Our Faulty Selection Criteria

Our Faulty Selection Criteria

We often hear from cricket experts that Pakistan is blessed with immense Cricket Talent; however the performances of the team sometime does not reflect so. The reason lies behind the poor selection of players. When there is a lot of talent, it is difficult to identify the suitable ones for international cricket. However, I feel that the selection criteria for the players even selected on merit is quite questionable. There are two factors which we need to look at:

1) Selectors choose the top performers of domestic cricket for the national team. They have failed to understand that every top performer in domestic circuit cannot be selected for international cricket as they do not meet its demand. We have wasted our time on testing players like Hassan Raza, Khalid Latif, Mohammad Sami and many more. They have been top performers of domestic cricket and have been given few chances, but since they lack class and technique to survive in international cricket, they have failed to succeed. The selectors must realize that they just cannot blindly select a top batsman or bowler of domestic cricket; one has to consider mental strength, their attitude and most importantly technique.



Lets take an example of a batsman. There are batsmen who are not technically very good, but they are surviving in international cricket like Sehwag, Chris Gayle etc. However, they do not have poor techniques against both fast bowlers and spinners. Sehwag has minimum foot movement against fast bowlers, but his foot movement and technique against spinners is very good. Hence, he is a successful batsman. For a good batsman, it is very important to have good technique at least against one kind of bowler. A batsman who only relies on talent and has poor technique against both kinds of bowler will fail in international cricket. So the selectors must pick the top performers of domestic having decent technique and temperament.

2) Even the teams of t20s and ODIs are selected on the basis of first class performances, which is a different game altogether. First class is a longer version of game, while ODIs and t20s are shorter version of game. All formats have different requirements and one cannot select an ODI player only on the basis of first class performance. Although, there are some players who represent the team in all formats, however most of them cannot do that. Shahid Afridi is a kind of player who has not been successful in tests because it  requires extreme temperament. Our selectors only base the performance of first class and select the player. They fail to understand that it is not necessary that such a player would be successful in shorter version. Wajahat ullah Wasti is another example who was given chance in ODIs against his temperament, which did not produce good result.

I hope selectors note down strength and weaknesses of players and according to team’s requirement select them. They must set certain criteria for the selection of players. If the selection criteria of our team improve, I am pretty sure that Pakistan will do well in future tournaments.

Umair Naseer

A blogger for The News/Geo blogs

  • Rehan Irfan

    Where did you learn about cricket? Not all that bad atleast you are able to spell.
    Write about things that your astute mind can fathom.


    Yuck! Here is ‘ cricket ‘ again. Will ever Pakistani people get out of the cricket-mania?.Pakistani people’s Infatuation with cricket is a form of collective syndrome which they suffer from. Almost every Pakistani____high or low, rich or poor,educated or uneducated_______is effected.by this collective insanity. In case,seldom Pakistani cricket-players win an international match, the whole Pakistani nation lionize them as ” national heroes” and brands their victory as ” victory of Islam.” It catapults them to the zenith of praise. But,when they lose it,they are dashed from that prestigious position to an utter humiliation. Two years ago, the frivolous and cheap way Pakistanis had reacted to a Pakistani cricket-player’s marriage to an Indian tennis-player,put every sober person to shame. I wish Pakistanis realized that cricket is no solution to their multi-faced problem of joblessness, corruption,terrorism, religious fanaticism and energy crisis,and put their impetus behind goading the government into solving that problem.Let cricket not eat Pakistan’s prosperous future like a deadly worm.

    • Umair Naseer

      I would definitely write on other issues too :)

    • Fahad

      So u want the people of Pakistan to forget about the only sport they
      have. The only thing to cheer about. What r u trying to say actually? u
      don’t get sick from the news of people dying all day. Now cricket is the
      only reason for them to be happy. It’s their passion, their pride,
      and Pakistan is known for this sport. Let the people be extremists about
      it instead of religion.BTW, R u nuts or a Maulvi?


        The scourge of God has had befallen the country of Pakistan,in the form of runaway dearness, corruption, terrorism fed by the bigotry of the hirsute Mullas, ever threatening monsoonal floods ,the unscheduled power-outages of the varying duration, and what not. In a word, the country is fast sliding downward and if it’s not checked expeditiously,it will hit the point of no return. But we have one typical myopic Pakistani, Mr.Fahad who wants to sedate the Pakistani nation of its miseries-inflicted pain with the morphia of “cricket.” Cricket alleviates the pain of the social illnesses but not the social evils themselves in the same manner as morphia does the feeling of pain of illness but not the illness itself. Gone are the days when Muhammad Shah Rangeela had been hobnobbing with his concubines while Ahmad Shah Abdali was batter-ramming the portals of his fortresses.The nitty-gritty is that it will be downright unfortunate for Pakistan if Pakistan’s short-sighted cricket-maniac,Neros keep on fiddling while their country is burning.Let there be no misunderstanding that every now and then,when a Pakistani government finds that the Pakistani masses’ social unrest has reached a bursting point, it gives it a vent through engaging them in absurd and non-productive pursuits as cricket.

        • Rabbaj

          Mr. Hashmi are you scared of saying straight forward that “Cricket is Haraam in Islam or in Pakistan”?

          • FAROOQ M. HASHMI

            Why,why,why.why,why do you guys drag ‘haraam’ or ‘halaal’, and ‘Islamic’ or ‘un-Islamic’ in every God-damned matter? I myself have an answer to my question.The answer is that the unctuous mullahs have created an atmosphere of a make-belief religiosity in Pakistan so that the people have developed a tendency of testing the genuineness of the purely mundane matters like cricket,on the touchstone of ‘ halaal’ or ‘haraam’ and ‘Islamic’ or ‘non-Islamic’.I absolutely,have no idea how long Pakistanis will keep on spluttering in ocean of bigotry while the developed nations are planning to set their foot on the soils of Mars. My simple plea is that Pakistanis,beleaguered by myriad problems should channelize their energies into productive pursuits in stead of wasting them in the useless and harmful divergences as cricket. Again, I’m purely a worldly and pragmatic person. Mullahism has never been my cup of tea.To brand me as a bigoted person is tantamount to branding the Pope as a Protestant.

      • Rabbaj

        Excellent Reply of Hashmi’s arguments….Weldon Fahad

        • FAROOQ M. HASHMI

          I cannot make out who the author of the comments is_______Rabbaj or Weldon Fahad. Probably, Rabbaj has impersonated as Weldon Fahad.

  • Patriot

    PCB “Parchi Corrupt Board” neither select cricketers on merit nor on their top performance in domestic cricket however PCB select cricketers only on Parchi System, the best examples are Kamran Akmal ” A Keeper with holes in his gloves” , Sohail Tanveer “Useless cricketer” , Imran Nazir “Poor Planner”

  • M.Saeed

    Let us first win as patriotic Pakistanis before talking about wining in any other activity.
    When we secured independence, we had very few people who managed the affairs of governance without any resources with remarkable success. All was due to honesty of purpose and genuine will to rise as a nation. Therefore, we produced enviable results in every field including sports, even during our “teething period”.

    Today, we have a bewildering top-heavy government of ridiculously over-stepping-the toes of functions in triple-tiered governance having no-known rules of business. Therefore everybody is his own boss without anybody to see right-from-wrong. The country is in teeters and trying to swim in tides with tied limbs.

    How a person who cannot rise and walk straight can be expected to run and win marathons in Olympics?

  • guest62

    You are forgetting the Most Important Selection Criteria of donning a Green Cap , If you are son , a son In law , a Nephew or if you know who knows who decides and have the final say on any player’s selection , then Do Not worry about Talent or techniques or domestic first or lower class performance , You are doomed to done the Cap and keep on donning it even if you failed repeatedly , YES the learned ones call it Nepotism . look around in any sphere of life a Govt Job , a Corporate fixation , a diplomatic assignment , a ministerial post or even being elected a PM , there are only two tangents to be drawn , Nepotism and Peter’s Principle in landing any job of any substance in this our Land of 180 Millions Pures ( hypocrite I may add !!! )

    • http://twitter.com/Zoab_Khan Emaaduddin

      Imran Farhat – Pakistani’s favorite son in law
      Shoaib Malik – Firdous Ashiq Awan
      Imran Nazir – Played with Malik.
      Kamran Akmal – A talented brother in the team, Umar Akmal
      Sohail Tanvir – ????

      Players like these have wasted the talents of players like Junaid Khan, Fawad Alam, Hammad Azam…


        Talents! A mockery of the word,’talents’! ‘Talents’ and ‘a cricketer’ are two opposite extremes.They can never mix like water and oil. If at all the ” national heroes” have anything in them by the name of ‘ talents ‘,why don’t they channelize it into something productive through joining a force with those who are fighting poverty in Pakistan?

  • Qazi Waleed

    SImply why not improve the level of domestic cricket and then choose the top performers! everything else will fall into path

    • Umair Naseer

      yup thats a good suggestion :)

  • Aoun

    Seriously!!! How on earth this article even got published which is full of crap. ” if someone doesn’t perform and has good technique, how do you know he will perform well in international cricket. Someone who is doing well at the local cricket means that he has something and that is the reason he is on top. That is the very reason they get selected.

    What board needs to do is to pick the best performers in domestic cricket and coach them. The have the basic ingredient which is talent. You cannot make someone talented, that is God gifted but you can definitely make them mentally strong. All our players have enormous talent. what they lack is coaching and proper training.

    • Umair Naseer

      Kindly read the blog again i said performance plus technique!!!! not only technique