Malala didn’t have to Suffer

Malala didn’t have to Suffer

Any group can be a barbarian; it requires a terrible effort to remain a civilized. A 14-year-old girl who was awarded Pakistan’s first National Peace Prize for her online diary reporting on the Taliban’s ban on education was shot and wounded on her way home from school Tuesday.


Malala Yousufzai, a frequent target of death threats, was wounded when gunmen opened fire on her school van in Swat Valley, police said.


The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, Taliban spokesman Ihsnaullah Ishan told CNN, saying the shooting was a consequence of Malala’s activism. “She wanted to make our women leave their homes for secular education, something the Taliban will never permit,” Ishan said.


Fear of something is at the root of hate for others. Yousafzai is 14 years of age and has already earned international fame for raising voice against Taliban oppression in Swat.


She was honored with a first ever National Peace by the government and was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize by advocacy group KidsRights Foundation in 2011 for being an inspiration to her friends by standing up against repression as her namesake did in Afghanistan in the 19th century.


Malala became the voice of all the girls in Swat when she began maintaining a diary on the website of the BBC under the pen name of “Gul Makai.”


In an interview earlier this year, she described her motivation.


“I was scared enough to see pictures of bodies hanging in Swat. But the decision to ban girls from going to school was shocking for me and I decided to stand against the forces of backwardness,” she said, adding that she did not want any extra security and that she felt safe in Swat.


The shooting has shocked Pakistan, a nation long hardened to sickening acts of violence.This was a shocking act of violence against a 14-year girl who has bravely been fighting for her right to education. The Taliban and its backers bear the responsibility for the consequences of this outrageous act.


This attack highlights the extremely dangerous climate human rights activists’ face in Pakistan. Taliban are the real cause of Drone attacks. I humbly request our political leaders who have soft heart for the Taliban please review your strategy. Do not use Drone attacks for political motives. Do you support Taliban if  Malala Yousufzai  is your own daughter. This young girl is not an US citizen, she is a Muslim girl from Pakistan. Why did you attempt to kill her?


The existence of Taliban movement is dangerous for Pakistan’s sovereignty. Pakistan military should take immediate military action against Taliban movement.

Dawar Naqvi

A contributor for The News/Geo blogs


    “Any group can be a barbarian; it requires a terrible effort to remain a civilized” That is the stupidest sentence I have read from from a writer who means well.

    Not — ‘any’ group can be a barbarian like the TTP — and no — it does not take ‘terrible effort’ to remain civilized.

    May be in Fata it does — for its ‘civilized’ ‘westernized’ apologists like Imran Khan — but certainly not anywhere else.

    The beginning sentences of a good article are very important — they need to be good too.

    • Anonymous

      NASAH Sb
      May I suggest another supposedly mitigating, more stupid and verging on evil phrase : “collateral damage”

  • Edward

    Boy those taliban apes are real godly men. No question about that….shoot this one, behead that one, bomb all of those over there ….. Malala is the future. The Taliban are trying destroy their own future, as well as hers. I pray for this brave young girl, whose young life may be lost or forever changed because of her courage in standing up to barbarism. The monsters who did this…. just unbelievable that these people are even human… just the scum of the earth and absolutely not Islamic! … Not even human … Just monsters!. I didn’t seen any political party in Pakistan who raise voice against these manimals except few have the courage to do so. Salute to those who are against them.

  • Edward

    Boy those taliban apes are real godly men. No question about that….shoot this one, behead that one, bomb all of those over there ….. Malala is the future. The Taliban are trying destroy their own future, as well as hers. I pray for this brave young girl, whose young life may be lost or forever changed because of her courage in standing up to barbarism. The monsters who did this…. just unbelievable that these people are even human… just the scum of the earth and absolutely not Islamic! … Not even human … Just monsters!. I didn’t seen any political party in Pakistan who raise voice against these manimals except few have the courage to do so. Salute to those who are against them.

  • Nabeel Khan

    very nice write up, Malala becomes a symbol of hope, change & bravery, TTP terrorists can not just get rid of her, now Pakistan has millions of Malala.

  • Abu Malala

    Malala’s incident is the consequence of the drones attack started since 2003. Can you tell me how many Malalas were killed since then ? Also, tell me how many Malalas were killed in Iraq & Afghanistan from the illegitimate war imposed in the muslim world. Remember, brutality from drones just created threats & fuss (fitna in arabic) in all direction and only US and its allies are responsible for all the mess.

    • Azwar

      After this I really hope that USA can double the drone attacks as I am sure this is the only way we can get rid of this spot of dirt from the face of Islam. As on one else is man enough to stand up to these Goons who are bent upon dragging the very peaceful religion of Islam down the drain.

      • Anonymous

        Ironic isn’t it ?! – having to outsource the cleansing of ‘very peaceful religion of Islam’ …. Very optimistic to expect that is the solution though…

    • Asif

      Mr. Malala!!! It means if someone attacked on our home instead of defending we start weakening our home, very shameful. I always feel ourselves a confused nation who never been able to decide what is Islam. We always been used (sometime by Politicians and sometime so called Islamic leaders). We all know how much importance Islam given to woman education, but how many of us took decision and stood firm against this shameful act of so called protectors of our religion (Taliban). Instead condemn this we are finding the reason to prove this as correct. This is the time we should stood as a nation against our internal enemy rather then blaming outsiders (as always).

  • Aziz

    Our little Malala has become the true soul of our nation. It is imperative that we interpret the entire situation correctly and do not draw wrong conclusions and take ineffective solutions.

    First. Both parties are acting and reacting in the name of the same religion. Both cannot be right.
    Second. Malala and her parents have taken a very courageous stand. Her parents and family have taken extreme risks for the sake of ‘our’ Malala and also for the nation. Pakistani needs to recognise and honour her parents and family.
    Third. The victims and the perpetrators are both Muslims. Someone with cool head needs to intervene and tell both what the real message of our religion is. Is there anyone in our country who is equally respected by both sides and who is willing to come forward.
    Fourth. Our religion and culture does not condone ‘ EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR’. The Taliban seem to be observing this dictum. Someone needs to tell them what are the rules of war in our religion. Women, children, property, old people are protected no matter what. There is NO CONCEPT OF COLLATERAL DAMAGE in our religion. It is evil.
    Fifth. It is time that someone talks to the Taliban through Mr. Ihsanullah Ihsan. If the CNN can reach them so easily then we should also know where to find them. Unless there is something more sinister that the nation is not aware of.
    Sixth. We can wage wars ad nauseum against each other. There is NO MILITARY SOLUTION. Others will move on and leave us far behind in the comity of civilised countries. We will have no one else but ourselves to blame for this.

  • Rambler101

    It is times, where it is becoming shameful to be called a Muslim, it is times which prove that barbarianism, absolute and blatant cruelty is the hall mark of the religion, ISLAM, that i cherished and was born into.
    The retarded people of the Muslim world play into the hands of vested interest where they start burning their own houses because some deranged person on the instructions of vested interests makes a non factual, and baseless movie on the Prophet (PBUH) and the stupid Muslims start to burn a destroy their own houses. But, there is an eerie silence on the attempted killing of an innocent, but brilliant fragile girl. And ashamedly they call themselves MEN, macho men. Pal bearers of Islam. Champions of Sharia Law.
    Are they Muslims.
    Are they the pal bearers of Sharia Law.
    Are they Men.
    Are all the Pakistanis men or thinking human beings who are so curiously silent.
    Why not burn the Masjids like KFS
    Why not destroy those who are tarnishing Islam and the Muslim values.
    SHAME on you all including my self.
    This can not be the teaching of Islam and if this is I deplore such religion.

    • Michael E Piston

      What “eerie silence”? The whole of Pakistan has risen up to condemn this attack. When you condemn “the Muslim world” sir you condemn Malala herself.

  • Fawad Rehman

    I agree with the writer. Taliban and their movement is
    cancer for the society. Talibans are the most coward people on the planet;
    even 14 year old girls put them under fear. As I have been saying that “Pakistan
    Army should take strict policy of no criminal left behind”

  • Fact

    NOW I strongly suport the action of Pakistan army against these covard talibans. THe army is doing a good job to elimintae them and I am with them to do this. Talibans are either agents or the reasons of foreign interference in Pakistan. Kill them all….for God sake

  • Jahangir khan kudazai

    Dark day when storm came and sky were filed with thick clouds,heavy dusty winds blowing around the earth and vision become so limited how many mala was injured and killed this is dark phase of Pakistan peace is the message of Islam and its absoulitly meaning salamathi, what does Islam teach us the message of peace.

  • Nisar

    Dawar, you are out of your mind. PAID ARTICLE…

  • sahil khan

    every daughter of pakistan is Malala how malalas will u kill . malala is not just a name of 14 year old angle, it’s a name of constructive thoughts. you can kill humans but how would u b able to stop or kill thoughts.
    it’s the results of the wrong strategies of our leaders, why dont we negotiate instead of killing people.our leaders have created these talibaans and now they dont know how to deal with it . stop running after America. please use ur vote to a right person our vote can bring the change we need ..

  • Soldier of God

    The Taliban use the tools of Satan to murder children, the lambs of God. The Taliban who use the tools of Satan are soldiers of Satan. Is it not the duty of every Muslim to kill Satan’s armies? Doesn’t this mean it is the duty of every Muslim to kill every Taliban before they can realize Satan’s great plan? When will we see true Muslims stand up and defend their land and people from the evil of Satan that the Taliban bring down on the innocent? If you are true to God then it is time to strike down dead all Taliban everywhere.

  • Shafqat Rasool

    i am going to be double minded that even the talibans are Muslims?? if they are then who are they which are attacking over Muslims???

  • Anonymous

    Wishing a speedy recovery for Malala with the hope that the perpertarators if Malala’s pain see the idiocy of their way.

  • Qamar

    Nation of HIPPOCRATES:

    On social media I saw a comment by someone that Americans shot her not Talibans, to take the heat off from drone attacks issue. This comment really disturbed me and wanted to ask this person and many other like him that when,

    - Someone already claimed the responsibility that they did it, why we people blaming the outsider when the problem is from inside.

    - Shame on us we protest against anything and everything except for real cause. How many thousands of innocent children, women and men died in suicide blasts, why no one protest against the uncivilized, cruel, barbarians. The ones that have no other objective other than to rule the world there way and portray Islam as dark religion.

    - One should be a human before anything else. Slaughtering humans in its real meanings, hanging dead crops for days, barring education and freedom which is right of every human given in Islam, who are these people.

    - To be a Muslim you have to be human, the people who shot this innocent child are no human. They are evil and are excuse provider to outsiders who are corrupting our believes.

    - ISLAM is PEACE where protecting one single innocent life is greater than anything. Our country, as well as these so called guardians of religion all survives on outsiders help and same time spreading like a disease. We should clean ourselves, our homes and our society and stop worrying about other and there aid. Be an example before anything.

    - Hope she gets well soon and once again stand up against the evil mind. She is one real brave PAKISTANI and the day we have a child like her in every home we will be A true brave nation and by that day we will no longer be the Nation of HIPPOCRATES.

  • Imran Hussain

    Attack on Malala Yousufzai is the attack on education, awareness, literacy and knowledge by ignorance and illiteracy. Taliban have tried to extinguish the hope of education in Pakistan through their terrorism but the nation is united against their brutality and praying for Malala. Taliban have showed their cowardly side by attacking on a 14 year old girl and as a Nation, we have to defeat their ideology of extremism with our unity, courage and struggle.
    Imran Hussain

  • Azwar

    Which islam, which translation of the Holy Quran are these Goons following which allows them to kill a human beings. Which Islam allows to do the acts that these goons are able to do and our Govt and so called Islamic parties stand by silently. Which Islam can anyone out there explain.

  • Raj Chouhan

    Future of every so called freedom fighters ends up at this stage. History is the proof from Irish freedom fighter to LTTE to Bindarwala to Talibans . They are/were Black Mamba snakes and have bitten dearly only those hands which had fed them. Therefore, still there is time eliminate all the terrorists irrespective from which organisation they belong and keep it in mind not to help any such monsters on the name of proxy wars otherwise be ready to face the same consequences. Whether they are Talibans or LeT or Kashmiris or Balochs or any one else. It is dead sure they would ultimately bite those who created them. Whether anybody accepts or not it is a bitter truth and rule of the Almighty. Finish them, erase them from the earth without any if and buts.
    It is very sad very sad. May God bless early recovery to brave sweet little angel MALALA.

    • Asher

      Mr. Raj you said finish them,erase them , eliminate them. Sir in whole Pakistan I don’t see anyone, not a single person who can put bell around the neck of cat. We are at this stage because of our political leaders, Army, all religious leaders,Mullahs. These TTP, Taliban are created by our own army and protected by all our religious and political leaders. Its 2 days now not a single political or Religious leader have courage to say TTP that’s enough. I don’t feel safe in Pakistan anymore.

  • Ghazi Salem Al Mutairi

    What a sad day in the history of mankind and the world and Pakistan, that we cannot hear the voice of a 14 yo who is asking for an eductaion. We muslims have become so obsessed with our religion and not mankind , that we have become blind to the needs of our children and their future. Why can’t we leave religion at home and in the precinqts of our Mosques? Why does it have to control us every minute of the day?
    This insensible brainwashing is costing thousands of lives in the world specially the Muslim world eg Syria, Iraq, and we are producing more and more children only to kill them and punish them for their innocence.!! This medieval Taliban attitude has to stop!!!. The people who shot poor Malala should be caught and paraded thru the streets of pakistan covered in a ‘Burkhaa’ or ‘Chaddor” to make them feel what others feel when they are forced to do something which they do not wish to do. The only way forward is thru education so as to broaden the horizons of all our young decendants. Malala said that it is not written in the Quaran that women should not have an education. Has anyof these Taliban read the Quaran from beginning to end and understood it? If they did they would not act the way they do.
    I wish that we were religious and educted enough to be kind and caring and sharing this world with the rest of the world in unision and not become violent with any stupid provocation. Let the children like Malala have a future that they can be happy with and proud of.
    I sincerely hope that Malala recovers and leads a normal life again. God be with her.

  • Saqib Mohiuddin

    it is time for each and every Pakistani to stand up and unite and condemn each and every act of Terrorism in any shape or form. It is against all religious, legal and moral standards and we must tell these Animals that we are against them……… Down With Taliban…..

  • M.Saeed

    A slight correction. The phrase was “acceptable collateral damage”, after killing about half a million innocent Iraqi children in the name of sanctions against Saddam .

  • Peaches

    Nation is in deep shock,agony and sense of haplessness.My sincerest prayer for safe return to normal life for this girl.
    The Media has always projected the nation’s true feelings, as they also serve in making opinion. At this crucial juncture I earnestly request the media not to let the so called religio political leaders went out their “yes it is dastard act but look this issue in totality, if the drones would stop, Malalai would not have been the victim.”
    These leaders have misled the general masses for so long, simply to promote their hidden agenda..Malalai is the victim of those ,who want female lot to remain deprived of education and to become subservient to their misplaced ideology.

  • Ali


  • Mohammed Haque

    Now this is too much time has come for all Pakistani’s to stand up for the protection of our children from those barbaric peoples. Taliban movement is cancer for our society. Pakistan government, army, political parties, electronic and print media and islamic scholars come forward and stand on one point agenda to crush this barbaric movement with full force. If not then be ready same thing could be happen with our children.

  • Muhammad Hasib Iqbal

    damages or loss of innocent lives in so called WOT or for that matter drone
    attacks in particular, actually, manifold the chances of more and more terrorism
    or for that matter extremism. Islam do not tolerate loss of innocent lives either
    from the hands of state actors (regular forces) or non state actors or any other
    foreign aggressor. We should not have tolerated all kinds of such brutalities at
    any stage. But we remained quite insensitive, when Taliban presented a strange
    kind of Islam, when WOT was started, when we (Pakistan) joined hands with US,
    against quite ambiguous WOT and even when drone attacks were first started.
    What is this; In-fact this is progressive neutralization of our genuine
    reactions in a quite designed fashion by quite competent forces for ulterior
    goals. Most probably, most of us understand that, what these ulterior goals are.

    survival was based on footprints of our glorious past (Muslim history), where
    besides our original Faith, there were no of role models to follow them, even
    follow them blindly. But now, it is a stage where we have quite comprehensively
    eliminated our role models. Initially we lost orientation about of forefathers
    due to induced sectarian, linguistic and sub-nationalist trends. Then virtually
    we lost hope in our available and even future role models.

    be specific, contrary to unanimous faith in our heroes, now our youth is
    reluctant to idealize the personalities like AQ Khan (great scientist of his
    time), Imran Khan (great player of his time), Abdul Sattar Edhi (great social
    worker of his time) and many more. Now one can well imagine, how difficult it
    would be for a student of Matric or Intermediate to write an essay on “My Hero”.

    we unanimously criticize our President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Chief of
    Army Staff, Captain of Cricket team and many others (about whom many of us
    could have easily idealize in the past). Our media (by design or by default)
    has created such environments.

    In short we would
    continue to remain deprived of our role models, if the things are not put in
    order. What to talk of Malala Yousafzai, who remained the focus of prayers just
    for one day and very next day became a relative personality. But, point of
    concern must be in such relativities. Why some one is urging us to criticize
    drone attacks when every one of us seems to be in pain and agony / offering
    prayers for Malala Yousafzai. When just few hours back, our ex hero (Imran
    Khan) was trying to focus attention on drone attacks, we were diverted
    somewhere else.

  • Ahmed Syed

    Lets carry th messag of Malala to evey noo and corner of Pakistan. Defeat Taliban, by opening hundreds, thousands of schools for girls in every town of Pakistan in the name of Malala.
    Let each of us sponsor education of one girl in pakistan. This will defeat the Taliban mentality.

  • Ahmed Syed

    Lets carry the message of Malala to every nook and corner of Pakistan. Defeat Taliban, by opening hundreds, thousands of schools for girls in every town of Pakistan in the name of Malala.
    Let each of us sponsor education of one girl in pakistan. This will defeat the Taliban mentality.

  • Mussadiq Hussain Khan

    Yes everyone condemn this act, but why Civil Societies, Media and Stupid Political Leaders did not condemn loudly when Drone Killed hundreds Malala in Waziristan

  • S. Ali

    Pakistan was founded by moderate muslims for tolerance to all religions and casts. Unfortunately our politicians who are feudals, our military and agencies have used for their myopic interests which have created monsters like Taliban. Irony is the politicians and army have still not realized it. They still think we need a back-up to fill the vacum in Afghanistan after Americans leave.
    Why can’t we have our values and priorities to create our back-ups where we support peace and education and economy rather than fighting wars through proxies.
    Until we change our paradgim the political terrorists, the current rulers and oppostion, will keep creating Talibans.
    S. Ali

  • Rameen

    After a long time, I got something to be proud of out of Pakistan… That’s you Malala! Now, I feel proud to say, “I am from Malala’s homeland”

  • Abdullah Hussain

    The efforts of the enemy (both ways) are working. Some consider as shameful of being called a Muslim, some thinks Pakistan is the worst place on earth, some says either you act as taliban or you will get killed, some says that either you befriend us or be prepared to cook your food in earthen pots by blowing wood underneath for fire. Please remember only those who are now bitter critics of taliban were the same peoples that created taliban. It does not take rocket science to understand the hidden agenda. Salman Rushdi was crowned knight-ship (Sir) Taslima Nasreen was given a worm welcome, the caricaturist & recently the producer of the film innocence… are all being given the umbrella of freedom of expression. The worsts thing that has happened to Pakistani Muslim is they are being made to loose their worth. Please Think, don’t just get carried away.

  • Asad

    History has shown the peace is not a business profiting nor it is to the benefit of the west. Whether it is world war 1 or 2 or future 3. All of them had a hidden agenda to it. The architect of these wars are never exposed to the public, rather tasks are carried out through puppet or proxy. Just like 9-11. In Malala case i also believe that those foot prints lead to the same architect of 9-11 who are not interested in safe and peaceful Pakistan. Military has become an industry rather than keeping the nation safe. On the judgment day, I will not be surprised when the earth reveals the secrets of who killed JKF, Benazir and attacked Malala. But for now I’m not going to believe the main stream media as reality is opposite to appearance. Quran speaks of these secrets societies and warns us against them. ALLAH knows best. May ALLAH guide the Muslims.

  • Saaria

    Sure all pakistanis are very cleverly fooled by the zionist policies and they are already claiming that they have started seeing the silver lining. How cunning and easily successful the west in Pakistan’s case. Obama is helping killing hundreds in drone attacks and other places on unnecessary wars for the sake of killing Muslims. Malala says Obama is her ideal leader. Pakistanis have gone blind behind this act forgetting that she is supporter of a person who is in favour of killing thousands of muslims. All those killed in the drone attacks had printed on their foreheads “taliban”. Orphans and kins of the innocent victims will never forgive anyone behind the drone attacks. How dare a person right in the heart of those victims say that she is a supporter of the person behind drone attacks. Pakistanis will never wake up, they become worse and worse by the day. We cannot even see the ground for battle the west is preparing in Pakistan under the Malala blanket.

  • Naved Murtaza

    When will this revenge on Taleban war hysteria stop and we live in Peace. Why not respond to Malala incident by building 1000 girl schools in Swat, why are we being told to Bomb them. We should be engaging them and asking to them rather than killing them. Have not done this for the last 8 years, whats the point in continuing this again when the results are negative. Can anyone explain

  • Hameed

    You need to check this from Dr Zakir Naik …

  • Hameed

    They are not the creation of Musharraf, it was Molvi Zia ul Haq followed by some politicians from Riwind and Maulana Diesel kind of people. Don’t try to hide ur weaknesses by blamining others. Its our people and they r Muslims. Face the reality. I wish Quid-e-Azam comes back to earth to tell the people of Pakistan that it was meant to be a Islamic State not a country of Muslims where everyone will have equal rights.

  • Raj Chouhan

    Dear Nasuralla Sahab, as expected reference of Kashmir or Kashmir’s
    has blocked the wide understanding capability / capacity of an intellectual
    AGAIN. I knew someone from that side would take my comments in a negative side that’s
    why I did not forget to mention the names of LTTE and Bindarwala for which two
    great leaders from our side had to pay the price. I have always listened and
    read from that side of line that India is instigating Balochs, if it is true
    then I think my that advice was not for Pakistan. Regarding Talibans, LeT and
    other kashmiri terrorist organizations there is no need to mention who created
    and nurtured them. Who were LTTE people? Were they not Tamil Hindus? In my view
    nothing is above Humanity. Religion always comes after Humanity. I am a human
    first than a Hindu. Anyone who kills innocents in the name of religion whether he
    is a Muslim or Hindu or Christian should be dealt with iron hand. “Ahinsa” does
    not mean that you would not react in self defense. Even mildest Aunt bites in
    self defense. As far as I understand Hindutva teaches not to harm/kill any innocent
    living thing on this earth but teaches also not to be get bullied by anyone else
    otherwise it would be treated weakness and cowardliness. Do you think by
    adopting “ahinsa” in this case you would be able to tackle love thirsty terrorists?
    No never. This disease is not that disease which can be controlled by pills it
    is cancerous ulcer which can be controlled only by surgery. I am sorry to say
    that either somewhere you have some soft corner for these evils or for pointing
    my finger at your weak point and failures for which you are facing the
    consequences. Any how it is up to you whether you agree or not.

    I would request not to compare
    Gandhiji and Panditji as Freedom fighters with these Monsters. Gandhiji and
    Panditji did not kill innocents or attacked small girls to achieve their cheap
    filthy hidden agenda. If you still consider them same then I would pray to God
    to forgive me.

  • Adnan

    It’s time to unite against Taliban Terrorists and tell them that they can’t drive us

  • Ateef Ahmad (NY)

    No use to show a colorful rainbow to a blind Mr. Dhillon.

  • Raj Chouhan

    This is what I say, whom you are considering exceptional freedom fighter the same would become terrorists for you as in the case of Taliban with whom only Pakistan along with other two countries had the diplomatic relations and were being treated as very valuable assets. BUT today they have become the force challenging the existence of Pakistan. That slogan of yours has become an abuse for you. The same would (may) happen with you in the case of Kashmiri terrorists also. Mind set of terrorists remain the same, one day when you would not be able to feed them they would train the gun against you as Taliban are doing now. This is what I meant. Just compare the present position in Kashmir with 5-7 Yrs back. More than 80% Kashmiris are considering today Pakistan as opportunist and hate to accede with them. What Pakistan gained from it in the last 65 Yrs accept what today you are. History speaks itself, sane people learn the lesson from it and others are finished. As you consider Kashmiris being the singular exception Indians/NATO/Tal Aviv may consider Balochs, Pakhtoons,TTP etc as exceptional.

    It would be better if we concentrate on what we have rather we can never have. Rest yours.

    • S Nasrullah

      Wishful thinking Mr Raj. Your exuberant creative faculty to invent the non-existent statistics (80% of Kashmiris in revulsion against Pakistan should trigger Indian govt to declare unequivocally to the UN its acceptance of a long standing UN Resolution on a just and fair Referendum in Kashmir). You show your ignorance of the basic idea of International Relations that there are no permanent friends or enemies. You easily confound the ground realities. Taliban was an indigenous Movement that neither the USA nor Pakistan can take credit for its expansive prowess. They uprooted the warlords in Afghanistan in the aftermath of Russian pullout creating a vacuum in good governance there, to assume charge.
      The entire Pakistani nation regret the dragging of a foreign war into its own territory and whatever fallout the nation suffers is the crisis of confidence. Previous governments attempted and miserably failed to roughshod the law and order situation in Balochistan, yet succeeding governments never learnt their lesson not to apply force as the solution to political problems. Force is no permanent fix. The military used force to establish government writ in Karachi and the MQM vigilantes gave them a dose of their own medicine in retaliation. Those born free Tribal of FATA were never conquered or overpowered by any Imperialist forces and their lifestyle reflect their characteristic walk tall and look straight into the eye. The disgruntled element of FATA have reasons to believe that the government and the military are both responsible for the deaths and the destruction they face day-in and day-out. They wield their weapons well (the ISAF learnt their hard lesson) and their anathema knows no constraints of logic or reason.

  • M.Saeed

    Sardar Dhillon Ji, thanks for following my posts since long but, it is a mistake this time!
    My comments are in agreement with Raj Ji’s parent comment about Black-Mamba having not bitten its feeding hands!

  • Raj Chouhan

    With your kind permission Hashmi ji I would like to add 5 th point in your above mentioned comments :- Take the help of the whole world economically and militarily in eliminating this rouge from the earth who has become a question mark not only for the peace of Pakistan but of the whole world. Thanks

  • prachi

    Being a 14 years old girl myself, i know how important education is in our lives
    By attacking Malala, Talibans have attacked education.I salute Malala for what she has done. I hope she recovers soon.GET WELL SOON MALALA!!
    Prachi Malakar

  • Eman Munir

    first of all she was born on 12 July 1997 and she is 16 years old not 14.If she is a daughter of Pakistan then why she is now living in Britain?, The young ones of the Pakistan should be more happy than the elders why they are not? why the nation compares between Malala and Arifa Kareem?? do Arifa Kareem was not a daughter of Pakistan ? more than 50% of youth i think and people do not support Malala.WHY? WHY? and Why ?? these questions must be answered.

    Why everyone thinks that it was all a drama behind this non-sense and everything happened according to a plan and there was an aim behind!
    What are these dramatic clues of her is this really was a planned trick but the truth is that, that the nation does not supports Malala Yousafzai.