired of Pakistani’s complaining about everything. Have some self respect dude. Try to find Allah and then you will see why we are in this $hit to begin with.

    An athetist once said to me “Either you are a Muslim or you are a Non-Muslim, everything else is hypocricy”

  • dhmts

    One of the worst articles I ever read. The author does not seem to have an idea what his opinion is. Talking about so many issues with such an abstract frame of mind leaves the reader wondering what he really wants to say. Criticizing Jinnah’s dress, Army rule, taking pride in BB being the first muslim PM, who generated Taliban, our extremist society, flawed 1973 constitution and so many other things. Grow up Danish Kazi before you write any further.

  • Ali

    I also almost feel the same way. I am living abroad for a year and half now sometimes i really want to end and go back home to my family but then i think go back to do what and as you said for what??? To see long lines on CNG Stations, Banks, Govt. Depts, to wait in traffic so that the VIP could pass, to live a night without electricity, to have a breakfast without tea because there is no gas. Really for what???

    • Nadeem Ahmed

      My dear Ali, I don’t know where in the world you are now. I just wanted to tell you my story. I lived in Japan for almost 15 years and then I cam back to all the long rows of CNG stations waiting, Banks, Govt. Depts, to wait in traffic so that the VIP could pass, to live a night without electricity. You know for what? I find no other moment as precious when I hear the call for prayer Azan. Don’t you miss this?
      If not then just once listen Azan alone in a silent room. You can even download from any website.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sweetarfa Arfa Nazeer

    If the statement to consider PAKISTAN-FIRST is understood by every Pakistani whether a citizen, an employee, a student, a religious leader or politicians truly then we may get a chance to go back to Quaid’s Pakistan !

    • DM

      And what is Quaid’s Pakistan?
      It is the land where freedom to practice religion is a norm. How do you differentiate Pakistan from Islam?
      I observe that people dont understand the true spirit of practicing religion and are hence afraid to adopt it. No doubt that extremists have disillusioned the image of religion Islam, but the fact is that, if understood properly, a nation can lead the world and excel in the vast developments on this planet by following Islam completely.

    • Arun

      There was nothing called quaid’s pakistan…Rich Feudal lords wanted a separate country….so that their powers remain undiluted and they used religion as a tool. for it….so they manipulated simple minded religious fanatics ..Quaid who was a career politician who felt left out… accidentally fell into the trap….rest every thing they masterfully wove to make a case for Pakistan….Muhammad Iqbal….who is considered to be the ideological father of Pakistan only demanded special status to Muslim dominated province in Independent India………Every sane Pakistani will be confused…. Now Pakistan is a reality..I don’t care if Pakistan practices Islam, Judaism or any pagan religions….what Pakistan needs is a revolution…start from land reforms….divide the land equally…..No offense intended

  • truth is bitter

    i think if mr.danish has read most of the comments from religously fanatics, he must have got the answer to his confusions, i liked the article pls keep writing, we ( pakistan ) greatly in need of open minded people like you.

    • Hasan

      If you think that the commentors on this blog are religiously fanatics then the people like you are ‘corruption fanatics’. You want to continue corruption without having any check (religious faith)…

  • Mr. Khalid Pathan

    We are on the path of self destruction and that too in the name of religion. Remember the golden rule: Religion + Politics = Destruction (the curse of God.)

  • Arun

    this over obsession with Islam is what is responsible for Pakistan’s present state..why dont u keep religion in your house and mosque and live as a citizen of any other country..

  • Arun

    No chance for Pakistan…salman had right to live …and on whatever grounds it was deprived to him is unjustified…..with such comments Jamal..U r giving en evil tint to Muhammad…

  • Usman Anwar

    Mr. Danish you are really very confused….

  • Laila Changezi

    Ask any other muslim of his identity and a straight answer is given. The problem with us Pakistanis is simply the violence we afflict upon ourselves by thinking its a matter of choice between ends of the spectrum. I’m of Pakistani origin and muslim but born abroad so if Im not confused then it baffles me why Pakistani born nationals tend to be so confused or even lost? Every muslim has local set of values and our culture enriches us. So please, step out of the pro longed teenage years and accept your leaders and yourself with FULL self acceptance because Pakistan needs strong and persistent citizens to carry the flag of Quaid up high!
    Arabs countries is for Arabs and Iran for Iranians and no matter how pious a muslim you are dear, they wont give you the rights, nationality, or respect as your own country giveth. Be realistic. Some Pakistanis are more loyal to the king, than king himself and by that I mean to say fiqh baazi.
    Our women seems to less confused than our males who are cant integrate cultural and reigious ids into one strong merged identity. Islam is humanity, begin with basics and honor the legacy of Urdu zubaan besides local languages. I speak near about 9 languages and its my strenght, it unites me with ppl all over.

  • Nasir

    If there is no religion of Islam in Pakistan then no Pakistan needed in the first place b/c Pakistan was acquired in the name of Islam when your forefathers desperately needed Pakistan then they used the slogan of separate nation for muslims. Woe to you not understanding even being a muslim doesn’t know the power of deen-e-islam..

  • alpha

    read the books written my Molana abul kalam azad when you are not in Pakistan as they are ban in Pakistan. Keep in mind books were written before creation of Pakistan and you’ll quite get the idea of what has happenned to Pakistan was clearly coming and the World’s leadership at that time knew this.
    a simple question, ” Why is there not even a single verse by Allama iqbal on creation of pakistan / or a separate country for muslims”?

  • Gohar

    Nadeem, please don’t use the pharases of non-muslim for muslim like ‘fanatics’ , ‘extremist’ and ‘terr….t’, you seem to be non-paractising muslim who even doesn’t know what Allah (Swt) says in quran. So it would be better for you to just shut up..