Malala- A Symbol Of Liberty And Courage

Malala- A Symbol Of Liberty And Courage

Attack on the teenage girl student by the fiercest group of the Taliban in Mingora, Swat is the beginning of the clash between the dying medieval rotten social order and the present emerging progressive system of scientific modern education and new social values that the younger generation is dreaming to adhere for the sake of their future. The old system that the Muslim scholars and nobility evolved during the medieval ages is now being  rotten and stinking to such an extent that every one is lamenting the fact; the Umma is about to breathe its last within a decade or so if necessary steps are not taken.


Intense Moral & Mental Degeneration:


This change of mind has not been formulated within a decade or so among the Muslim youths of this region, but they have been living in intense stress of moral and mental deterioration for the last three centuries. The Islamic society was being polluted with the fabricated thoughts of religious teachings that ultimately, enchained their minds. It  was the worst period of their history when the royalty and the clerics together imposed their authorities in the name of Islam that put them in the trauma of slavery for centuries, They could neither think nor act on their own. But they were dragged into fantasies of bygone days of autocratic orders that had controlled their minds.


Was it a revenge against the blasphemous film? :


Some very interesting activities are being noticed these days in Pakistan at different levels among the political and religious groups. Rather than giving respect to the wishes of people for a drastic change in the society, the political and religious parties, NGOs and media men, with their vested interests, are after their supporters and viewers, tempting to provide them with twisted stories of their fallacies of heavenly thoughts.Such sort of activities on the part of political parties and some from among media have badly polluted the present atmosphere in Pakistan. The most pathetic episode is the emergence of sympathizers of the terrorist groups who are fueling fundamentalism through their continuous twisting of the  Mingora incident  as a revenge against the notorious documentary film which was released in USA, Drone attacks in Waziristan by the Americans and the imprisonment of Dr. Aafia.



 Malala episode- a shock? Why?



What is the Malala episode that shook the entire nation? Actually, the Pakistanis are deprived of basic amenities of life. Their life, bread and honor are at the mercy of the governing elites, who have paralyzed the entire nation by following that system of governance the colonial powers introduced in its colonies to rule over the occupied people with different cultures and races. The Pakistani rulers also adopted the same educational system as chalked out by Macaulay in about 1835.  If the present social structure of the Pakistani society is scrutinized then one interesting transformation comes to light that the society overall made its appearance geographically linked to their nature of works and jobs.



Ingredients for our downfall:



1)            Rulers i.e. Bureaucrats, Generals and Big Bosses of the companies/banks are usually chosen from the elite-class of the Feudal Lords. Costly schools and colleges with standard educational systems are running at different selected places with different curricula of the Western prestigious institutions. Punjab is prominently placed in this field.


2)            Babus and subordinate staff for offices are produced in large scale in Sind and Northern Punjab. Clerks are produced in thousands every year to fill up the vacancies . They are considered the middle class of the society. Each one from this class aspires to jump in to the elite class by implying all sorts of ‘hook or crook’ tactics.



3)            Thanks to the KPK that the elites of the country kept the population of this province ” reserved” to provide the whole labour force for their service. 80 percent of the total schools have already been blasted to dusts in Pakhtoonkhaw Province. This province is also reserved for ‘Suicide Bombers’ Force.


4)            The elites of the country have reserved Baluchistan for hunting grounds where all kinds of nuclear tests are carried out. According to our rulers, Baluchistan does not need schools. They like to be ” BEKAR ” ( Unemployed ). In most of the school buildings in Baluchistan, goats, camels, horses and other pet animals are kept to breed for future utilization.



5)            There exists ‘ Quata System’ in Pakistan that the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan says. But the Sindhis, Baluchis and Pashtoons are hardly encouraged in the Armed Forces, Navy or Air force. Their presence in the sensitive departments is negligible. Once upon a time the Bengalis, who comprised 51 percent of the total population of Pakistan were deprived of their share. They finally gave up Pakistan 40 years back.



6 )           Girl’s Education : The condition of Girls’ or Women’s Education is pathetic in Pakistan. It is just like the philosophy of terrorism that has  penetrated with the label of religion in to the mind of each Pakistani, similarly, a medieval philosophy against women education was infested in the patriarchal society of the Muslims of this region. It was done in the name of Islam and tribal traditions.



 Slavery-a hallmark of the Muslim empire



Since these thoughts were nurtured in the Central Asian Regions from Azerbaijan to the western borders of China, before Islam in the Zoroastrian and Buddhist schools of Balkh and Bokhara, they even remained active when these schools were controlled by the great Muslim scholars. They continued their studies and research in those schools, but with different curricula and objectives. Since the institution of slavery could not be eradicated by the Muslim rulers of that period, the Muslim scholars granted license to the royalty to treat womenfolk on the same pattern the regional custom/tradition allowed men to purchase slave girls from the auction houses. Women were being sold like goats and cows in the open markets. It is surprising that in Bokhara markets, girl slave was available in lesser price than a goat. Thus the Muslim women were denied their basic human rights throughout Islamic history.


 No education for girls: A  primitive ideology


It was, perhaps the most heinous crime in any society to keep it’s women folk illiterate by applying force and destroying their schools in pretext of implementing their own coined ‘Sharia’ which has no religious sanction at all. These Taliban started issuing such belied and ridiculous  orders in Swat in the name of Islam that converted the picturesque valley into a burning hell. Denial of education to women folk, besides lashing and beating them on streets in public, at least, awakened the conscience of some courageous teen age girls who decided to resist all these atrocities of ferocious and cruel Taliban.



 Malala- an emblem of change



It was Malala, a girl of only 11 years old, voiced against the orders of the Punjabi Taliban in Swat to close all the Girl Schools for ever. She was perturbed to know that the girls of Swat would be deprived of going to schools. But she was determined to attend her classes in any case. For the next two years, she raised her voice through her diary, appealing the world to save her from the injustices done to the girls and children. It was the real Jihad she launched against the oppressors.Her message reached from one corner to the other. Her voice became more powerful even that of Anne Frank whose diary created a ripple in Western Europe. Finally, the Taliban chalked out a plan to eliminate her for ever. There were the most fearful Taliban commandos on one side while a 14 years old girl of grade 9 was standing alone like a rock on the other end.



Malala has united the nation once again



Attack on Malala stirred the whole nation. It was the first time that the divided nation stood firmly and looked united against the atrocities inflicted upon them for centuries. Malala is, in fact, the symbol of unity and liberty. The nation has just seen in her a ray of hope. People are looking for a Messiah who can relieve them from the clutches of the oppressors. But the reactionary forces are also active to grab the opportunity. They have started their old tactics, making hotchpotch of all the events taking place in Pakistan through their propaganda machinery in order to undermine the sense of unity among people. They also like to keep people in the state of confusion and constant stress of insecurity. It provides them opportunity to interfere in poor men’s life with high but false promises of security and prosperity.  Malala has put the wheel rolling and it will keep rolling, slowly but steadily, people hope so.

Sami Qureshi

Author of 'History on Trial', ex-deputy controller Radio Pakistan and a renowned artist

  • Abu Malalas

    OMG – Another article about malala ?? You didn’t even mention the root-cause of this incident – THE DRONE ATTACKS which killed many thousands of malalas’. Weren’t all those the daughters of Pakistan or do you want to serve someones’ purpose to continue with Malala’s hype !!!!!

    • Kammie Dante

      Drone attacks are happening due to the lack of security of Pakistan military… America cannot just wake up in a morning and decides to clash a country just like that.. Pakistan government is involved in this…

  • Sharkzone

    HAHAHAHA What a joke of an article… Nation stood up? Why gve her so much media attention we have bigger problems to worry about… Daily sons and daughters of Pakistan are being killed and she gets all the sympathies what about her friends who also got injured… Her favourite politician is Obama really? he’s a politician? Last time I looked he was the one ordering all the attacked on innocent civilians!

    • mbk

      If u dnt have anything better 2 say, why not keep quiet then…

  • Bilal

    Uff – another heavily US dollar paid article ……..another continuation of conspiracy….

  • Kam

    You have opened by eyes Malala i live outside Pakistan all my life and always had negative thoughts about Pakistan but now after what you have done gave me a hope that there is still good people like you in Pakistan. I would love to join you in your fight against injustice. i will do whatever it takes to give the rights to the people. May Allah be with you Malala you are not just the daughter of Pakistan your a hope of the generation like me who has lost hopes in Pakistan. Thank you very much…. <3

    • Chanda Mama

      This is all america agenda to support Malala. I agree it was very bad to attack on Malala, and I condemn for this incident. Why you guys were stop when hundreds of children got killed in drone attack ? were they not innocent and human. YOU SHOULD SHAME ON YOU TO SUPPORT AMERICAN AGENDA. Dont you see why media is giving so much importance on Malala case. People are very smart, and they know exactly what is happening behind this Malala case.

      • Sooraj Chacha

        Chanda Mama you are an eclipsed Chanda Mama with a majority of portion of the brain on the dark side.

  • riz khan

    An excellent piece. I would congratulate the author. Bring out the pen which has not been flowing so far. we are sick of the mindset. This peace brings a wisp of fresh air in suffocating environmennt of musllim lands.

  • Asghar, London.

    Is this a BLOG or what??????????

  • S Nasrullah

    An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes. For a blogger to state: ” The old system that the Muslim scholars and nobility evolved during the medieval ages is now being rotten and stinking to such an extent that every one is lamenting the fact; …”. The Muslim scholars discovered, invented and researched a lot of disciplines covering human endeavor that the modern world acknowledges with deep sense of gratitude. The many twists and historical distortions in the narration of this blog simply reflect the uncontrolled flight of his fancy to prove his point. The Chhar-soo ( four ways) square in Bukhara was once a market for human flesh during the times of Halaku Khan and when his grandson, Taimur, the Lame, took over the reigns, he showed utmost kindness to the Muslims and later embraced Islam and the Market was sealed forever. It is the living miracle that Halaku Khan slaughtered millions of Muslims in Iraq and God ordained that Halaku’s own grandson should be the savior of Islam. Imam Bukhari and Imam Tirmizi spread their lessons of amity, peace and fraternity in Uzbekistan.
    The 14 year old girl of great grit quoted verses from Quran to prove her point that Islam ordains its faithfuls to acquire knowledge and education. She had no qualms about Islam, the disenchantment to religious practices that Mr Qureshi may nurture.
    The kind or manner of Islam that the rebellious elements of FATA portray is not the Islam in its reality. The segment of youth in Pakistan that Mr Sami describe being disgruntled with Islam are the microscopic minority, who indulge into Drinking and Pot smoking binges together with their Indian Guests who were in Karachi to interview Mr Salim aka Begum Nawazish. There is half-hour U-Tube flick on the subject. Those people lambasted their frustration about restrictions and abstinence the religion brings to bear on them. Good Luck to those deviants. I am sure glad, I live in the biggest Democratic country where Islam is attracting highly educated, Professional and enlightened people coming to the fold of Islam without any reservations. Same is the case with the conversion to Islam of luminaries from various walks of life in Europe.
    Indeed, God’s words and ways are infallible when Quran says that when a Nation deviates from the correct path, they would be replaced and verily, those who replace would NOT be like their predecessors.

    • Tanvir

      Nice presentation of historical facts..thanks..

    • riz khan

      i would humbly submit that most of us have been haeavily dosed by the distorted history we have been fed. the scholers who opened new horiaons in science were never claimed by muslims. its all rhetoric. this system is rotten now. we should start opening our eyes now.

    • Himmat Singh

      Well said. However, why should you be so defensive? And why don’t you live in Pak to see how Islam is exploited there, instead of being so comfortable in a SECULAR big democratic country and shooting off your thoughts? Religion should be kept away from governance and jurispudence. That’s the way out for Pak! By ceasing to be an Islamic republic.

  • ahmed

    Iam out side pakistan for pass 50 years I hv no hope for pakistan but your courge and determination give my family new hope Beta keep fighting this talebanWe are with U allthe time we are praying for U.

  • Riz khan

    A very precise and pertinant analysis! I agree with most of what you have said!

  • mbk

    Agree with you article in its entirety… hope we start putting humanity first and stop propagandizing everything weather it be for someone’s vested interests or for mental satisfaction of the others. Character assassination of people like Malala by some low lives is just wrong..

  • A.Moquit

    Some of our problems are clearly shown in the article. Now I have to think.

  • Mahmood

    Just a drama, US drones killed manay Malalas till now BUT no word for them from Media including GEO. Those little girls were piece of heart for their parents BUT media can not say anything because the act was/is from their BIGS i.e. USA. Shame on Media and the people who are doing politics on Malala’s case… Think of your daughter/children being killed in drone attack, Please STOP wasting time, if you have to sell you Ads you have many other way. Many innocent people dies in Karachi everyday BUT No condemnations rather the terrorists are in Governments.

    Rightly said in Cartoon: “PAKISTAN is not a bad country BUT a BADLY MANAGED COUNTRY”

    INSHALLAH one day this story will be leaked with its truth and GEO as always would say that allegation was false like they did in the Swat’s operation case… BUT WHEN after SWAT has been destroyed totally…

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Md. Farooq

    You have perfectly analyzed and expressed but majority of brainwashed Pakistani here would declared it also a conspiracy.

  • Mohammad Akram Virk

    Mentally retarded writes such a content. Malala case is an Indian Movie (Paid Content and Paid script).


    “Attack on the teenage girl student by the fiercest group of the Taliban in Mingora, Swat”

    Dear writer calling them Taliban – the “fiercest” — is like complimenting the jackals to be as ‘brave’ as the hyenas — Talibans that attacked the 14 year old girl child were the cowardest of the coward — belonging to — the dying medieval rottenest social order — and there you 100% right.

  • Amir Samji

    Malala Pakistan key ja’an hay tou

    Malala Pakistan key ja’an hay tou
    Malala Pakistan kay Sha’an hay tou

    Malala Pakistan key peh-chan hay tou
    Malala Pakistan key o’omid hay tou

    Jin logo(n) nay goli cha-a’ey hay tujper
    Woh nahi(n) tay kay qaum key rehber hay tou

    Elm key shamei(n) roshan key hei(n) tou-nay
    Qaum key liye; azm ka eik nishan hay tou!

    Qaum key eik azeem Baitee hay tou
    Na ho Qata-ee preshan Malala tou

    Sub-kutch ker guzrei(n) hum tere liye
    Kyoo(n)-kay eik zinda Qaum key amanat hay tou

    Tou azeem hay; tery azmato’(n) ko salam
    Sirf Yousaf Zaee key nahi(n); Qaum key baitee hay tou

    Sa’ai Qaum key Dua’o(m) mei(n) hey tou
    Nahi(n) cha-tay kay; cho(d)r-ker chalee ja’eu tou

    Jo nahi(n) man-tay mere Rasool(S.A.S) ka kehna
    Oon-hei(n) kaha(n) a-ch-ee nag-tee hay tou!


  • Sheema Aftab Iqbal

    This is only American/Western Propaganda using Malala case, I have sympathy with this little girl, but I am confident, this extra ordinary hype in this case created doubt.