Srilanka or Pakistan?

Srilanka or Pakistan?

With Pakistan’s doom already predicted in the series by many cricket enthusiasts, what chances do you still think there are for Pakistan against Sri-lanka. With Afridi having lost ever-so quickly on an aggressive ball, there has been a massive disappointment amongst the cricket watchers. And while everyone’s facebooking and tweeting their emotions about the match, why don’t you also register your emotions here. The space is all yours :)

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  • Has’aan

    The way Hafeez allowed himself to be stumped was actually the catalyst for the entire team to fall, following suit. It appeared more of a fixed than a real competitive match.

  • Taj Ahmad

    Pakistan must win this semi final as 139 runs made by Sri Lanka in 20 overs was a
    easy target to achieved. Abdul Razzak should not be dropped, Omar Gul should
    not bowled the last over and out of form Shahid Khan Afridi should not be allowed
    to play this semi final at all. Come-on Guys, please play for Pakistan not for money
    or self interest.

  • Adnan

    Team has lot of politics .. Stop politics now and give chance who are deserved be a part of team like razzak ..they are trying to do what they did to Azher meh mood he was a good all rounder he’s still fit and playing good cricket please Pakistani selectors stop perchi system in pakistan ..

  • Masood

    There was no need to include 2 fielding specialist (Imran Nazir and Shoaib Malik)

  • Taj Ahmad

    Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq and Ali Raza should always be part of the team in Test, ODI and T20 from now on.