Rules for Commenting

Rules for Commenting

Expressing your views through a genuine and reputable site is interesting, for many it’s a job, for others it’s a passion but for me it’s an exciting interactive experience. Blogging is like a stage performance where clapping, whistling and some times rotten tomatoes tell you about your performance but when these claps, whistles and tomatoes turn into words they are known as comments on your blog.



Like all kind of human connections it have own flaws and they emphasized when people start bringing negative attitudes to the blogosphere. Its good to criticize and its very healthy to share your views but sometimes the blog which starts out with a place for sharing great information become uncomfortable place to spend time due to irrelevant comments. A blogger always write blog keeping in mind the rules and policies of the site similarly there are also some rules for the commenter to comment. It’s important to keep some basic rules of etiquettes in mind when you are commenting on others blog. Here are a few:



Firstly, Criticize if you don’t like something but don’t make your comment a spam, mostly bloggers are looking for comments that continues the discussion but the comments like, “You don’t know what you’re talking about” or “I was here first,” are not helpful.



Secondly always comment after reading the blog there are some people who comment only after seeing the picture or by the name without reading that what actually is going on inside.



Thirdly always stay on the topic; I have noticed many readers who start their own discussion which is totally irrelevant from the blog. Most blog topics don’t require more than a one or two paragraph response.


Fourth, avoid writing a novel it will also easy to read your comments for other and for the blogger. Try not to be an anonymous its best to leave either your name or your web identity.



It’s always good to interact with the readers so continue reading and happy commenting.

Faiza Hai

An MBA student and freelance writer

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  • M.Saeed

    @Faiza, you are absolutely write. A blog-site should be a forum to gather whole perspective of an issue in need of productive analysis by viewing all possible angles. A real picture can only emerge by joining together various pieces of “jigsaw-puzzle” formed and presented by the people critically examining and giving views from their respective points of observation, orientations and perceptions. Only then, a meaningful outcome of discussion can emerge.

  • Ahmed Zeeshan

    Haha:D…i was waiting badly for these tips since few writers ( of other newspaper journals) who always spread pessimism and negativity never publish my comments. But I believe k I never used anything abusive or much offensive so the only point i can see is that they do so in order to prove that they are right and most of the readers agree with them.


    I venture to state that the blogs are not the questions of chemistry paper which the examinees have to answer strictly in accordance with the theoretical principles of the physical science of chemistry. While commenting on the blogs,critics’ minds are rightfully expected to move freely and in their that function,very often they may stray from the maim subject into the different fields,as politics,economics ethics , philosophy,sociology and history,etc. Knowledge is an all-encompassing process.It does not limits itself to its one branch.It surrounds all its other branches _____ politics,economics,history,sociology,philosophy,civilization,culture and ethic,etc.For instance,in his treatise,’The Republic’, Plato covers all the branches of knowledge.The primary purpose.of commenting is didactic as well as learning which the mechanical language of commercialism fails to serve.The primary purpose of blogging and commenting ought to be widening the readers’ mental horizon of acquiring knowledge and this process ought not to be viewed with disdain.Thus,recurring digressions from the main topic into the fields of the social sciences is a positive quality,hence it ought to be encouraged, not discouraged,Again,certain points in the blogs cannot be dealt with Francis Bacon’s conciseness and compactness as characterized in his essays.They deserve to be dealt with more elaborately,As to invective language and personal remarks,no improvement can occur unless the negative-minded people feel the pinch of their conscience.

  • Rakshinda

    i totally agree with the views of author. Nowadays, it has become very difficult to write your original thoughts in a blog where people will not be bombarding thier negative comments and criticism.