We still bleed GREEN!

We still bleed GREEN!

Why are we always overconfident and dead sure we’ll win when we have a match against India? Despite our past record of not winning any match against India in world cups, our nation always takes a match against India like it’s our cup of tea. Pumped up, overconfident & with hum tou jeetay gai type attitude, we gather to watch a match that we hope shall leave us dancing & hooting in the end. But no, that never happens. We are left heartbroken, shedding tears & arguing we wasted our day on a match that could not be ours.



Yes, our youth gets too much involved in cricket. For them, a match against India is like the biggest encounter ever, as some say
“Pakistan-India ka match final ka bhi baap hota hai” (Pakistan-India’s match is mightier than the final). I have noticed recently that our attitude towards our team has changed. We have become more optimistic. In the past, whenever the team lost a match, we used to disown them. That does not happen anymore. After a match you log in to sites like Facebook and Twitter, and you find messages
full of hope. The nation still backs the team. There are messages of love for the team. Now, we have started to understand that blaming our team for every loss is not going to do any good, but standing by their side, supporting them in times like these, shall surely boost up their morale for the upcoming matches.

Some would argue that we lost a match that we didn’t even try to win. If that’s the case, did India try to win their match against Australia? From Australia’s winning margin of 9 wickets, it is obvious that the answer is ‘No’. So, winning by a large margin does not mean that the other team never wanted to win. Winning is probably the only thing that everyone loves. When WE get so saddened
by our defeat, think what our players would be going through. Sitting in your TV lounge and commenting like a cricket expert is easy but going down there in the ground & performing is all a new level. So, it’s good our nation has started using their brains & supports their team no matter if they win or lose. If you cannot support them when they lose, don’t support them when they win.

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs

  • Abdullah Hussain

    Media Hype created in a manner that induces feelings to unreasonable heights. The youths are being exploited with BP increasing slogans.